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What are freedom checks?

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Matt Badiali is the one who came up with the idea of freedom checks. The idea has been sensational in the last couple of months with investors trying to verify the legitimacy of the plan. Unfortunately, as some are still looking for the legitimacy, others are already in profits. Matt Badiali is a geologist and deals with natural resources as well as companies that deal with these resources. He looks for investment opportunities in this industry and then shares the information with the investors who are interested. He has his own newsletter known as the Real Wealth Strategist through which he shares more ideas with his followers. More about of Freedom Check at

What are freedom checks?

Now that the person behind the idea is not in doubt anymore let’s look at the real matter on the table. Matt Badiali introduced freedom checks in an advert where he was holding something that looked like a tax refund check. In fact, many people got confused about the whole thing and even alleged that it was a government project that would give them free money for doing nothing. However, this was not the reality. In reality, everything about freedom checks is like any other legit investment that one makes in the stock market. You must first invest in order to benefit from the profits made by the businesses in which you have invested.

Many people who were initially excited about freedom checks got demotivate when they realized that they had to do it like the stock market. They thought it was free money, but this was not the case.

These checks come from businesses known as MLPs. These businesses are just like the companies we know, but they operate under slightly different regulations especially when it comes to tax deductions. The Internal Revenue Code 26, subtitle F allows these companies to get tax exemptions. MLPs are companies which deal with natural resources in the United States. They are either in transportation, storage, or processing of natural resources. They are profitable businesses because they deal with businesses which are least affected by the changes in the mining industry. The cost of storage of any natural resource is likely to remain stagnant even if the prices are going up or down. The businesses, therefore, make profits every year.





Community exercisers must exercise leadership | NGP VAN

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Community organizers have work to do every campaign season, at least for every campaign season in which they are involved. These rabble-rousers often involve organizing political protests and bringing people together. Sometimes they even organize events for certain communities. The work political organizers can be exhausting or rewarding. Sometimes the work can be both at the same time. When it comes to engaging in this job, it is important to avoid burn out. Professional community organizers should also keep the following things in mind.


Organizers often hear that protests do not work anymore. People who utter this phrase remind such people that the 1960s ended over fifty years ago. However, this is not entirely true. Protests can and do have an effect, even if they are not always positive effects. The 2017 Charlottesville protest proves that even groups that have poor public perception, such as the white nationalists and Neo-Nazi groups that make up the alt-right, can still affect national discourse.


A good organizer must learn that groups are not always as united as they seem. Many groups that seem united on the surface often have deep divisions that are found underneath the surface. If a group makes it clear that it does not want to support the organizer’s cause, the organizer should make it clear to them that the outside organization should stay out of the fight.


No community organizer should be afraid to use humor. Humor can diffuse difficult situations, improve the morale of like-minded individuals, and it can break high tension levels. Laughter has other health benefits as well. In addition, the organizer should not be afraid to use the contacts he has developed as a community organizer to his own benefit. This may mean he has to call in favors or to do a favor in the near future.


Political campaigns are a prime time for community organizer activity. While the politicians sling mud and invective at each other, they often forget the real-world consequences their actions have. Community organizers must never forget these real-world consequences. It is the consequences or the perception of consequences that drives the average individual to political actions. Professional organizers need not feel guilty about manipulating people, as long as they manipulate people in positive ways. Another less negative way to say the same thing is to exercise good leadership. Not everyone can do this, but it is necessary for organizers.

Jason Hope: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Who Is Committed to Solving the Ageing Problems

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Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who has an interest in reducing the effects of ageing. He is committed to slowing ageing and finding the cure for age-related diseases. That why he has developed a close relationship with Aubrey de Grey, founder of Strategies for Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation is currently examining different techniques that can tremendously slow the process of ageing. See Related Articles at Metro.

In furthering its cause, the SENS Research Foundation holds an annual conference, the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, where experts on ageing come to share their knowledge with the attendees. The conference aims to find remedies for age-related diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. The attendees deliberate among themselves to repair the damaged human cells. These issues are in line with Jason Hope long-sought goals.

To accelerate research, Jason Hope has actively been contributing to the SENS Research Foundation. In 2010, he donated $500,000. While accepting the donation, the foundation’s leader thanked Hope- noting that the money would be of great help to the cause. Part of the donation was used in the construction of the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Combined with other donations, the foundation was able to start a research program.

The SENS Research Foundation has already started making some breakthroughs. Through the program “AGE-breaker”, the company is developing drugs to act as AGE-breakers. The AGE-breakers drugs are meant to remove the “Advanced Glycation End Products” (AGEs). AGES are metabolic wastes that are produced by the body. If left to accumulate, they can result in body degeneration. Through the body degeneration, one is more susceptible to age-related diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, and arthritis.

In another ground-breaking discovery, researchers have discovered that we have only one AGE in our bodies, which is in the form of protein- “glucosepane.” With this discovery, future research is cut out. Researchers will now focus on how to get lid of Glucosepane. With this kind of findings, Jason Hope believes it is just a matter of time before the ageing problem is solved.

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Nick Vertucci Knows What It Is Like To Struggle In Life

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Nick Vertucci is a successful businessman who knows what it is like to struggle in life. He was out on his own as an 18 year old. Nick lived out of his van and searched desperately to find an avenue of success. He knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Nick began selling computers and eventually developed his computer sales job into a business of his own. Nick’s computer sales company did very well. He got married and started a family. Nick and his wife had the life of their dreams until the Dot Com crash of 2000. Nick and his family immediately went back to the basics.

Nick Vertucci worked desperately to keep his situation above water. He and his wife had very little income between them. They came close to losing everything they had. Vertucci blamed himself for not saving the money he had made in the past for a rainy day in the future. Yet, he knew an opportunity would come if he simply paid attention. Nick was invited to a real estate seminar by a friend of his. This event would change his life forever.

Nick Vertucci reluctantly attended the seminar. He was not in the mood to sit through a lecture. Nick did not know what the class would cost. He and his family needed money right away. The course was 3 days. Vertucci began to consume the information. He knew that this would be something that he could use and turn into a big success if you had the patience.

Nick Vertucci has gone on to be a tremendous success in real estate. It took him decades to build a business model that worked for him. He developed a style of work that matched his No Nonsense attitude. Vertucci is now dedicating his time to helping others realize financial success.

Nick Vertucci uses his past experiences as a method to motivate others. He struggled in the beginning of his life and also when living with his Mom. Nick lost his father at a young age and his mother was forced to look after the family. She worked hard to make ends meet. Nick credits this with developing his appreciation for work ethic.

Herbalife and The Invaluable Offerings It Has In The Field of Nutrition Supplements

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It is said to be a mark of a robust company if the services or products it offers have helped transform the lives of people. This may well be what people can say about the effect of the health supplement Herbalife today. This may also be the most accurate description the users of Herbalife can use to define the product’s positive results and of how Herbalife has managed to make them feel even better. In fact, many athletes right now can vouch for the effectivity of Herbalife today, and it’s good to know that many people are now following suit.


One of the numerous athletes today that have benefited from the curative and supplementary power of Herba. is soccer champion, Cristiano Ronaldo. In a feature story from its official website, it is mentioned that Ronaldo has long been trained, honed and interested in soccer even as a young kid. His entire family was oriented already to the wonderful world of sports. And when he was introduced to the power of the health supplements offered by Herba., he realized that he still had more potential to improve his skills. With the help of the product, his daily nutrition has even been more elite and he was able to train his body to an even more powerful state of competence.

Herbalife History

A good profile of Herba. would have to include the basic facts about how the company grew. For starters, it’s safe to say here that Herba. is a global marketing program with a multi-level style or model. It has an assortment of nutrition supplements, sports nutrition and other personal-care products that would transform the health and wellbeing of its users. Whether it’s weight management or performance-boosting products, Herba. has an offering for everyone.


It can also be said that Herba. has established itself as a brand that has experienced tremendous success all throughout. In fact, in 2016 the company has reached a total net profit of about $260 million. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, Calif0rnia, and it’s right now a strong company that offers some of the well-enjoyed and supported products in the market. With its multi-level marketing model, Herba. has been able to even attract more supporters to enable it to stretch its influence and reach.


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Randal Nardone is the co-founder, CEO and the principal of Fortress Investment Group. He was chosen as the CEO on August 2013 and had worked in the two top-positions from that point onwards. Randal Nardone established the organization together with Wesly Eden and Rob Kauffman in the year 1998; the three built a private company, which brought forth Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone is proud to have Bachelor in Arts in English and Biology from the renowned Connecticut University; besides, he has a J.D. from the famous University of Boston the Law School. Randal Nardone is positioned as the 557th in the World’s Billionaires list in the Forbes magazine with assets of an approximate of One Billion, Eight hundred million US Dollars. He is a legal US citizen staying in New York with his family.

Randall is the chief leader of the credit firm at the fortress. He is the administrator and the president of Springleaf Holdings. He is the current vice president and secretary at the Newcastle Holdings and the CEO at Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, Randal Nardone worked at Thacher Profit and Wood as an assistant. Randal is the co-founder of an investment trust organization enrolled under Fortress and has worked in it since November 1999 as the93.9 Secretary, a Vice-president, and as the CEO too. He has likewise worked at RIC, a Co-investment finance firm, as the secretary and the CEO and its portfolio administrator. In May 1997, he served at the UBS as the managing director until May 1998. From June 2002 to 26th September 2016, Randal served at the Newcastle Investment organization as it secretary after which he got promoted to the Vice-President position. Randall was the secretary and the CEO too at the IMPAC Holdings in May 1999.

Fortress got purchased by Softbank for a sum amount of three billion and three hundred million US Dollars. The three Fortress co-founders Randall Nordone, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger remained even after the purchase.

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Robert Ivy, the Accomplished Architect

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Robert Ivy is a Columbus native who has accomplished milestone in the architecture industry. Being the CEO and at the same time the executive vice of the prestigious AIA (American Institute of Architects), Robert still prefers to keep a low profile. Ivy is a proficient writer, who served as former editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. He is the author of Fay Jones, Architect, which was put out in 2001. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

Mississippi Institute of Arts & Letters (MIAL) began in 1978, to support, foster and recognize Mississippi’s artists. Recipients of the MIAL Lifetime Achievement Award ought to be Mississippi natives. The AIA CEO was honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by MIAL. This strikes as the first time an architect has been presented with the Polk Award. Robert shares the Lifetime Achievement Award with Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Glass Studio.

Ivy was presented with the award at an event by MIAL on June 2nd. AIA President Carl Elefante commended him saying that, Robert Ivy is an earnest ambassador of their line of work and the award was a personal and professional victory for him. President Carl was completely delighted for him being esteemed.

Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters President Nancy LaForge, applauded him for making architecture accessible to the public as compared to anyone else from Mississippi. She further included that; as a writer, author and critic on architecture across the globe, Robert Ivy had finally taken his place in the list of Noel Polk Award honorees.

Robert Ivy joins the list former recipients of the award who includes writers Eudora Welty (2001) and Shelby Foote (2004), actor Morgan Freeman (2007), artist Walter Anderson (1989) and singer Leontyne Price (2000). Ivy’s previous honors include the designation Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Jones School of Architecture in 2017.

Robert Ivy, has further stretched out the influence of the company (AIA) to its uppermost membership level in its 160-year history.

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6 Trends in the Financial Services Industry that PSI-Pay is Following

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In the financial services industry, no area has proven to be as turbulent as the sector involving payments. Numerous factors effect this including demands of the consumer, evolving technology, and changes in competition. Also, the preferred payment isn’t just the traditional cash and anymore, the younger demographic is steadily moving toward the mobile payment technology. It is essential that companies looking to provide payment services to their customers understands these trends.


  1. Digital Experience


The idea behind going digital, something PSI-Pay believes is crucial, is to make business more simple and run more smoothly for the end consumer. This means that consumers need a digital exerience that will turn them from just a user to a customer.


  1. POS Softwares and Apps


Before digitization, all payments processed used to happen exclusively through banks. Now there are POS softwares and apps that can facilitate these transactions.


  1. Artificial Intelligence


Things like chatbots are now being used as a form of artificial intelligence on some websites. This trend is gaining a lot of traction due to how simple it’s made to complete a transaction with the buyer’s consent. PSI-Pay will hopefully implement this strategy.


  1. Blockchain Technology


With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in major play today, the use of blockchain technology will grow rapidly in the coming years. It is something to focus on, more and more companies are accepting it as payment.


  1. Virtual Reality


Due to the popularity in the gaming industry, virtual reality is set to explode. There will be no field, including the financial sector, that VR wont play a huge part in in the future.


As technology is on the rise, so is authorized e-money institution PSI-Pay. The UK Financial Conduct Authority has regulated this company to issue e-money across the region of SEPA. The payment provider has also been granted permission to issue debit, prepaid payments cards and other cards and programs after becoming a Principal Issuing Member of MasterCard Worldwide.


There are highly skilled experts staffed at PSI-Pay. They strive to keep the funds of cardholders safeguarded, and make sure all requirements of them are met.

The Real Treat with The RealReal

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Neat , tidy, and truly amazing are words to describe one of fastest growing online luxury consignment shops and its Instagram page. The RealReal is a luxury consignment online shop. This online business shows expertise detail in how to advertise and make things look awesome to any buyer. There is a huge variety of items posted on the Instagram page ranging from clothing and shoes, to beauty products and jewelry. With the top name brands displayed in every category you will have no trouble finding something nice in just your style for affordable prices . The Instagram page even features luxury items for children and babies. The photos on the Instagram page feature the products displayed out in beautiful sets with added accessories for easy picking . For consignees the work is all made easy with The RealReal. They will come and pick up the items you want to consign and take it to their warehouse and sell it for you. The RealReal’s name comes from the companies extensive process of making sure every item in their top secret warehouse is authentic and not a fake product. They take pride in providing the real deal at great prices to their customers. On the Instagram page you will see items such as the Tank watch by Cartier. The watch is very stylishly on a young models wrist and just makes your mouth water. More then likely what is going to appeal to your senses even more then a watch are the prices you will see at The Real Real . On the website and Instagram pages you will see items that are worth over one hundred thousand dollars selling for half of what they retail at . For shopping under the five hundred dollar price range you can set the filter options on the website and search there. You can provide yourself with a real treat with The RealReal because everyone deserves quality for their money.

The Chainsmokers Take Over the Billboard Charts in Dance/Electronic

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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall form the DJ/Dance duo the Chainsmokers, who have been taking the dance/electronic world by storm the past year with their debut full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open” a perennial #1 on Billboards Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. In the year the album has been out it has spent 34 non-consecutive weeks at the #1 spot on that chart, tying with “Demon Days” for the third most non-consistent weeks at #1.

“Memories…Do Not Open” has been knocked off the top spot by several new releases in the past year but always seems to come back. Musicians such as Odesza, Above & Beyond, Kygo, William Control and the deceased Avicii all have put out material that takes the #1 spot for a time but the Chainsmokers always make a comeback and retake the #1 spot. In fact the album hasn’t left the top 5 since its debut.

With “Demon Days” being 13 years old it seems like a lock that the Chainsmokers will soon have that #3 spot all to themselves. If the album keeps going strong, which by all acounts it still is, it may even be able to move up to the #2 or #1 slot. The Chainsmokers staying power doesn’t seem to be slowing down: They have released several charting singles since “Memories…Do Not Open” was released last year. They continue to collaborate with other artists and have even expanded their own roles in their music with Pall providing vocals for some singles.

The duo formed in New York City when Pall was looking for a new DJ partner. Introduced by mutual friend and manager Adam Alpert the two immediately hit it off. Taggart, who knew Alpert from working in an art museum, moved to New York from Maryland and the Chainsmokers as we know them were born. Aside from their album “Memories…Do Not Open” and their various singles the duo have also released two EPs, “Bouquet” and “Collage.” Both spent time on the Billboard charts. The duo say they are always working on new material and plan to put out another full-length album.

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