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Holidays Are Important To Securus Technologies

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For most people, Christmas is a time when they want to spend a lot of time with the people that they love. They enjoy the festivities that go along with the holiday. Since this is a special time of the year, they feel strongly that it is very important. For those that are in correction facilities, they feel sad and lonely. They can’t take part in the holiday with their loved ones, and this creates a depressing mood throughout the facility. This is why Securus Technologies decided to make the Christmas video visits.

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Many of the inmates in the facilities benefit highly from the Christmas video visits. They can see and hear their family and loved ones taking part in the holiday. If they wish to, they can watch them open presents, and enjoy their meal. It makes a huge difference in the mood in the facility, and the prisoners feel better knowing that they are a part of the holiday too.

Securus Technologies goes out of its way to make sure that everyone is safe. The Christmas video visits make a peaceful time at the facilities so crime is less prevalent among the inmates. This company is a leader in their field, and they are always concerned about the public’s safety. They create new and unique ways to handle civil and criminal sectors of the justice system. This company is contracted by the government to handle many different corrective facilities because of their expertise. They use various techniques and technologies to prevent and solve crimes on a regular basis. It is important to remember that Securus Technologies creates new ways to keep people safer every week. They are looking towards the future, and they want to create a world that is safer for everyone to live in. They are respected all over the country and the world too. .

Using Wisdom to Improve the Russian Economy

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At some point in time, a country will fall victim to an unstable economy. From the United States in 2008 to Russia currently, a dwindling economy is to be taken seriously and fixed accordingly. Surely enough, it is not simple to correct the faults of an economic system, but it is important to weigh out the options regardless. Alexei Beltyukov, the advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, has many proposals on how to improve the Russian economy before it burns out completely.

Alexei Beltyukov is passionate about helping people and getting his ideas heard. With paramount investors pulling out of Russia and taking their currency elsewhere, the country is growing desperate and running out of time. In a single quarter, the economy demonstrated 0.8% of growth compared to the 2.5% in the previous quarter. Clearly, these numbers are detrimentally low, which resulted in Alexei Beltyukov getting to work by implementing innovations that should prove to solve everything.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov proposes an easy feat that is also an effective solution: Celebrate entrepreneurs! By making small businesses and big-name entrepreneurs feel important and relevant to the Russian economy, they will work to improve their own areas of business, thus stimulating the desperate economy.

The Skolkovo Foundation provides entrepreneurs from all industries with business consultations, advice, technology assistance and influence, education, and tax breaks in a way that will only motivate them to strive for the better. During such a crucial time, it is wonderful for this foundation to focus on something that seems so simple in hindsight yet so fundamental on a large scale.

Collectively, the Russian economy needs individuals such as Alexei Beltyukov. His passion for helping his beloved country does not go unnoticed and his ideas on how to improve such salient areas are simple and should be replicated through each area of the land.

Being an advisor is so much more than a job title, but is something that supports the very personality of this caring, intelligent being.