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Leading Telecommunications Company Securus Technologies Corrects Press Release Content

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During 2016, Global Tel Link made a number of statements in its press releases that were false and inaccurate. Leading telecommunications company Securus Technologies discovered these inaccuracies and looked to correct them. Over the past few months, Securus Technologies has looked to make corrections on statements made by Global Tel Link. Therefore, the company has presented to the public a number of counter statements that not only prove Global Tel Link to be wrong, but also maintain its own credibility among consumers. With these corrections, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain and improve its overall credibility.


Securus Technologies discovered a number of statements made by Global Tel Link that were not true. Due to the nature of the statements, Securus Technologies spent a lot of time and effort making counter statements to the public and the media. It did this in order to prove that it is not an unethical company looking to steal intellectual property. Many of the statements made by Global Tel Link are about patents and its efforts to pursue litigation against Securus Technologies. However, Securus Technologies has assured the public that it has never committed any wrongdoing and no legal action against them is valid.


However, Securus countered that claim by saying that Global Tel Link is currently unable to pursue litigation against them.  In other allegations made by Global Tel Link, the company claimed that it was able to preserve a patent that allows them to use technology for video visitation monitoring in prisons. According to Securus, the company has limited patents on this particular product.


Magnises Gets People Into Events

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The world is full of situations where the outsider is looking in. Among these situations is the club, the business event, and plenty of other events. Fortunately, there is a company that specializes in helping people get in so that they could experience the fun. This place is called Magnises. Among the groups that Magnises works with is working millennials. These are the people that are given the majority of the attention. For one thing, the millennials have a lot of influence in business. Therefore, it is important for them to have a way to achieve their goals so that they can create jobs for people.

One thing that many working millennials need is assistance. Magnises provides this for young professionals. Not only can young professionals get passes to events, but they can also build a network. This is so that they can help each other build their businesses or pursue other goals.

Magnesis also allows people to attend special events. There are a lot of cultural events that will allow people to get a look at what is up and coming. This allows young professionals to stay ahead of the herd.

Among the events that young professionals could attend with Magnises are fashion shows. There are fashion shows for both men and women. This allows the professionals to look at the upcoming fashion trends. They have the option of enjoying these trends. For one thing, professionals in the fashion industry could also buy products from the designers. Magnises allows professionals to live impressive lives among their peers.

The website offers a look at all of the events that are coming up. They also allow people to look at some of the events that have already taken place. This would encourage people to sign up for the services and take advantage of what they have to offer.

Consider Your Science Career At Wessex Institute of Technology

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Wessex Institute of Technology is located on the beautiful grounds of the Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, Southampton SO40 7AA, UK. The students affectionately refer to Wessex Institute as WIT. Wessex Institute is a collective group of Professors, Doctors, Directors and Scientist that specifically supports the science abbey. Wessex Institute encourages dialogue between the fine minds through a series of conferences at their prestigious location.Wessex Institute is established throughout the world and has many organizations in key companies that influences their predispositions in scientific studies.

They are highly rated in researching in the fields of damage tolerance, ecology, corrosion, environmental and electromagnetics, damage and fracture, as well as fluid mechanics, just to name a few.

Make a Wise Choice for Your Anesthesiologist

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Having surgery is serious business. You want to make sure everything associated with that major life event is the absolute best. Careful consideration is taken as you choose the most qualified surgeon and the appropriate medical facility, but do you take the time to check out who will be administering the anesthesia?

The anesthesiologist plays a leading role in the operating room. Without his/her careful administration of drugs, the procedure could prove disastrous. This important job needs to be handled by a professional.

If you are in the Austin, Texas area, you need look no further than Capitol Anesthesiology Association. An advantage of utilizing the physicians from Capitol Anesthesiology Association is that many of them specialize in specific fields such as obstetric, cardiothoracic, and pediatric anesthesiology so you know you will be in good hands.

The certified registered nurse anesthetists also undergo extensive training and are dedicated to their mission of efficiently assisting the physician, while providing the safest and most comfortable possible experience for the patient.

The success of your surgery depends on three factors:

– The experience and skill of the surgical team

– The quality of care in the facility you are in, and

– The knowledge and specialized training of the anesthesiologists

Taking the time to choose all three wisely will give you the confidence that you have the best team on your side.

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Fyre Festival Offers Guests A Chance to Vacation & Party

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Sleeping in tents and going days without showering is not appealing to some people, even if it means getting to see some great music. Now you can see some great music without giving up the good life thanks to the brand new Fyre Festival that is taking place this spring. Already models are lining up on the beaches in the Bahamas taking photos to help publicize the event, and if the sultry press video featuring Bella Hadid is any indication, it is going to be the hottest festival of the year.

According to Bravo TV, There are several masterminds behind the new Fyre Festival, but one of them is Ja Rule which should offer some confidence that this event is going to be done up. In short, the Fyre Festival is going to be a three day chance to party like celebrities party, but for anyone that ponies up the money for a ticket and jumps on a plane.

The tickets start at $1,500 which includes a flight from Miami, Florida to the island, a place to stay on the island, and concert tickets which is not that bad. The all-inclusive music festival also includes the chance to explore the private Fyre Island and take part in a treasure hunt where the total worth of treasures reach towards a million dollars.

While it may be billed as a music festival, the Fyre Festival is really an extensive vacation that allows you to pop in on concerts from all genres, visit special art installations, sample food from some of the best chefs in the world, and relax on the beach if you have a free minute or two.

Timed to take place during Spring Break, the festival is likely going to be the place to be for anyone that wants to live the high life for a few days.

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Doe Deere: Makeup as Self Expression

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It’s bright, bold, and even animal-friendly. And yet it’s even more than that – Lime Crime Cosmetics is freedom, and a way for women to express themselves to the world. Founder and CEO Doe Deere envisions her cosmetics line as so much more than a way to cover imperfections. And yes, lime is her favorite color.

Born in Russia, but raised in the Big Apple, Doe Deere has created a cosmetics company with a growing international fan base. Her dream? Lipsticks, nail polish, and shadows that are so bright that they should be banned. Her idea was part inspiration, part necessity. She couldn’t find the bright, unusual colors that she wanted to wear.

The young CEO is very excited about the growing trend of purchasing cosmetics online. Women are becoming more and more comfortable ordering makeup via the internet, and sales are shifting away from traditional brick and mortar stores. In fact, Lime Crime pioneered the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, which allows women to see lipstick as it would appear on the lips instead of on a blank piece of paper. This concept is now a standard in the industry.

Deere also encourages others to ‘trust your gut’. It’s something she relies on over and over again. She treats her employees, vendors and customers with love and respect – a strategy that she attributes her growth and success to.

Looking for a break-out business idea? Doe Deere would love to see someone start a shoe company that features the bright, feminine kind of footwear that she wants to wear.

The cosmetics mogul regularly donates to an animal-rescue organization named Bide-A-Wee. This no-kill shelter rehabilitates and finds loving homes for cats and dogs in New York. In fact, she owns three cats of her own.

They met in a rock band years ago, and have been going strong ever since. She credits him with being the most influential person in her life. What’s next for Doe Deere and Lime Crime? The sky’s the limit.


For the Latest Oncology Research Check Out Oncotarget

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Try Oncotarget, the weekly publication that offers the latest well-designed research about oncology and other related topics on Facebook. Researched and written by experts, the articles promote the science and procedures that make oncology one of the most challenging and exciting fields of medicine.

Cancer seems to out think medicine sometimes, even though it is not an intelligent species, as all it is trying to do is survive in a foreign environment. The information on that doctors use has advanced markedly over the past several years, largely due to research and constant monitoring of treatment and care statistics.

Oncotarget is always looking for valid studies that can help to advance the study of what can be done to arrest and eliminate cancer, and the weekly onslaught of studies, articles and manuscripts are based on solid research and study.

Authors can submit articles to the Editorial Board of Oncotarget to be evaluated and reviewed for potential publication. The editing is done in a peer to peer screening method which means that people who have the same background as the submitter, or a background in the field being discussed in the article, is who will be editing the article.

It is required that at least two editors collaborate on in the editing process so that all actions can be witnessed and discussed as they continue through the process. Authors are required to document all sources of findings, and explain why citations and proofs apply to the topic.

Editors are also charged with the duty to make certain that all of the content is kept in a private manner to avoid any information leaking out. This can cause conflicts where information might be taken incorrectly before being published.

Authors and publishers at must both be aware that opinion, views that are outside of the subject matter, and any other distractive language should be avoided. All conclusions must be backed up with hard proof that is supportive of that conclusion, rather than opinion and supposition.

Attitudes that are expressed as opinion, slander, debasement, racial slurs, gender or sexual orientation discussion, age viewpoints, and citizenship views do not belong here. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated solely on their merit, timeliness, uniqueness, the quality of the data and any other distinguishing features.

John Goullet Has Created A Better Staffing Solution for IT Companies

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John Goullet is one of the finest executives in the IT community, and he has built a company at Diversant that helps send the right people to the right places. Everyone who wishes to find a proper job in IT, and this article explains how John believes the industry is moving forward. He has given interviews that explain his feelings on several different topics, and those who need a new job may find one through Diversant.

#1: The Staffing Solutions Of The Future

John is excited by the diversity in the industry, and he wants to see diverse people going to work for diverse companies. There are several different people who are looking for jobs in the industry, and someone who works with John will note that he is giving them incredible opportunities. His work includes the placement of workers with companies around the world, and he ensures the clients are happy with the employees they meet.

#2: John Wants To See Ideas Come To Life

There are several different ideas that come to life in the Diversant offices, and John wants all his employees to feel as though they are sharing ideas that make a difference in the world. All the work he does in his office is based on ideas, and he ensures the employees believe they may share their ideas. The ideas that are offered in his office help the company compete, and John sends the best of IT professionals to his clients.

#3: John Believes In Down Time

John noted in an interview that he believes the best $100 he spent recently was on a golf lesson, and that is something that helps him become a better worker in the morning. Her gets himself ready by going to the gym, and he works a normal schedule. He sets an example for those around him, and he does not tax his staff with stress.

Everyone who is intrigued by staffing in the IT industry must look to John for advice.