A new Hellboy film moves forward. The new Hellboy might not be the one cinematic followers are familiar with. The new Hellboy film won’t be the planned third film in the trilogy. Instead, the next entry reboots the series anew. Interestingly, the new film returns to the dark and gritty roots of Mike Mignola’s original comic book concept.

The first two film versions of Hellboy starred Ron Perlman and were directed by Guillermo del Toro. The films mixed horror, humor, and fantasy in a fun way. Sadly, the two films weren’t massive box office hits so the planned third film never saw production. While the two films maintain good critical reviews, they do not capture the darker and more ominous world of the comic books. All this changes with the upcoming Hellboy reboot. Creator Mike Mignola has nothing bad to say about the first two films, but he does seem pleased the next entry intends to be closer to his vision.

The first Hellboy movie arrived at a time when the superhero fad was starting to take off. Superhero and comic book movies receive a great deal more publicity today than they did 15 or so years ago. So, the original Hellboy didn’t get the chance to ride the heavy hype any and all comic book-related movies receive today. Plus, some audience members confused the film for a pure horror picture. Such things worked against the first two movies’ box office potential. Today, comic book movies are hotter than ever. The audiences for the films have grown exponentially. Unless the film gets awful reviews, expect solid box office for any comic book movie project.

The 2019 version of Hellboy may prove to be a much bigger hit than the previous entries. For those who enjoy the comics, that means a new franchise may be born.