Three years ago Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg joined hands to found Fabletics. Kate Hudson is a famous Hollywood actress who was nominated for Oscar several times. Adam Goldenberg is a Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle. Fabletics brand is based in Los Angeles; it has almost thousand employees and more than one million VIP members in different parts of the world. While talking to Entrepreneur, Hudson said that she lived in activewear for her entire life. It was hard for her to believe that yoga pants of high quality are that expensive. The main thinking behind Fabletics is to make fashion and fitness affordable. The concept of Fabletics’ was quickly adopted, and TechStyle became the parent company of Fabletics.’ Just in 2014, Fabletics acquired the unicorn status and gained the valuation of one billion dollars. The genius who practically worked on the concept of Fabletics’ is Adam Goldenberg.  Adam talks about his inspiration on YouTube.



He is one of the Chief Executive Officers and co-founder of JustFab Inc.; The company is behind famous fashion brands like Fabkids, FL2, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and JustFab. In 2010, the company had an annual sale of six-hundred-and-fifty dollars. It employs more than two thousand people. Nowadays, JustFab is considered a leader of fashion brands. Goldenberg briefly explained how a shopping experience could become a business model through membership. It is very much related to the use of data and business insights. He shared the details at Digital Experience Workship by which was held in California during the July 2016. See Adam’s entire background at the Goldenberg CrunchBase website.



According to Adam Goldenberg, the landscape of fashion is changing fast. The secret behind the success of JustFab is the online building of brands especially for categories that show high growth rate. The membership model is the backbone of JustFab. It is more like a relationship between a customer and company, and it benefits both of them. Making the customer happy matters a lot. When someone opens the box and gets more than he expected, that makes a great customer experience. However, the biggest challenge for the company is to keep itself fast and try to get bigger and bigger. Goldenberg said he loves the business because it involves working with smart and passionate people. The challenges and new things are great to try.