The Green Lantern is one of those iconic comic book characters that fans all over the world are waiting to see on screen. Of course, ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds had portrayed the character seemingly a lifetime ago, but fans try to block that iteration out of their minds. With the DC Comic Extended Universe desperate to get some momentum on their side, especially after the financial flop that is ‘Justice League’, we could be closer than ever. The ‘Green Lantern’ solo film has been in the works for almost three years now but official details are few and far between. Michael Green, writer of the 2011 ‘Green Lantern’, decided to weigh in and talk about who he sees as the iconic superhero – and his choice might surprise you.

While Michael Green and the rest of the 2011 ‘Green Lantern’ crew probably weren’t proud of the product they put on screen, Green is still excited about seeing the source material adapted. Green says, in his mind, he sees Ricky Whittle playing the legendary Green Lantern, John Stewart. Whittle rose to fame on the hit scify series, “The 100”, and has since been starring in the criminally underrated ‘American Gods’ TV series. Green’s suggestions might hold more water nowadays especially after he penned the hit film, ‘Logan’.

Whittle being Green’s first choice for Stewart might not ring true with fans, but looking at the character in the right light could lead to some understanding. Whittle is a fierce and physical presence on screen but his portrayal of Lincoln in ‘The 100’, showed his ability to play a character out of depth and out of time. If the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie is ever going to hit the silver screen, and we think it will, DC is going to have to take some risks with their casting choices.