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Early Reviews of Deadpool 2 Suggest That It May Actually Be Better Than Infinity War

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As people may know, Deadpool is getting ready to be released. Fans are just coming off of the event film that is Infinity War. That film has taken on the emotions of many fans. As a matter of fact, people are expecting it to be the best film of the year when it comes to comic book franchises. However, there are reviews coming in that ease the concerns of fans who have heard that the film was not that good based on a review of an earlier cut.


One of the concerns about Deadpool 2 was that it was a blatant setup for the X-Force. This is a legitimate concern because another Marvel film franchise was treated as a setup for a team of heroes which never saw the light of day. It turned the film as a whole into a mess. Of course the film franchise in question is Blade. Wesley Snipes was not happy about the direction they were going in and neither were the fans. It was very likely that Ryan Reynolds was going to suffer a similar thing that has happened to Wesley Snipes.


Fortunately, the film was handled well. One of the best things they have done was keep the focus on the titular character. This is very important when it comes to telling a cohesive story. For one thing, it is very rare for a film that has tons of characters in it to work well. Infinity War and the other Avengers films are more of the exception than the rule. X-Men and X2 were good films, but the focus was on Wolverine. Deadpool 2 has managed to find the right balance to make it surpass its predecessor.

Trivia Questions For Pop Culture Buffs

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Do you think that you are a pop culture expert? These questions have stumped even the most knowledgeable people in pop culture. Test how well well you know pop culture with these questions that may leave you thinking I wish I knew that!

Do you think that Walt Disney created the cartoon character of Mickey Mouse? You are only partially correct. Mickey Mouse was created by both Walt Disney and another animator called Ub Iwerks. Disney is credit with coming up with the idea for the cartoon character while his friend and fellow artist helped refine and come up with the final Mickey Mouse character we are familiar with today.

Here is another Disney themed question. Which female character was Disney’s first princess? If you think the answer is Snow White, then you are wrong again. The first Disney princess was a female character called Persephone that was featured in 1937 TV short. If you are not familiar with Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of the king of gods, Zeus and was married to Hades, the god of the underworld. She would leave the underworld during the spring which would cause plants to flower and go back to the underworld during the winter which would cause plants to die.

Hardcore Harry Potter fans may know the answer to this pop culture question. What is the original name of the Harry Potter series of books? If you answered Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, then you would be correct! The Harry Potter Series was written by a British woman and was originally published in the UK as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

You may or not be old enough to remember Elvis. He is famous for his slick black hair. Was that his real hair color? If you guessed yes, then you would be wrong. According to a hair stylist of Elvis, his hair was blonde in color, and he dyed it every few weeks.

Recent Rumor About Ben Affleck and Batman

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Fans who follow the DCEU know about Ben Affleck’s feelings towards being Batman. Among the things that he has said about his role as Batman was that he wanted out. This might be due to the issues that have been going on with the studios. After all, a lot of the films in the DCEU have turned out to be disasters. The large event film which was the Justice League was a huge disappointment to people largely because of the studio interference. Many people are still hoping for a Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League, but if Suicide Squad is any indication, this may not happen.


One of the original plans that Ben Affleck had for Batman was that he was not only going to star as Batman, but he was also going to direct a Batman film. However, a lot of frustrating occurrences have led the star to rethink his plan to direct a Batman film. The directorial role has gone to Matt Reeves who has handled movies in the Planet of the Apes franchise. Then it has gotten to the point where Ben Affleck has stated that he wanted out of the role as Batman which was a blow dealt to fans everywhere because they loved his portrayal as Batman.


As of right now, there are rumors going around saying that Ben Affleck wants to continue in the role as the Dark Knight. However, as of right now, it can only be taken as a rumor. Ben Affleck might have stuck to his guns about leaving the DCEU and allowing another actor to take on the role as Batman. The problem is a lot bigger than Ben Affleck, though. The studios have to let the filmmakers tell their story.

Pop Culture Is Evolving for Millennials

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If you’re looking for one word that will sum up what pop culture means to millennials these days, it’s “proximity.” Millennials, along with the rest of the world, live very close to resources and even celebrities these days, and this was not the case just a few years ago.

A number of brands and public figures have started to pay attention to this, and in turn, are making themselves more relatable to people. Individuals, on the other hand, are beginning to function more like brands as a result of proximity.

A new Viacom Velocity study has highlighted this new pop culture trend. The study indicates that there was a time when culture felt far away, but now people are starting to communicate more directly with the brands and people that directly affect their lives, according to Viacom Velocity CMO Dario Spina.

Proximity has a lot to do with the way we interpret branding and marketing these days. The Viacom study also indicated that 61% of millennial that they have the ability to influence the culture and feel that they have ownership over the brands that they favor the most. This may have negative implications for brands who don’t adhere to the proximity rule.

Millennials are also seeking out social experiential marketing, which means they want to experience the music, travel and brands that are part of their daily lives on their own terms. Still some brands aren’t fully prepared for this. Millennials also place high importance on honest and connecting with others. It’s important for brands to make their information shareable, and that the customer is the star of the show when it comes to promotion.

It’s not hard to see that it’s time for everyone to get on board with the concept of proximity, since this culture affects the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the way we communicate with each other. Want to know more about trends in pop culture? Visit

James Gunn Insisted on a Change in Infinity War that the Production Went With

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Many of the fans of the Avengers who have seen Infinity War are aware of one moment that was rather pivotal for the film. One scene that stands out in the film is the scene where Starlord, played by Chris Pratt tries to kill Gamora. That scene where Starlord shoots and bubbles come out was originally meant to play differently. James Gunn has interjected on this part of the screenplay and decided that Peter Quill actually would fulfill his promise to Gamora if Thanos would take her. However, the scene played out the same with Thanos’s power.


Many people know the tragic scene that followed after the failed attempt. Either way, this was one point of the film where things got even bleaker. Infinity War has turned out to be a bleak film from the opening logo all the way to the end of the film. It has started out as a scary film. Then it has become a war film that has culminated in tragedy and loss. The interesting part of this film is that it is clearly the first film in a 2 part series. At the same time, the next film is going to be completely different.


Even though a lot of key characters have died, some of them have sequels planned. However, this doesn’t mean much to say that they will come back to life. Some suggest that the sequels may take place before Infinity War. At the same time, they are also saying that some of the characters that have been snapped out of existence are going to return in a film that takes place after the events of Avengers 4.

Infinity War is What The Last Jedi Should’ve Been

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This is how a good sequel should be done. Infinity War united all of the characters of the MCU. It shows them in their worst position while at the same time, making sure that they are being respectful to the character. The Russo Brothers have done a good job at not only presenting a very cohesive story with a lot of drama and suspense, but also using comedy in a well timed and thoughtful manner. For one thing, there are a lot of comedic characters. At the same time, the comedy does not take away from the overall film. Instead, it adds to the film.

Given that Infinity War has come out and has made a huge impact in the industry as a whole, there are a lot of comparisons being made. For one thing, a lot of people are comparing it to Justice League. Infinity War has surpassed Justice League in such a short amount of time which shouldn’t be surprising because Justice League wasn’t that well received. Also, Avengers: Infinity War is the third overall Avengers film. The only thing is that it has been following well received and well executed films, whereas Justice League has been following a series that has started out mediocre, but has steadily declined in quality with each film.

One good comparison that can be made is between Infinity War and The Last Jedi. Both movies had an ensemble of characters that they had to deal. However, The Last Jedi failed because it went into arbitrary directions. Infinity War kept everything cohesive and all of the different subplots have come together in a satisfying way. Another interesting factor is that where The Last Jedi (seemingly) throws away a character that has been built up in the overall story, Infinity War delivers on the promise that the previews of their major character has given.

Ronald Fowlkes- A Military Veteran and a Business Wizard

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Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial Products of Eagle Industries Unlimited based in St. Louis, Missouri. He attributes his success to his experience as a US marine and as a mentor of the St Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team.

Ronald Fowlkes has been the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial Products of Eagle Industries Unlimited based in St. Louis, Missouri since 2008. His job involves calling customers across America, providing product education for sales personnel and selecting the best products for sale or development.

Ronald Fowlkes believes that his successful career is based on his creditable service in the US Marines. He learned that honor accountability and respect were the core values that contribute to a successful military career and success in business. His military career taught him that attention to detail is an ongoing process and does not end once a sale is made. He efficiently manages sales teams based on his training as a marine.

Ronald Fowlkes is a member and off-ice trainer of the St. Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team. He is also responsible for the quality of the equipment used by the team. He mentors the team using the principle that the team should be responsible in helping each individual player even if the player is weak.

Ronald Fowlkes is a veteran, sportsperson, and businessman who believes a combination of camaraderie and discipline contributes to business success.


Rambo V Back in The Works

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One thing that can be said about the Rambo franchise is that after Rambo III, the franchise has been on a rather rough journey. The 4th film in the franchise has not been released until 2008. Even at release, it was assumed to be the final film in the franchise given that one of the suggested titles was John Rambo. Also, the ending of the 4th film can be considered as a fitting end to the saga because it shows John Rambo returning home. However, Sylvester Stallone has said on numerous occasions that he was not done with the story and has made plenty of attempts to get a 5th one going.


Now, it has been confirmed that it is happening. A teaser poster for Rambo V has been released with a release date among all things. The release date has been set for fall of 2019. This means that production has to start pretty soon. Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone is working on the Creed films and reprising his role as Rocky Balboa. This of course is a nostalgic moment for fans of Sylvester Stallone because he has often worked on Rocky and Rambo almost simultaneously at certain points in his career.


Other movies that he has yet to released but are reportedly finished are Escape Plan 2 and 3. There are also rumors that Sylvester Stallone is working on another movie in The Expendables franchise. One thing that can be said for Sly is that he is prolific in his roles. He is always involved in some kind of project. The next Rambo has at one point been reported to be the last Rambo with a possible death scene for the veteran.

Gorillaz Releasing New Album

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The Gorillaz will be releasing a new album entitled “Now Now” soon. Emma De Caunes, who is Jamie Hewlett’s wife, confirmed the release of the new album. She shared photos of the album cover on Instagram. The Gorillaz first announced that they were going to come out with a new album in December 2017.


Jamie stated that they were working on a new album that was going to be released soon. The Gorillaz are known for taking a five-year break in between albums. Jamie stated that the group wanted to do something different. He also stated that they already have ideas for albums that they want to release in the future.


They released their last album entitled “Humanz” in 2017. Damon Albarn stated that they did not want to wait seven years before releasing a new album. He stated that they are working hard on future songs.


Damon Albarn left a copy of the new album in the back of a taxi cab when he was traveling. A source close to the group stated that the album is personal. It is also politically-charged. Additionally, Damon has included his opinion on Brexit on this album.


The Gorillaz first came on the music scene in 1998. They have won several awards including one Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals. They have been nominated for a total of 64 awards and won 19 of them.


The new album will be released on June 29. Clips of the album can be found on the website. The Gorillaz have worked with several other artists on the album including Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle. This is the first time that the group has released albums back-to-back.

Battle of Hogwarts Anniversary Celebrated by Rowling

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Ever year on May 2, Harry Potter fans reflect upon the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, as we all know, this battle claimed the lives of many fan favorites. Perhaps no creature was more popular than Dobby, a house elf who played a pivotal role in the books. Each year, author J.K. Rowling has apologized for the deaths of various characters in the series, so this year it’s Dobby’s turn. Although Dobby did not die during the aforementioned Battle of Hogwarts, his presence in this series was so important that Rowling felt it worthwhile to honor him.

In the decades since Rowling started writing her books about the boy wizard, they have turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Now, not only can fans read the books, but they can also watch the movies. Making household names out of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, these films hold a special place in the hearts of people across the world. There’s even a Harry Potter section at Universal Studios. Fans have the opportunity to take in “Butterbeers” before heading up to the castle and fleeing Dumbledore’s wrath while playing quidditch. For those who have always wanted the opportunity to nab their own Hogwarts wands, a specialist is onsite to help with selections. Hogwarts choirs patrol the grounds as well, singing songs from the books and entrancing audiences with their brilliance.

So although it may seem overly dramatic to “muggles” (ordinary folk) that Rowling is apologizing, for fans of the series, her tweets invoke memories of their beloved favorites. Of course, this elevated existence is a far cry from Rowling’s humble beginnings. As a single mother on government assistance, saddened by the sickness and loss of her mother, she started writing the series that would eventually change the world.