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Roberto Santiago Created A Mega Sized Mall In Brazil

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Roberto Santiago is esteemed as a 58 year old Brazilian entrepreneur, and he is responsible for the founding of the glorious Manaira mall. The shopping center is located in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Mangeira is just one more of Roberto Santiago’s worthwhile accomplishments in Brazil. He established the beginning of his livelihood by devoting his focus to Café Sana Rosa. He is accepted in his industry to be an imaginative business owner who has a wealth of enormous achievement from his trade endeavors. He is an avid sports fan, which are very popular in Brazilian culture. Roberto has won a vast quantity of motocross prizes, plus many kart contests.

Roberto Santiago is from Joao Pessoa, and enrolled into academic study at the highly renowned Pio X-Marist. That is the most prominent instructive establishment in the capital city. From Pio X-Marist he acquired a degree in the useful field of Business Administration while laboring hard with his studies at the UNIPE, also known as Joao Pessoa Center.

He is admired for being a highly victorious entrepreneur in Brazil. He created the most massive mall complex in Paraiba. The Manaira mall is documented as being one of the leading shopping centers in Brazil.

He began his productive career writing. This sprang from Roberto’s comprehensively vast knowledge regarding Brazil, he created a blog online to exercise his writing skill. Through this, he created very striking stories which brought much attention and fame to his abilities.

Manaira was brought into being in 1989. The mall is looked upon as being a one-stop spot to truly experience a wide encompassing diversity of interests, fine dining, multitudes of clothing options and all around general amusement, including their immeasurably expansive movie arena and numerous bowling lanes, together with an expansive fully electronic amusement park complete with a beautiful and opulent ballroom. The center is so colossal in its size, that nearly every visitor comments how it is like a city within Joao Pessoa itself. Read more on Exame

A great many natives and also tourists to the country are enamored with going to this mall. People look upon it as a focal point for their entertainment. There is truly something there for every visitor to enjoy. The mall has an eleven room, industrially pioneering, cinema complex that has specific rooms for VIP’s, and three large 3D rooms for the viewing of 3D films. The mall’s theater advertises a massive snack merchandise vendor that caters to the needs of a variety of tastes, such as candies, drinks, ice creams, etc.

Domus Hall is on top of the mall. A large quantity of amusement happens there regularly. The hall holds 8,000 people or 10,000 if they’re standing. Read more articles on

Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Different Programs in 2016

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In 2016, Nationwide Title Clearing launched two specific programs that are going to ensure that the customers receive quality service. One of the primary programs was the Assignment Verification Xpress, launched in October 2016. For a long time, their customers used the American Verification Report that provided reports and land records.



The Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX) is a shorter version, and it contains the features that are found in the AVR but will not include the keyed report. They have ensured that the omission of this feature will not affect the quality of information received.



Assignment Verification Xpress includes a search of the actual land records. The results will be released in an image package that will contain all the applicable documents that include:



  • A copy of the mortgage deed
  • Pertinent document which indicates if the property was released
  • Lost assignments of affidavits
  • Any corrective assignments


In addition to launching AVX, the Company also launched yet another program in September 2016. They started a mortgage training program that seeks to provide the managers and the employees with the current information. They provide the classroom instruction and on-job training. They have a quality control division that has 30 employees. The division has the mandate of checking the quality of the training content and developing training programs. They also review the changes to regulations and laws. Since its inception, over 300 employees of the Company have completed the industry related courses. The employees are engaged in training that is related to their positions.



About Nationwide Title Clearing



Nationwide Title Clearing, founded in 1991, provides research and document processing services in the mortgage industry while protecting the National land records. The Company has grown tremendously to become the leading service provider in the sector.



The Company has been recognized by Tampa Bay Times as the top 100 workplaces since 2011. Today, NTC has 576 employees across the five States that they operate in. Their mission is to provide accurate documents and also quality research services that will protect the homeowners.



The Company opened a data center based in Texas that will protect all the records in case there is an emergency.


Seawright Makes Grand Appearance on Morning Show

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In a recent article that was posted to the website of ABC News’ website, it was announced that Kevin Seawright was discussing RPS Solutions LLC on the Larry Young Morning Show. The company, RPS Solutions, is still fairly young, having only been founded back in 2015.

Kevin Seawright was on the show to present the company’s goals in their efforts to produce affordable housing options for those in need in the Baltimore Maryland housing market.

According to the article that was originally produced by Crunchbase and then released through ABC News, Kevin Seawright issued the following statements on the morning show. “”Well to be honest with you Larry we’re just passionate about home ownership in Baltimore,” Seawright told the radio host. “We deal a lot with first time home buyers at this point in the market. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

We’re also trying to give home buyers the opportunity to have a home, and create stability in neighborhoods. We want people to be able to say they have something they’re very proud of.”

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright is a very well respected member of both the community and his company. He has had a long career in project management which has gained him a great deal of recognition by others in the business over the years.

Again, going back to the article, Kevin has also previously served in a variety of other recognizable roles such as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. For more information, follow Kevin Seawright on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in reading the article on ABC News’ website in its entirety, you can do so by following this link:

If you would like to learn more about Kevin Seawright himself or conduct additional research about his career and various accomplishments over the years you can do so by following him on social media or by reading about him at the following link:

Julie Zuckerberg Positive News Article

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Executive recruiters, also known as executive headhunters, are professionals contracted by companies and individuals to fill vacancies in their businesses with the right personnel. Such professionals can work as part of the in-house human resource team. Alternatively, they can work for search firms and work as contractors. Whichever way, their role in the growth of any business is significant. Besides, they fill top positions with personnel that has the talent to move companies in the right direction. They have the expertise to interview and screen candidates, through a recruitment process, and fetch the best. They also coach the selected candidates so that they are ready for their new jobs.


To be hired as an executive recruiter, one has to have a good education background. They should at least possess a bachelor’s degree. They also need to have experience in the field. That means that executive recruiters have to have started as basic recruiter. They must gain experience of above 5 years and have made a name for themselves. They need to possess great communication skills and understand the human physiology, recruitment process, the industry, management principles and labor relations.


When it comes to salary, this professionals are handsomely paid. The average executive recruiter bags up to $60,000. And some earn as high as $120,000. It all depends on reputability, experience and education background.


About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most competent recruiters in New York. She is often ranked among the best recruiters who you should seek their services in the city. Being in such a recognized position wasn’t just handed to Julie, she had to earn it. She began by getting herself more than just the basic education.


Julie studied at Citi University which is a branch of Brooklyn College based in New York. She attained her undergraduate degree in Philosophy before joining law school. She graduated Juris Doctor from the New York Law School.


With a decorate education background, landing a job wasn’t that hard. In the year 2002, Hudson took her under their wings. Her first job was in regular candidate placement. She was awarded the role of director of candidate placement in the firm. At Hudson, she mainly was charged with the role of recruiting for the legal and the banking industry. She worked here for half a decade before she move to work for Citi Global Functions.


Julie joined Citi in the year 2007 and worked there up to the year 2013. Being the vice president and the recruitment head, she would oversee every step of recruitment from start to finish. She saw to it that the bank hired the best talent to fill their accounts, audit and legal functions. When she left the company, she worked for New York Life Insurance for a few months before moving to Dutsche bank where she currently works. At this global financial institution, she serves as the Vice President and the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.



Who is Eos And What Do They Do?

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EOS lip balm is the company that’s dedicated all of their time and effort in products that not only suits everyone but is safe and helps people take care of them. Known by their full name Evolution of Smooth, they had to make a game plan that not only helped people but to do it better than the companies who’ve started before them. Only over many trials and hardships have they established themselves as a trustful brand.

At the beginning when nobody knew who they were, Evolution of Smooth(

) primarily wanted to make safer and cheaper lip balm. They were founded by Craig Dubitsky who no longer works with the company. They didn’t get the word out by traditional means like everyone would think. Their social media like Twitter and Facebook have put them in the eyes of everyone on the internet. Boasting as a 95% organic product, their ingredients and uniquely shaped package have caught the eye of millennials and popular celebrities. One of the people who run EOS, Jhawar, mixed their love with music and EOS to bring in their sales from music videos. Using that tactic, EOS have catapulted themselves ahead of companies like Blistex and Burt’s Bees.

Want EOS? Get them on eBay or via


Employees Need Help with Social Security Planning Strategies

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David Giertz, the leader of sales and distribution at Nationwide, says the company’s second yearly overview of people nearing retirement and those who are already retired uncovered various misguided judgments about Social Security. “Retirement is quite not the same as what they expected,” Giertz told PLANADVISER. “They trust they ought to take Social Security early as a time will come when it will run out.” Other misperceptions about the advantage highlight on cost – Forty-one percent didn’t thoroughly consider any costs from it, and life span, majority of people believe the human lifespan is smaller and majority believe of dying sooner than it happens” Giertz says on

These thoughts are adding to the retirement preparation emergency the nation confronts, David Giertz accepts, and plan advisers and sponsors have a chance to assist in educating members about the most ideal approaches to guarantee the benefits. One detaches—the measure of retirement payment future retirees trust Social Security will cover (52%) and the truth (40%) — is very expansive, Giertz says on Nationwide. One explanation behind the difference is the quantity of individuals who started taking the advantage early enough – 83% of study respondents in their retirement years needed to claim early due to job loss and health issues” Giertz says, which is a key source of regret. “The study demonstrated 33% wished they had held up.”

One astounding discovering, Giertz says, was the manner in which limited study respondents working with the counselor about Social Security: only 17% versus a year ago’s 12%. The number rose with a small range yet is still low, he says.

Combined with that figure is the 71% of individuals who showed they would search out another guide if their present consultant did not discuss about the Social Security at While the quantity of advisers talking about Social Security showed a slight ascent, Giertz says he expected a greater increment.

Mr. David Giertz is the President of NFS Distributors Inc. and Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales Organization. He is in charge of the entire distribution and strategy in private-sector retirements packages, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds through banks, specialty markets, independent broker/dealers, warehouses and regional firms.

The Commitment To Good Health

Posted on by is fully committed to providing information on ways to improve your health. They believe that health comes from within the body. Certainly, good health begins with the type of foods placed within the body. Their belief is that with proper guidance and eating the right foods, one is able to achieve optimum health. Today, there are a wide variety of people that are living the cleanse lifestyle. They’ve also included tasty recipes that are very appropriate for the full body cleanse process. Here are a few recipes to consider.

Raw Brownies & Strawberries
This is a full body cleanse approved recipe that is provided by It includes all the proper daily nutrition for a healthy diet and is gluten free. In fact, the recipe is thought to provide the same amount of nutrients that are in several very popular snack bars that people consume. The recipe includes walnuts, flax seeds, coconut chunks, prunes, carob powder, coconut oil, and special seasonings. Simply place in a food processor to mix and form into balls and place in a brownie pan and refrigerate.

Tomato Herb Dressing
This is a great dressing for anyone that is trying to eat healthy nutritional meals while still trying to lose weight. The dressing provides just the right amount of vegetables and roughage required to stay health. Key ingredients are chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning.  It was also recommended in News One’s story about Fit!Live!Win! Spring Cleaning For Your Body With The 20-Day Dherbs Cleanse

Detox Super Salad
This is a great salad for people that would like to add more vegetables to their daily menu. This is a perfect addition to living the Dherbs lifestyle. In fact, the salad is filled with Dherbs detox superfoods that include broccoli, tangerines, walnuts, avocados, pomegranates, and olive oil.

These are just a few of the wonderful recipes that are available on the website that are full body cleanse approved.  There are more recipes being updated on their official Tumblr page, or you can read some Yelp reviews to get a feel for what real users think about this program.

Adam Goldenberg and the Rise of Fabletics

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Three years ago Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg joined hands to found Fabletics. Kate Hudson is a famous Hollywood actress who was nominated for Oscar several times. Adam Goldenberg is a Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle. Fabletics brand is based in Los Angeles; it has almost thousand employees and more than one million VIP members in different parts of the world. While talking to Entrepreneur, Hudson said that she lived in activewear for her entire life. It was hard for her to believe that yoga pants of high quality are that expensive. The main thinking behind Fabletics is to make fashion and fitness affordable. The concept of Fabletics’ was quickly adopted, and TechStyle became the parent company of Fabletics.’ Just in 2014, Fabletics acquired the unicorn status and gained the valuation of one billion dollars. The genius who practically worked on the concept of Fabletics’ is Adam Goldenberg.  Adam talks about his inspiration on YouTube.



He is one of the Chief Executive Officers and co-founder of JustFab Inc.; The company is behind famous fashion brands like Fabkids, FL2, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and JustFab. In 2010, the company had an annual sale of six-hundred-and-fifty dollars. It employs more than two thousand people. Nowadays, JustFab is considered a leader of fashion brands. Goldenberg briefly explained how a shopping experience could become a business model through membership. It is very much related to the use of data and business insights. He shared the details at Digital Experience Workship by which was held in California during the July 2016. See Adam’s entire background at the Goldenberg CrunchBase website.



According to Adam Goldenberg, the landscape of fashion is changing fast. The secret behind the success of JustFab is the online building of brands especially for categories that show high growth rate. The membership model is the backbone of JustFab. It is more like a relationship between a customer and company, and it benefits both of them. Making the customer happy matters a lot. When someone opens the box and gets more than he expected, that makes a great customer experience. However, the biggest challenge for the company is to keep itself fast and try to get bigger and bigger. Goldenberg said he loves the business because it involves working with smart and passionate people. The challenges and new things are great to try.

Richard Blair: A Man Of The People

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As of late much has been written about the success of the innovative independent financial advisor Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, a company known as an RIA or Registered Investment Firm based out of Austin, Texas.

The basis for Wealth Solutions revolves around it’s founder’s core belief in human potential, and every individual’s need for developing an inherently strong and stable game-plan directed towards personal financial achievement.

Richard Blair is a man in the business of providing his clientele with the necessary tools to reach their goals pertaining to retirement as well as overall wealth management.

Richard Blair’s company crafts personalized approaches for every person, each created with three tenants or pillars as guidelines. Firstly, a client is assisted in analyzing the big picture.

Their plan is examined from a to z, in an effort to lay out a step by step guide for them to follow. These steps serve as a connection of movements to guide one toward particular goals.

Strengths and weaknesses are considered, and the groundwork is laid for people to shape their financial futures.

Finally, all issues surrounding insurance and annuities are analyzed and prepared for. Blair is a principled man who believes in the power of sharing wisdom and seeing others succeed.

According to Bright Scope, it’s no surprise that Richard Blair Wealth Solutions comes from a family of educators. Not only were his mother and grandmother teachers, but his wife also. Growing up, he surely realized the power of knowledge and the gift of passing it on.

He has an unquestionable knack for navigating the financial world, and has built a life around using his knowledge for the greater good.

Leading Telecommunications Company Securus Technologies Corrects Press Release Content

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During 2016, Global Tel Link made a number of statements in its press releases that were false and inaccurate. Leading telecommunications company Securus Technologies discovered these inaccuracies and looked to correct them. Over the past few months, Securus Technologies has looked to make corrections on statements made by Global Tel Link. Therefore, the company has presented to the public a number of counter statements that not only prove Global Tel Link to be wrong, but also maintain its own credibility among consumers. With these corrections, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain and improve its overall credibility.


Securus Technologies discovered a number of statements made by Global Tel Link that were not true. Due to the nature of the statements, Securus Technologies spent a lot of time and effort making counter statements to the public and the media. It did this in order to prove that it is not an unethical company looking to steal intellectual property. Many of the statements made by Global Tel Link are about patents and its efforts to pursue litigation against Securus Technologies. However, Securus Technologies has assured the public that it has never committed any wrongdoing and no legal action against them is valid.


However, Securus countered that claim by saying that Global Tel Link is currently unable to pursue litigation against them.  In other allegations made by Global Tel Link, the company claimed that it was able to preserve a patent that allows them to use technology for video visitation monitoring in prisons. According to Securus, the company has limited patents on this particular product.