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Jordan Peele Opens Up About Directing ‘Get Out’

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There was a point in time when Jordan Peele, star of the famous ‘Key and Peele’ sketch-comedy show, never thought his biggest project would get released. We are, of course, talking about 2017’s shocking hit, ‘Get Out’. ‘Get Out’ is described as an inside look at racism in 2017, told through the lens of almost supernatural horror with just a splash of comedy. This was by far Peeles’ most ambitious project and the biggest one he had taken on without his Comedy Central co-star, Michael Keegan, at his side. Because of a confluence of factors, including the genre of the film, Peele was almost positive it would not get released.

Jordan Peele knows that his work is difficult to pigeon-hole. ‘Get Out’ deftly mixes different genres and tropes while subtly subverting all of them. The story follows an African American man as he goes to visit his girlfriend’s wealthy and, well, micro-aggressive family. From there the tale grows considerably darker and we won’t dig any deeper so as to prevent spoilers. Peele says, “The elimination of the white savior trope, I think that’s the power of the story.” Peele goes on to point out that by subverting this trope, especially in modern Hollywood, he was taking a potentially divisive and controversial stance with his film.

Despite Peele’s reservations, ‘Get Out’ turned into a monstrous box office success in a season that saw almost universally dismal returns at the box office. Now, Peele is looking at serious Oscar consideration for his work as the project is a contender in a variety of major categories. Peele isn’t pre-occupied with talk of awards and awards shows. Instead, Peele is focused on his message. Peele says, “I wanted conversation about something that is so uncomfortable, so awkward that we don’t talk about it enough.”

Vanity Fair “Avengers” Reveals

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A cover story in Vanity Fair provides some tantalizing clues about what’s coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The upcoming film, to be released on May 4, 2018, will be part 1 of a saga to be finished with a fourth, currently untitled Avengers film in 2019. These films, chronicling a battle against the Mad Titan Thanos, will bring the end of the MCU’s Phase 3, and according to Marvel spokesman Kevin Feige, will be “a finale” of the franchise up until this point.

“At least some of the original characters who sit at the center of the billion-dollar Avengers team will be hanging up their capes and shields,” he warned.

But fear not, true believers—it won’t be the end of Marvel movies. They have an astounding twenty planned after Avengers 4. Some one can guess—sequels to new franchises like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, a third Guardian of the Galaxy, and so on—but beyond that fans can only speculate what other Marvel heroes will get their own films.

And there are a lot to choose from—according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, Marvel Studios has the rights to 7,000 different characters, despite not having control of famous properties like X-Men and Fantastic Four.

We also have information about the old guard of Marvel characters. For example, the events of Thor: Ragnarok will have an impact, particular concerning the various things that Thor lost to Hela. (We’re avoiding spoilers, here.) We also get some pictures of Captain America and Black Widow on the run, sporting a new beard and hairdo, and word that Mark Ruffalo has spent a lot of time in the motion capture suit for Hulk.

Greg Aziz is the Perfect CEO for National Steel Car

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National Steel Car has been setting the standard in the freight car manufacturing industry for more than a century. Based in Ontario, Canada it is the nation’s leading manufacturer of rolling stock. What sets the company apart is the pride it takes in a job well done. It is constantly working on ways to better its quality and raise the bar. Thanks to its talented team of individuals it has been able to do just that all these years. One such talented individual is CEO Gregory Aziz. He has been CEO of the company for close to 25 years, given the position in 1994.


Besides being at the helm of one of the most durable companies on the planet James Aziz is also a well accomplished entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is kind of in his genes considering his family owns a food processing business. He worked there for a short time after graduating from college. After leaving his family’s business the native Canadian moved to states and pursued a career in banking. During this time, he worked for various banking and investment firms. His pursuit would lead him to National Steel Car.  See This Page for more information.


When Greg first joined the company, it was in a state of limbo. It didn’t really know what direction it ultimately wanted to go in. He proceeded to turn it all around by initiating the acquisition of the prestigious company by Hamilton National Industries from Dofasco. As his first plan of action as CEO it became a crucial decision that led to the company’s reinvigoration.

Under the leadership of Greg, National Steel Car’s production has increased substantially. So much so that it’s amount of staff has tripled from 500 to 3,000. Aziz has succeeded in putting the freight car manufacturer back on the map by focusing on vital aspects that lead to the betterment of the company.

About Gregory James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is a multi-faceted businessman who has excelled as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is largely credited as the person behind National Steel Car’s success in recent years as company CEO. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Minor Character Returning for Final ‘Game of Thrones’ Season?

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If you find yourself wistful for a return to Westeros then turn that frown upside down. With ‘Game of Thrones’ returning next year for its final season, of the main story at least, fans are jonesing for every piece of information that they can get their hands on. Well, we’ve got the news for you to help tide you over. Recent casting news showed that a certain ‘Sarra’ is returning for at least one episode in the final season of ‘Thrones’. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, we don’t blame you. However, we can speculate on who she is and why you should pay attention to her.

The character Sarra was last played by actress Danielle Galligan. She appeared for a single episode, ‘The Rains of Castamere’, as a character named Sarra Frey. Sarray Fre is the not-so-lucky granddaughter of the vile Walder Frey. She was one of the Frey daughters that Robb Stark had the ‘option’ to marry in order to make amends for his failed alliance. Galligan’s own casting profile shows that she returns for the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ and that has fans wondering as to her importance int he last half of the last season of the main storyline.

Astute fans of theshow, as well as those who read everything they can on the internet, will realize that the Frey’s have essentially been wiped off of the map thanks to a vengeful Arya Stark. If Sarra Frey is truly still alive, and not in a flashback, she would represent the head of one of the formerly most powerful families in all of Westeros. Could this mean that the Starks have another enemy at their backs? Or does Arya have a key alley in one of the most important regions of the entire map of Westeros? Time will tell.

What Sheriff Arpaio Has Done

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Sheriff Arpaio has engaged in so many outrageous tactics throughout his career as Sheriff that a major motion picture could be made about him. Some of the foolishness that has come about under his watch includes:

Sheriff Arpaio Got Into Trouble

  • Force feeding prisoners bread with mold on it
  • Force feeding prisoners fruit that had begun to rot
  • Imposing a dress code of bright pink clothing upon male inmates
  • Accusing innocent drivers of being “illegal aliens” based upon appearing Latin Amrican.
  • Refusing to accept the orders of judges who told him not to racially discriminate.
  • Pulling strings to go after anybody who questioned his practices.
  • Keeping inmates in despicable conditions.
  • Not tending to the individual needs of some inmates.

For years, it was a common practice for Sheriff Arpaio and his lackeys to watch who was driving on the roads and bother anyone who looked like they had Hispanic roots.

In 2011, a judge took notice of this and sent an order to Sheriff Arpaio, warning him not to do this. For roughly a couple more years Arpaio kept ordering his men in blue to do it, anyway, earning him an accusation of criminal contempt from Susan Bolton.

Sheriff Arpaio was scheduled to hear a criminal sentence sometime in 2017. A short while before this was going to happen, the conservative president of the United States, Donald Trump, slipped him a pardon.

This pardon upset a lot of people. The people who were harmed by Sheriff Arpaio, including Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, were not satisfied by the pardon.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been involved in journalism since their college-age days in the early 1970s. They are the co-owners of Village Voice Media, a company that owned more than a dozen publications at the peak of its success.

One of the publications that they are most well known for is The Phoenix New Times. The Phoenix New Times is a relatively small, alternative, rather eccentric publication. One of the publication’s favorite topics to cover was Sheriff Arpaio.

It stands to reason that Sheriff Arpaio would be a hot topic for that publication, considering the fact that Sheriff Arpaio was a local Sheriff in the area that the publication was serving. Lacey and Larkin, themselves, lived in this area and took a great interest in the topic. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and

The two men were very cognizant of the problems that Native Americans, immigrants and Latinos faced because the Southwestern United States is generally filled with these types of people.

There are so many Latinos, immigrants and Native Americans in the area due to the placement of people throughout American history. The Southwestern United States was originally colonized by Spaniards, and it now borders the lands of Latin America.

As a result, the Hispanic presence is enormous, and not all Hispanics are immigrants. There is a relatively large amount of Native American culture that exists because of circumstances surrounding Spanish colonization and the cultures of Native Americans.

Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Countdown for the Avenger’s Infinity War Trailer Begins

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Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most anticipated films to come out in the MCU. There has been a lot of talk about the film including when the trailer is going to be released. There has been footage released on the film at certain comic cons. However, there has been no official trailer released yet, and many people are eagerly awaiting the release of the trailer. Finally, there has been an announcement of the release of the trailer. The directors of Infinity War have started a countdown to the release of the trailer for the general public.

As of right now, the trailer is scheduled to be released on November 30. Therefore, people will be able to catch a first glimpse of all of the action and characters in all of its glory. One of the things that make Avengers Infinity War such a huge deal is that all of the movies have been building up to this from Iron Man to Thor: Ragnarok.

One interesting thing is that Avengers Infinity War was originally planned as two films with the first one being Infinity War Part 1 and the second one being Infinity War Part II. As of right now, the title of Avengers 3 is simply Avengers: Infinity War with the 4th Avengers movie not having a title because the title would be a spoiler to the ending of the upcoming Infinity War film.

Avengers: Infinity War is going to be such a huge film because it is going to feature the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe even introduce some new characters. The next two Avengers movies are probably going to be the most pivotal films in the MCU.

Avengers 4 To Be a Finale to The MCU

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One thing that has happened that has proven to be innovative for comic book movies is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. These films have brought forth not only some good characters, but some of the best interpretations of the characters. Among the many characters that are shining stars are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man. However, given that the actors that have been playing the founding characters of the MCU are aging, there has been plans for a finale. It turns out that Avengers 4 is going to be the finale for the MCU. In this finale, a lot of characters are going to move out of the way for a newer generation.

However, given that there are more movies being produced for the MCU and that there plenty of other characters to explore, it is likely that finale is more of a misnomer. While Avengers may serve as a finale for many of the founding characters in the MCU such as Tony Stark, there are likely to be new characters introduced. Among the characters that can be expected are The Fantastic Four, Blade, and others. Some of the characters that have been most recently introduced including Spider-Man and Black Panther may take center stage in the post Avengers 4 universe.

It is not certain as to how the departing characters are going to have their stories end. One of the rumors that are going around is that Tony Stark is going to die. However, he could easily retire with the potential to appear in a later film down the line. Either way, Avengers 3 and 4 are going to be some of the largest films in the MCU and they are going to be hard to top.

Disney Re-Releases Its Re-Release of “Beauty and the Beast”

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Controversial opinion: the Disney live-action remakes are, for the most part, lame, and the company’s newest move is emphasizing that point.

Though it only came out on March 17 of this year, Beauty and the Beast is already getting re-released in theaters, in order to build up more buzz before the Oscar season early in 2018.

The movie will be available for one week, starting on December 1, at Los Angeles’ AMC Century City and New York City’s AMC Empire 25. Some members of the election groups, like BAFTA and WGA, will be specially brought in and given guest screenings, because that doesn’t seem shady at all.

Obviously there are people who like the film, which did make more than $1 billion. That said, there are probably not many would say that they think the new version is actually better than the 1991 animated version. In fact, it borders on a shot-for-shot remake, but not as well done, and with some added parts that generally fail to improve the story. (See the magical teleporting book which is somehow not used when Belle needs to quickly race home and save her father.)

Disney almost won the Academy Award for Best Picture with the original, but failed, and with animated movies now blacklisted, it’s understandable that they want this live-action version to get the coveted award. It probably would be nominated without being re-released. Even if this helps, overall it makes the company look needy.

This move just demonstrates what we already knew about Beauty and the Beast 2.0—that it is a desperate attempt to relive the glory of the first Disney Renaissance, even as another, with actual original films like Frozen and Moana, is currently going on.

Kevin Feige: The Man Behind the Look of Wolverine

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One thing that people are going to remember the most about the X-Men films is Wolverine. One of the reasons is that he is one of the characters that looked the most like their comic book counterparts. However, one thing about this is that Wolverine was not always going to look like that in the films. The producers were afraid of making the movie look silly (which is evident in the way the characters were all dressed in black like in The Matrix of the year prior). The one person that has stepped in and made sure that Wolverine resembles the comic book character is Kevin Feige, who is responsible for the MCU.

Back when the X-Men movies were made, people were very afraid of looking ridiculous. This does provide an explanation as to why Wolverine was never shown in his iconic yellow costume. However, Wolverine has looked pretty much like his comic counterpart. Throughout the movies, Wolverine’s hair style has evolved. For one thing, his hair seemed to get shorter, especially in the films that came after X-Men Origins Wolverine which shows a large haired Wolverine with a non apparent “point”. In The Wolverine, the film starts with Wolverine having very long hair which is cut short at the beginning of the second act to bring out the signature look with shorter hair.

By the time they got to Logan, the trademark hair is pretty much gone with only a slight hint of it. One thing that the recent comic book movies have shown is that it is possible to replicate the comic book look without moving into ridiculous territory. Even the DCEU has brought forward a Batman suit that is very similar to the comic book version of the suit compared to the black armor of the movies and made it look cool.

The Possibility of Tim Burton’s Batman Being Canon To Justice League and Current DCEU

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As of right now, there have been probably at least as many interpretations of Batman on the big screen as there have been in comic books. However, there is something interesting that is happening with Batman. There is discussion as to whether or not the Tim Burton Batman movies are connected to the DCEU. There are a few ideas that are being pushed forth in support of the theory. One idea is the Joker. Even though the Joker died in Tim Burton’s Batman (even though some say that in Batman Returns there is a newspaper headline that says that the Joker’s body disappears), there is the idea of there being more than one Joker.

Perhaps one thing that has sparked the idea that there is a connection between Tim Burton’s universe and the DCEU is Danny Elfman’s use of the Batman Theme from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. However, there has been a lot of effort to establish that this Batman is in a universe that is separate from the other Batman universe. As a matter of fact, Hans Zimmer, who was involved in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy has taken the time to think about a new theme for Batman that is nothing like the themes that were used in Nolan’s movie. Danny Elfman has decided to use the old Batman theme.

One reason that Danny Elfman has used is that just because it is a new Batman does not mean that the theme has to change. Elfman has also said that the need to use a new theme for a rebooted version of a franchise is egotistical. Interestingly enough, the themes that Danny Elfman used have not been well received. Many people are petitioning for a Zack Snyder edition of the film with Junkie XL’s score.