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Wu-Tang Clan Demands Return of Album on Colbert

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Rappers Ghostface Killah and Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to voice their frustration over their album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. The album’s only copy was bought by disgraced businessman Martin Shkreli in 2015 for $2 million. Following Shkreli’s conviction last year on conspiracy to commit securities fraud, the album has been in the possession of the federal government.

In their appearance on The Late Show, Ghostface Killah and Method Man humorously implored United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to release the album. Although the fate of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is in the hands of the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York, as head of the Department of Justice, Sessions has much sway over what will happen to the record. Speaking to a Keebler elf that was meant as a stand-in for Sessions, Method Man argued, “That album belongs to the people.” Colbert, speaking for Keebler Sessions, refused to turn over the album for free, saying that he was filled with C.R.E.A.M., or “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.” The two then warned Keebler Sessions that they would settle the dispute through the ancient ways of Shaolin before snatching the cookie from Colbert’s hand and eating it.

Despite the humorous skit, Wu-Tang Clan remains greatly concerned with the final fate of the album. Speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine last month, fellow member RZA told of how the group wants the album back and that the record has almost taken on a life of its own. Comparing the album to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, RZA hopes that whatever the final fate of the album is, it will be respected and treated in a proper manner.

Lynda Carter in Talks for “Wonder Woman 2”

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Lynda Carter confirmed that she is in talks with Warner Bros. for a possible role in Wonder Woman 2.


Nothing is confirmed however, and Carter admits that she is not sure what role she would only have, saying that that is up to director Patty Jenkins.


“I’ve been talking to her about it. She’s given me some hints about it and I guess it’s up to Warner Bros. if they want to spend the money,” she said. “It really is up to Patty, and if it works in an organic way it’ll be great fun and it’ll be wonderful to do.”


Carter played the Maid of Might back in the TV series which ran from 1975 until 1979; it was simply called Wonder Woman in its first season, which was set during World War II, and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman in its last two, which were in then-modern times.


Wonder Woman (real name Diana, a princess from the Amazon island of Themiscyra) has been underrepresented in adaptations, at least compared to her DC Comics colleagues Batman and Superman. She is played by former Israeli model Gal Gadot in the DC Extended Universe, whose film last year proved to be the franchise’s only unqualified success. Before that, Carter’s show was the only real live-action depiction of the character, save for some TV series that did not get past a pilot.


Carter has several roles that act as Easter eggs for her former status as the best-known actress for a superheroine: the president on Supergirl, Chloe Sullivan’s mom on Smallville and the principal of a superhero school in Sky High. What role she may have vis-a-vis her successor remains to be seen.

Employment In Sussex Healthcare

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For more than two decades in the past 25 years Sussex Healthcare Has continue to provide quality Care two senior citizens and adults in need of extended special Care. They run their facilities on the southern coast of England. They have two joint Chairman’s who are Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Shiraz Boghani has a background in hotel management and Shafik Sachedina has a background in the medical field as a surgeon dentist. Together they have multiple years of experience in providing quality adult care.

In the year of 1985 the very first Sussex Healthcare facility open its doors. As of today they own and operate more than 20 facilities. Some of these facilities offer a state-of-the-art gym and also a daycare with 24-hour care residential housing. Sussex Healthcare specializes in more than elderly living facilities for older people but they also work with younger people with brain disabilities and other various health issues.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care

These healthcare facilities they all include various programs to help residents stay very active and encouraging. They offer very fun activities for individuals and also various learning activities for the resident. These facilities also have top notch chefs and staff who help put together healthy and delicious meals on a daily basis for the residents to enjoy. As most of the residents indoor facilities have very specific dietary needs the staff and chefs help create various meal plans also.

Sussex Healthcare brings in highly passionate and dedicated staff to work as professional caregivers. They offer ongoing training for their staff as an investment they are truly committed to. At this healthcare company they also offer their employees educational benefits such as tuition reimbursement for staff looking to continue their education also management courses and other tropical training. They offer a very competitive salary along with benefits these benefits include a pension, a free stack bus, uniforms, reduced meals, paid vacation and also career advancement. This is a great place to work if you are looking for a company that cares about you and want to further your career, this is the place to work.

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Twitter Is More Interesting With Shervin Pishevar

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It is so critically important to listen to good voices when it comes to Twitter. A lot of people waste their time on Twitter reading tweets from people that do not contribute anything to the fabric of our social conversations. That does not have to be the case. There are choices that one can make to make their personal Twitter feed more enlightening and helpful to them personally to grow out the amount of knowledge that they have in life.

Shervin Pishevar is an excellent person to follow if you want a Twitter account that has a little more flavor in its feed. What he does that is so unique is write about economic topics in a way that many others are afraid to. Put another way, he just goes for it. He is not particularly afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the big issues of the day. Rather than hiding from his beliefs for the sake of others, Shervin Pishevar tries to push them even harder so that people know exactly where he stands. By doing this, Shervin Pishevar has proven himself to be a worthwhile voice to listen to.

Recently, he went on a tweet storm that took a lot of people by surprise. Once he got to talking, it was hard to stop him. He just wanted to keep spouting things out until he had put out fifty tweets worth of thoughts that he has about the economic situation as it stands today. The main thing that Pishevar was trying to accomplish here was to point to the fact that he believes that there is a coming financial storm brewing. He believes that if he can point this out to people that he can hopefully help prevent them from falling into the traps that are being set up in our economy.

It is vital that those who listen to what Shervin Pishevar has to say are always willing to at least give his thoughts the attention that they deserve. It may just turn out to be the case that something that he says actually helps you as an investor or a person.

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Adam Milstein- The future leaders of Israel

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The Jewish State of Israel is a country that stays in a constant state of alertness. The country is surrounded by countries which can be considered enemies of the Jews. In the neighboring countries, there are radical Muslim groups which advocate for the elimination of the Jews from the Middle East. However, such efforts have been thwarted by the Jewish State. Currently, the Jewish county is one of the strongest in the region, credit to the great leaders who have led the community in times of challenges. It has never been smooth for any Jewish leader as the country is constantly under attack in various forms.

To be a Jewish leader, one needs to have a passion for supporting the country. In the past, various leaders had their share of challenges. In the current generation, one of the biggest challenges that Jewish leaders face is anti-Semitism. The hate against Jews in on the rise in parts of America and Europe. The Right and the Left seem to have elements who believe that Israel is a savage country. In the two years, there has been a significant increase in this practice. According to Jewish philanthropist Adam Milstein, this is an alarming trend which shows the country may be at the risk of more attacks in the future. The crusaders of anti-Semitism want to see this hate as a tool of oppressing the Jews.


The current wave of anti-Semitism hate is being carried out through a movement known as BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions). This movement is about weakening the state of Israel by ensuring that the people of this country do not have an opportunity to sell their goods and services in some parts of the world. Already, the activities of this movements have been seen in parts of Europe where the areas have been declared as Israeli free zone.

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and a community leader for the Jewish community living in the United States. He is the president of a pro-Israeli philanthropic organization known as the Adam Milstein Family Foundation. This organization have been supportive of the activities of the community and is helping in up a generation of great young Jewish leaders.

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Stream Energy: Cornerstone Example

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Stream Energy is an energy company that sells different forms of energy to its customers at a discounted rate. One interesting fact about Stream Energy is that the services are probably not the only thing that attracts new customers. The customer service is more than likely a big part of the reason that individuals choose to use their services. The associates take the time out to get to know the customers to understand their needs. They use this information to help match them with the services that meet their needs financially and physically. Another thing that probably attracts associates and customers is how much Stream Energy cares about their community. Customers want to be a part of a company that has their back. Stream cares so much about their community that they are not only understanding but in the case of a natural disaster or homelessness, they help fund the recovery. Now that sounds like a company anyone would love to be a part of. Merely compare Stream to other companies that start collection calls to find out why one hasn’t paid their bill yet. They don’t seem to care very much about why even though they ask. All they really want to know is when you will pay the money. Charity and philanthropy are a big part of the Stream Energy brand. The company has been in business for more than 13 years and each year is evolving more and more into the perfect role model for other companies. Believe it or not, the generosity rating for Texas has increased thanks to Stream. Texas is not listed as a generous state. It can also be said that the company is a first responder to natural disaster as well. Hurricanes and tornados are full of devastation, loss, and hurt. People in the impacted neighborhoods lose their homes, loved ones, and pets. Looking at the number of insurance companies that do not cover the extreme damages caused by these types of storms, many have to start from scratch with no money, or the ability to fix their homes. That is why companies like Stream Energy has made a positive difference.

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Music Can Improve Relationships With Your Children

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If you are a parent of a child who loves music, then you may want to listen to music with them. Studies have shown that parents and children who listen to music together have better relationships. Researchers have found that adolescents who listen to music with their parents report being closer to them.

The researchers surveyed young adults. The average age of the participants was 21. They were asked about how much time they spend listening to music with their parents when they were younger. They stated that listening to music with their parents helped them have a better relationship with their parents.

Jake Harwood is the co-author of the study and a professor at UA Department of Communication. He stated that it is common for parents and children to listen to music together while the child is growing up. However, this becomes less common as the child grows up.

Sandi Wallace is a student who used the project as an undergraduate research project. She stated that it is interesting to see how music can have a positive effect on parent-child relationships. Jake and Sandi both have explanations for why listening to music helps improve relationships.

Studies have shown that when people do activities together, they start to like each other more. Doing activities together also helps people develop empathy. They have an easier time understanding each other.

It is important for parents to realize that listening to music does not have to be a difficult experience. For example, you can listen to music while you are in the car together. The researchers also stated that listening to music together does not mean that parents and children will have a perfect relationship. However, it is a great way to bond.

Wannabe Superheroes in “Incredibles 2”

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Incredibles 2 will be about Helen Parr/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) trying to get superheroes legalized again, and new heroes will appear to facilitate that plot.

There will apparently be 25 new superhero characters, most in presumably small roles. However, six who will apparently be more important showed up on the recently-released movie poster (albeit hard to see), and Disney has now released concept art and short descriptions of each of them.

• Voyd, the only one with a known actor (Sophia Bush), is an Elastigirl fangirl who will apparently have the largest part of the group. She can create voids that manipulate objects.
• Brick is a large, muscular woman with super strength and toughness.
• Reflux is an older man whose power is to make lava hotter, which is apparently useful for breaking into secure locations.
• Krushauer is a telekinetic, and apparently quite good at it, as his description says that he can crush a car without touching it.
• Screech looks like an owl, and made himself some wings to complete the look, and has a super-sonic screech.
• He-Lectrix can shoot lightning from his fingers.

These wannabe heroes apparently all work at DevTech, the company that employs Helen in their quest to end the ban on superheroes. Given that she is a retired pro from the days when they were legal, one can expect them all to look up to their new co-worker. (Director Brad Bird compares Voyd to an over-affectionate dog.)

The Parrs and family friend Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) were the only superheroes developed in the first movie, so it will be interesting to see what these new characters can bring to the sequel’s story.

Christopher McQuarrie Hoping to Direct Man of Steel 2

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There has been a lot of talk about a Man of Steel 2. Some fans may have thought that Batman V Superman was Man of Steel 2. However, this is not the case. It was supposed to be the establishment of the Justice League. The first Man of Steel was a passable movie. It’s focus was more on action than on the characters and their relationships. Zack Snyder has dealt with the first few movies featuring the powerful superhero. This includes the lackluster and butchered Justice League. The Justice League is known to have tons of scenes that have been cut out which could’ve made the film better.

One thing that Christopher McQuarrie can expect is that he is going to have to contend with the studio in directing the film. They are going to interfere and make some last minute changes which could really destroy the film. This has been done with Batman V Superman. This has also been done with Suicide Squad. Then there is the Justice League which has probably been butchered the worst.

Even though they are working on bringing Man of Steel 2 to the audiences, there is a lot that needs to be done in order to bring the DCEU into form. It may take a few movies and a miracle to bring up to the quality that it needs to be a viable form of entertainment. This isn’t the first time that the DC movie franchise has been in the dark ages. After Batman and Robin, Batman and other DC properties were considered jokes on the big screen, but they fared much better in animation. DC has started to see some brighter days with The Dark Knight Trilogy, but went back into the dark ages afterwards as if they learned nothing.

Dave Matthews Band To Release Ninth Studio Album

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The jam band favorite Dave Matthews Band is set to release their ninth studio album on June 8th. “Come Tomorrow” will be the band’s first album in six years. The band typically debuts new songs on tour prior to the release of a new album, and many of the songs for the new album were played on their 2017 tour. Known for their heavy touring schedule, the Dave Matthews Band has again announced plans to tour extensively in support of the new album.

The first single from the new album is called “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)” and is scheduled for a May 10th release. The band recently announced the track list for the upcoming album, which is expected to include 14 new tracks. The band worked with multiple producers to create “Come Tomorrow”, many of whom have worked with the band on previous albums. The new album is expected to include the band’s signature genre-bending sound and unique instrumentation.

The band’s first album, “Under the Table and Dreaming”, was released in 1994. The follow up 1996 release of “Crash” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard chart and remains the band’s best-selling album to date. The next six albums from the Dave Matthews Band all debuted in the top spot on the Billboard chart. The band continues to have a dedicated fan base, and the highly-anticipated “Come Tomorrow” is likely to be a success as well.

Long-time violinist Boyd Tinsley recently announced he will be taking a break from the band. Tinsley did participate in at least some sessions for the new album. Music by former saxophonist LeRoi Moore, who was killed in a 2008 accident, is also reportedly on at least one track on the new album.