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Directors of Avengers: Infinity War Declare War on Spoliers

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The fast-approaching arrival of Avengers: Infinity War in theaters this April has Internet spoilers on full alert. The directors of the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently took to Twitter with a plea that fans resist the urge to spoil the film before others have a chance to see it.

On April 3, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a tweet which featured the image of a typed letter in the glove of Thanos. The letter discussed the efforts that have been made to keep the plot of the film a secret, and the Russo brothers also stated that they would only be making a minimal amount of footage available for the Infinity War press tour.

The letter concluded with a straightforward request. “Don’t spoil the film for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.” The message was retweeted by Robert Downey, Jr. who plays Iron Man/Tony Stark in the MCU. Other stars of the film such as Tom Holland have also added their support.

The anticipation for the latest Avenger’s film has reached a fever pitch since it was announced that the release of Infinity War would be moved up to April 2018. The film assembles the largest cast yet and includes Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt. It will premiere in the United States on April 27, 2018. The Russo brothers are hoping to score another hit for the MCU, a production enterprise which shows no signs of slowing down after the massive success of Black Panther and other superhero films. Deadpool 2 is also looming on the horizon.

Larkin & Lacey

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started an organization based on their passion for America to be an equal society. The organization, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, is well-known for the efforts that it makes to help Latinos and immigrants attain the highest pinnacle of dignity in American society. These groups are having trouble due to a longstanding social paradigm of white-supremacy, bigotry and exclusion. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Some of the honorable organizations that Lacey and Larkin support include the Colibri Center for Human Rights, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Kino Border Initiative, Si Se Puede Foundation, Can The Border Divide Us?, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and Arizona Justice Project.

They operate behind the idea that undocumented immigrants aren’t actually being picked on because of their legal status—they are being picked on because they are seen as “undesirable” for racial reasons.

Their undocumented status is just an excuse for authorities and citizens to pick on racial minorities. If authorities and citizens really do pick on undocumented people for citizenship reasons, that is still not an acceptable excuse. Picking on people for being undocumented shows bigotry and xenophobia toward foreigners and immigrants. Read more:  Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Sheriff Arpaio is guilty of picking on people for being undocumented, as well as for being Latino. He is notorious for years of taking advantage of his political position to do this.

Throughout the years, many Latinos who were citizens felt thoroughly insulted as he accused them of being “illegal aliens.” He insulted and bothered so many people that lawsuits and court cases were brought up against him and the county that he worked for. Read more:

Arpaio did so much damage that in the eyes of liberal-minded people he is the devil. To make matters worse, he refuses to apologize for everything that he has done. In fact, he justifies it by claiming that what he did is in his job description.

This is the problem with law enforcement officials—they think that they can do whatever they want just because they are authority figures and possess firearms. There are too many incidents to count where police officers have used brute force to wrongfully murder people and animals.

Sheriff Arpaio is also a politician. Politicians can be pretty brazen because they wield so much political power. They are able to pull a lot of strings to make horrible things happen. Such a situation occurred when Sheriff Arpaio pulled strings to have Maricopa County issue subpoenas to Lacey and Larkin.

The deeds of politicians and law enforcement officials should be checked every so often, because they are in a position of power. Politicians, law enforcement officials and even anyone who works for the government is in a position of power.

People in these roles sometimes complain that they aren’t paid enough and want more, but they are still in positions of authority and power where they can really do a lot of damage to people’s lives.

Lacey and Larkin are sensible to put out news about the misdeeds of local politicians and law enforcement officials, because the general population needs to stay informed about these things.

Deadpool and The X-Force Takes on The Avengers

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Even though it is almost a given that Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a success, there is another franchise that is looking to take on the big group. This contender is Deadpool. He has his own group of people that he is forming. They are called the X-Force. Like one character in one of the Deadpool 2 trailers have pointed out, the name is a little derivative, but there are comics that are based on this particular group. Dealpool 2 has recently released a final trailer which has issued a challenge to the dead DCEU and the MCU.

One thing that Deadpool is known for is breaking the fourth wall, and this is not going to change in the upcoming movie. In the previous movie, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has made some sly references to another character that Ryan Reynolds has played. When referring to the suit, he has stated that he does not want the suit to be “animated” referring to The Green Lantern, which was released in 2011 as WB’s attempt to put together a DCEU. They have finally successfully started the universe with the slightly above mediocre, Man of Steel.

Deadpool is set to release a few weeks after Avengers: Infinity War. The only issue is that Infinity War is expected to run at least as strong as Black Panther. Therefore, it is going to be faced with stiff competition. Of course Deadpool is going to hold its own, but given that Avengers is rated so that people of all ages would be admitted to theaters to see it, Deadpool will likely fall just a little bit below Avengers, but it is still likely to be a success.

“Fixer Upper” Airs Its Last Episode

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On Tuesday evening, the final episode of “Fixer Upper” aired on HGTV, ending a 5-year run for the popular reality show.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are the show’s two co-hosts, announced last September that the 5th season would be the final one for the Texas-based show. At the time, the couple issued a statement in which they said that, while ending the show was not an easy decision, they strongly believed that it was the right one. They also said that it would be bittersweet to say goodbye. They went on to deny rumors that their marriage was in trouble, saying that it was never in better shape. They further denied that they were ending the show because of any other scandalous reason.

Joanna Gaines, in a recent blog post, stated that the couple will still be building and renovating homes in the Waco area, and that she will soon be publishing a cookbook called Magnolia Table. The couple will also soon be opening a restaurant under the same name, and will also be involved in various home projects.

The couple tweeted during the airing of the final episode, expressing disbelief that the show was really over. Many fans also took to Twitter, to say goodbye to their favorite show.

One viewer said that she couldn’t believe that she was crying over the ending of a HGTV show, and added that if someone had told her 10 years ago she would be doing this, she would have punched this person in the face. Other viewers simply expressed dismay that the show was really over.

Celebrities also took to Twitter to wish the show goodbye. Among those doing so was NFL star J. J. Watt, who thanked the couple for taking him and everyone else on a incredible journey.

The Dying Star Wars Franchise

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Star Wars has been a household name and a pop culture icon for more than 40 years now. However, some of the most recent films in the franchise have not been met with the best reception. The Last Jedi is the one film that has angered many fans. This is one of the times it has become clear that the Star Wars franchise has went past its peak. As of right now, it is fading. The current phenomenon is the MCU, which has started as little more than a mere franchise that had no chance competing with Chris Nolan when he was doing The Dark Knight.

While the MCU has started off rather weak in some cases besides Iron Man and Captain America, it has eventually found its leg with Avengers. Then it has gone through its phase of being slapstick and overly comedic with films like Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3, both advertised as intense and dramatic installments but turned out to be films of extremely annoying humor, especially in the way they have handled some of the largest villains in the Marvel Universe. Fortunately, the Russo brothers have taken over and have shown that they care about the drama and are aware of the weight of the circumstances.

This is perhaps where The Last Jedi went wrong. They have pulled the Age of Ultron maneuver and teased a darker film. However, what they brought people was a disjointed and desperate attempt for laughs. This is perhaps one of the reasons that people are not that excited about Solo. The worst part is that the next trilogy is going to be directed by Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi.

Guillermo del Toro and Fox Searchlight Will Launch New Horror Film Label

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The tremendous success of “The Shape of Water” further cemented Guillermo del Toro as a top director in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, del Toro has inked a major deal with a top production house. Fox Searchlight will be bankrolling several new del Toro projects. What is surprising, however, would be the upcoming joint venture between Fox Searchlight and del Toro to create a horror label. Del Toro won’t be directing the horror films made by the label. Instead, he will assume a development and production role.

The horror genre has suffered ups and downs recently. A few films turned out to be big hits at the box office. “Get Out” and “Stephen King’s It” would be the two that quickly come to mind when discussing hits. Overall, however, the genre isn’t as hot with audiences as it was 15 or so years ago.

Del Toro clearly is a fan of the horror genre. The director wishes to see a horror resurgence. Del Toro’s new label would provide a forum for innovative horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The word to look closely at here is “innovative.”

One reason horror movies start to lose appeal at the box office would be a total lack of quality. “Jigsaw” serves as a perfect example how a poorly-written screenplay combined with boring characters turned off fans hoping for entertaining scares. When the producers of a horror movie don’t seem to care about quality, fans cease patronizing the genre. A “wait for DVD/cable” attitude takes hold. Theatrical releases stumble.

With the right approach to developing quality horror films, the genre could thrive again. Del Toro certainly has the right creative mind to run a horror label. Hopefully, the products he and Fox Searchlight eventually produce live up to their promise.

Journey’s Jonathan Cain Shares the Inspiration Behind “Don’t Stop Believin'”

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One of the most recognizable songs in America today is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” It has seeped into pop culture in myriad ways, particularly in recent years after it was featured in the finale of “The Sopranos” and the first episode of “Glee.” A staple at karaoke nights, it has a driving rock sensibility and a sense of yearning that makes it relatable for anyone with a dream.

Recently, Journey keyboard player Jonathan Cain shared how the song came to be. It had its roots in the 1970s, when he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to try to make it as a musician. Times were hard for him, and at one point, after his dog was hit by a car, he had to call his dad to ask for money to help with the vet bills. He felt discouraged and frustrated, and he asked his dad if he should give up and return home. His dad encouraged him to stay the course, advising him, “Don’t stop believin’.”

Cain jotted that advice in a notebook where he kept song ideas. Some time later, after he had joined Journey, lead singer Steve Perry was looking for ideas for another song to include on the next album. Cain flipped through his notebook and came across this phrase, and it jumped out at him. He wrote a chorus and brought it in, and the other members helped to flesh it out into a full-fledged song. As soon as they heard the finished cut, they knew they had something remarkable on their hands, and they decided to make it the first track on the album. Even so, none of them could have predicted just how popular the song would become. After all these years, “Don’t Stop Believin'” continues to inspire people of all ages.

Fast and Furious In Regards to Vin Diesel

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Even though Vin Diesel was one of the founding stars of the Fast and Furious Franchise, the franchise is starting to experiment with what it can do without the star. There is a spin-off in the works with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. There have been many reasons that are given for this spin-off. One reason that has been given is that they are waiting for the right director to come back so that he can be the one to film the last two. They are talking about Justin Lin of course. However, there is another director who has expressed interest in coming back to the Fast and Furious franchise. He is the director of the first ever Fast and Furious movie back in 2001, Rob Cohen. Both Justin Lin and Rob Cohen have one thing in common. They have both launched the franchise at different phases.

There is a new sub-franchise that is getting ready to be launched, and this is the team up of Hobbs and Shaw. While it is good for them to branch out, it could fail. After all, even the star power of Dwayne Johnson is not going to save the film if the story turns out to be lacking.

If it does turn out to be a success, then the Fast and Furious franchise has found a way to continue on even after the 10th movie where all of the principle characters retire. They may make appearances in the background depending on how the last film goes. After all, they will raise the stakes in the final film so it is likely some key characters are going to die.

Woody Harrelson Rumored to Play Carnage in Venom Film

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Recent reports suggest that actor Woody Harrelson will play Carnage in the upcoming Venom movie. Harrelson joined the Sony Pictures film while it was well into production, and the name of the character he is playing has yet to be confirmed by the studio. Prior to this latest rumor, actor Riz Ahmed was rumored to play the character. Carnage, also known as Cletus Kasady, is a vicious killer and psychopath in the Spider-Man mythos. The character is also known as the archenemy of Venom, played in the film by Tom Hardy.

The rumor started on the website Bleeding Cool. Citing an unnamed source close to the production, no further information was given. While Carnage’s inclusion in the film will surely make fans happy, leaked plot synopses for Venom hint that Carnage’s role will be very minor, with the character’s role in the film to be mostly a set-up for a sequel. Given the near universally poor reaction to the film’s first trailer, many wonder if Venom will even merit a sequel, with most of the criticism being leveled at the fact that the trailer does not show Hardy in the Venom costume.

While little has officially been revealed about Venom, director Ruben Fleischer confirmed that the film would adapt Venom: Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes, two famous Venom storylines from the comics. As with Lethal Protector, Fleischer’s film will also be set in San Francisco. It is also uncertain if Venom will officially be part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, although Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is rumored to cameo in the film. Venom is scheduled for release on October 7 of this year, with Sony eyeing an R-rating for the film.

Perry Mandera The Man Behind the Smiles of Many

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Perry Mandera a former Marine with a heart of gold. Full of giving and compassion toward those in need; founded a company called Custom Cares where he donates most of his time and financial resources to help many charitable organizations (Customco). His giving is something that is admired and should be modeled after. He has helped many families, businesses get started, and has provided numerous career opportunities throughout the country. Perry Mandera is what true role models are made of and the type of person kids growing up should hear about and look up to. In a world full of selfishness and lack of empathy, what would the world be like if we patterned ourselves after the same model of Perry Mandera, and that is to “Give back” or “Pay it forward”. Many would see and know that there is nothing wrong with giving or showing that you care, and that it does not make one weak to show or have compassion as society has made it seem to be. With this type of mentality a sense of camaraderie could be restored back in our local communities branching out from state to state to our country spreading to other countries outside of us. Although Perry Mandera is not the only philanthropist of our time, his devotion seems that of a lifetime spent of giving. His life is lived in such a way that aids in the fulfillment of others while being fulfilled by serving others; as I believed he discovered this during his time of serving in the Marine Corp. While we all may not have served in the Marines, I believe we all at some point in our lives get the unction to live a selfless life. Rather we have an epiphany of such, that life is not about living for ourselves but about being of service in our everyday lives in the simplest of ways. Whether it’s going to the grocery store for your elderly neighbor or picking up trash in the neighborhood, point is we can all take a note or two from the model of Perry Mandera by paying it forward.