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Lawsuit Accuses Stranger Things Of Being A Knockoff

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In 2012, Charlie Kessler released his short film Montauk. Most people haven’t seen that short film, but they might recognize its name. Netflix ordered eight episodes of a television series under the placeholder name “Montauk” in 2015. By July 2016, that same series was released under its now famous title Stranger Things. Millions of people know about the supernatural series created by the Duffer brothers.

Stranger Things was originally set in Montauk, New York, just like Kessler’s short film. At some point in development, the locale was changed to Indiana. Kessler recently served a lawsuit to the Duffer brothers, claiming theft of intellectual property. He believes the Duffer brothers ripped off his short film and a related project. In fact, the lawsuit mentions Kessler pitched Montauk to the brothers in 2014.

After its release, Stranger Things became an international hit with millions of viewers. A second season of the series was ordered soon after the first episode aired. Viewers eagerly await the debut of a third season. Plus, the Duffer brothers have seen their names become well-known. It doesn’t hurt the brothers have earned millions of dollars off their television show, with many more millions to come.

Kessler is seeking damages and credit for being the mind behind Stranger Things. Of course, it’s too early to tell how valid his claims are today. More details will be revealed as the lawsuit progresses. Many television show and movie creators are sued for taking the idea of another filmmaker or writer. A large number of these cases go nowhere, but they sometimes have some validity and result in a settlement.

In Kessler’s case, the details might seem a little too coincidental for onlookers. We won’t know more until the lawsuit heads to the courtroom, if a settlement isn’t reached.

Lawrence Bender’s Movie, ‘Knock around guys.’

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Lawrence Bender is a celebrated movie producer from the United States. He was born on October 17, 1957. Lawrence Bender is hugely experienced in the field of entertainment. He has produced many films. They include safe, Innocent Voices, Goodwill Hunting, Django, and Reservoir Dogs among others. Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. The mother was a kindergarten teacher while his father was a college professor. When Lawrence Bender was growing up, he wanted to be like his grandfather. He joined Cherry Hill High School East. Bender later graduated and joined University. He attended The University of Maine where he pursued and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Currently, Lawrence Bender is 60 years turning 61 on October. He is a family man. Being an expert in the industry, Lawrence produced the movie ‘Knock around guys’. The storyline involves four sons, namely Green, Davoli, Pepper and Diesel. The four gentlemen have to team up and recover some cash in a small town in the United States that is strongly ruled by a corrupt sheriff. The climax of the movie is when Matt Demaret is asked to deliver some cash on behalf of his father. His uncle, who goes by the name Malkovich, is the one who gives some piece of advice to him. However, things never turn out as expected. He loses the bag carrying the cash at a refueling station. It turned out that there were a half million dollars in the bag. Davoli’s father is facing a threat of life imprisonment. He does everything possible to ensure that his son has a good life. Davoli’s father convinces him to learn some restaurant business.

Now, the sons together with their friends, decide to retrieve the cash before their father skins them alive. The movie’s set up is terrific. The little young men have to run through a dangerous town trying to recover their father’s money. However, the movie never found the actual or expected tone. Probably it’s because it had two directors. Some scenes were extraordinarily long and lacked the taste. Also, some actors absurdly proposed for lengthy speeches which undermined their profession as actors.

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Wrestlemania 34

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This weekend, April 8th, Wrestlemania 34 will hail from New Orleans, Louisiana. This pop culture sensation gets bigger and better each year for the “grandest stage of them all.”

One of the headlining matches this year is that of Kurt Angle and former UFC superstar Ronda Rousey facing off in tag team action against the team of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Ronda Rousey’s signing came as a shock to the pop culture world as she had no prior formal professional wrestling training. However, reports claim that she has been hard at work to prepare for her World Wrestling Entertainment debut at Wrestlemania 34.

Another big story leading into Wrestlemania 34 is that of the in ring return of Daniel Bryan. Forced to retire due to injury nearly 2 years ago, wrestling fan favorite Daniel Bryan has finally been cleared to return to in ring action to the amazement of many fans. Of course, this will all take place in New Orleans, where Bryan won the World Wrestling Entertainment championship at Wrestlemania 30.

The main event, however, will see Roman Reigns take on the WWE Universal champion, Brock Lesnar with the title on the line. With reports surfacing that Brock Lesnar may be headed back to the UFC, many are wondering if this will be his last match in the realm of sports entertainment.

Overall, this is just a small preview of the fourteen matches that the WWE has lined up for this Sunday’s pop culture extravaganza. There will no doubt be many surprises, celebrity appearances, and moments to remember. Wrestlemania 34 is able to be viewed via pay-per-view or on the WWE’s streaming platform, the WWE Network.

About Dr. Mark Mofid

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Dr. Mark Mofid is one of your idealistic plastic surgeon representations out of the La Jolla, California area. His research is broad, extends to territories of Brazil and beyond. In aspects of his research, he was able to conclude the Playboy centerfold look, putting many smiles on his female patient’s faces after procedures of the likes. He is also famous for his innovative product creation of butt implants, Natural Contour Implants by ContourFlex.

Mr. Mofid was a splendid student at Harvard University. His professors were incredibly appreciative of his work and efforts. He was a highly influenced student that other students gravitated towards, totally exhibited a bright display of intelligence and ambition. He would graduate Harvard magna cum laude. He would earn his medical degree at John Hopkins University, where he would also earn an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. He would also have a huge influence on the others and showcase an extensive sufficiency of ambition. Harvard was a great start for the doctor.

He currently works in three different hospitals: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center and Sharp Chula Medical Center. In these hospitals is where much of the magic is created. In addition to working within these hospitals, he is also the founder of Mark Mofid M.D. FACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, this is where many of the most beautiful women have come out of looking like a Playboy centerfold. Dr. Mark Mofid is a busy man with goals of putting as many smiles on patient’s faces as possible through creative aesthetic body enhancements. He feels as though if you look good, you feel good and he fails not even the least at successfully bringing dreams to reality.

In a trip to Brazil, Dr. Mark Mofid studies with a renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Raul Gonzalez. He would get an up close and personal learning experience with a popular plastic surgeon of a country well-known for its success in butt implants. He would gain the knowledge and take it back to the United States, where butt implanting isn’t as common, making the United States more proficient in the likes. In addition, he would create a butt implant that would minimize errors, fit more comfortably and appear a lot more attractive, one that would safely fit within the gluteus maximus muscle. This would serve as an innovative product.

For more information on the great Dr. Mark Mofid, visit the Mark Mofid Twitter Page for further details.

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Jack White Keeps Number One Spot With ‘Boarding House Reach’

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‘Boarding House Reach’ Proves To Be Another Success For Jack White

Rock n’ roller Jack White continues to dominate the Billboard chart with his latest album, ‘Boarding House Reach.’ The guitar legend’s third solo EP follows White’s two previous albums at the number one spot. This 2018 album is also the first rock record to reach the top of the Billboard charts this year.

‘Boarding House Reach’ follows ‘Lazaretto’ in 2014 and 2012’s ‘Blunderbuss’ to further further the performer’s reputation as a number one artist. Selling 124,000 copies its first week alone, this well-anticipated album is certain to be a Grammy nod if not a contender for Album of the Year.

How Does This Project Compare To White’s Former Work and Other Artists?

Surprisingly, Jack White has seen more success as a solo artist over his work with previous bands. His arguably most well-known group, The White Stripes, were supremely successful reaching number two on the charts with the album ‘Icky Thump’ in 2007. Other notable group The Dead Weather reached number seven on Billboard twice.

Album sales of ‘Boarding House Reach’ were only surpassed by Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ upon its debut. However, vinyl copies of the record reached 270,000 units, making it the fourth best sum for vinyl in over 25 years.

Other notable chart toppers include movie soundtracks ‘Black Panther – The Album’ and ‘The Greatest Showman.’ Top artists also include newcomers such as Post Malone, Logic, and Camila Cabello. Fan favorites Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons rounded the back of the top 10 list.

Rumor has it anticipated albums from acts like The Weeknd and Hayley Kiyoko wo;; be the next contenders to take White’s place, so stay tuned.

Latin Singer Maluma May Be Next Big Thing in Pop

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Few people in the music business have enjoyed the success that Latin pop singer Maluma has been experiencing in the last few years. After collaborating with several high profile artists including Shakira and Daddy Yankee, as well as after releasing several hits of his own, Maluma enjoyed over a billion views on YouTube and found himself the holder of the record for most views of any artist in a Spanish speaking country.
Back in 2014, Maluma made it all the way to Madison Square Garden where he played to a massive audience that adored him as he sang along to the early hits that landed him there, like his big breakthrough “La Temperatura”. However, this was a time before Maluma had gained very much respect in the music business, and by many he was considered to still be new to the game. Many people compared him to a Colombian Justin Bieber. However, he has now worked with more famous and respected artists like Shakira, who have elevated his status and gained him some respect in the industry.
More recently when speaking of his music itself, Maluma said that he did not wish to be remembered as a reggaeton star. Instead, he prefers to believe that his music is in its own genre and that the focus of the listeners should not be on categorization but instead directly on him. While some people may reject this idea, at the end of the day it really does not matter because Maluma shows absolutely no signs of slowing down or changing the way that he views himself and his career. If Maluma is right and he really is a genre all on his own, then the Maluma genre must be one of the youngest and most promising around today.

The magnificent growth of JHSF under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto

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When José Auriemo Neto, the eldest son of Fábio Auriemo, attained the age of 27 he would not have prepared any better to take over the company his father and uncle had worked almost there entire lives to see succeed. JHSF had begun taking on bigger projects and was partnering with brands that were launching for the first time in the country, and they required someone who was not only young but dynamic enough to explore the endless possibilities available.

To prepare for this role before José Auriemo Neto joined the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo, he was thrown into the deep; he was handed the responsibility of developing the Park Bem, which would serve as the company’s parking lot division, he was only 17then. By the time he completed university at 22, he was already the director of the shopping mall area at the Metrô Santa Cruz in São Paulo. This would prove to be a very firm foundation for him. He began to pursue opportunities more aggressively for JHSF. His determination would pay off in 2006 when the company was able to launch the Cidade Jardim complex successfully, this complex has Cidade Jardim as its anchor tenant, with its retail space being referred to as the country’s most exclusive center for luxury shopping. Apart from the shopping area, the complex is home to residential towers which are part of the high-end condominium Park City Garden.The success of this investments would see Neto sign exclusive partnership agreements with various luxury brands that were looking to venture into the Brazilian market among them Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. This partnership enabled them to acquire retail space in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex and more

His ability to see opportunities that some thought impossible in Brazil have seen him grow the company into a multi-million dollar organization where he is now the chairman of the board of directors.


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Sony’s Sale of Spotify Stock Results in Questions by Record Labels after $260 Million Gain

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On Tuesday, Sony Corporation sold 17.2 percent of the company’s Spotify shares, which amounted to 1,748,304 units. As of the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange, the price was concluded at $149.01. It was reported, through the Securities and Exchange (SEC) disclosure, that the sale resulted in a net gain of over $260 million for Sony. Previous SEC filings by Sony showed that the company also had 5.707 percent or 178.11 million outstanding shares from Spotify.

It is expected that Sony will have a record gain of $97.30 per share, which will be reported on the company’s next earnings report.

According to Sony’s SEC filing, the unrealized valuation and the realized gain through the sales of its shares were formulated by abstracting the predetermined estimated shares that would be public as well as an aggregate that is actually shared with distribution labels and artists. With that calculation, Sony’s $97.30 per share gain is solely its own and does not include any royalty distribution payments to artists or independent record labels.

However; according to some analysts in the music industry, the numbers by Sony are somewhat sketchy. Since there isn’t a way of knowing just how much of Spotify’s stock that Sony had prior to SEC trading for the digital services, some analysts are estimating that $31.80 per share would be a reasonable amount to allocate among artists and independent record labels.

Many record labels have stated that any profits would be shared with the artists; however, there hasn’t been any public disclosure of how the payments would be calculated. The Worldwide Independent Network, a music market research company, has also stated that any profits should be distributed among those artists.

There hasn’t been a comment made by Sony regarding its previous Spotify shares.

Khalid and Sabrina Claudio Team Up for New Song

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Sabrina Claudio has been making some major waves in the music business after her recent hit “Cross Your Mind” was included in the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Freed. However, she may have not have a release that is more anticipated than her recent collaboration with Khalid on a synth-filled R&B song about two lovers trying to get each other to open up to each other and try harder in their relationship. The track, “Don’t Let Me Down”, which bears no connection to the famous Beatles song of the same name, has been making its rounds on YouTube and has already been listened to by millions of people.
For Khalid, the song is one of many high profile collaborations that he has been working on recently. Amongst these recent releases has been songs that he helped develop for the sound track of the movie Black Panther, which enjoyed enormous success at the box office and helped raise Khalid’s profile even higher than it already was.
However, the hit is far more important for Claudio. Claudio is still a young singer trying to make a name for herself in the music business. Few names could give her more attention than Khalid’s. Her song “Cross Your Mind” did enjoy considerable success after being featured in Fifty Shades Freed, but she is far from the level of superstardom that Khalid has managed to attain. However, with new releases like this one with Khalid coming out and impressing massive audiences, there is no telling where this young star from Miami could go. Her name will surely be one to look out for here in the next few years, and it should not surprise anyone if she appears as a collaborator to other high profile artists like Khalid.

Yellow Submarine Musical Returning to Theaters

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In news that will sure to make fans of classic rock happy, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles is scheduled to return to theaters later this summer. Marking the 50th anniversary of the animated musical, Yellow Submarine will be back in theaters starting July 8. The film has been painstakingly restored to 4k digital resolution, with graphic artists not using any software in the restoration process and working on each frame by hand. Mix engineer Peter Cobbin additionally restored the film’s soundtrack to 5.1 stereo surround at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios.

Yellow Submarine features the Fab Four embarking on a psychedelic adventure to save the undersea kingdom of Pepperland. Directed by George Dunning, the Beatles themselves did not actually voice their characters in Yellow Submarine but do appear in the soundtrack and live-action sequence that closes the film. Upon its release, the film garnered near universal acclaim, both for its soundtrack and Pop-Art style. Currently, the film holds a 96% approval rating on film website Rotten Tomatoes.

While Yellow Submarine is famous for its animated sequences, its soundtrack remains one of the most famous soundtracks in history, with Beatles standouts “All You Need is Love,” “Only a Northern Song,” and, of course, “Yellow Submarine” included in the film. The soundtrack was even nominated for a Grammy Award in 1970 for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or a Television Special.

In addition to re-releasing the film, the Beatles’ Apple Corp Ltd. plans other ways of celebrating the film’s 50th anniversary. In partnership with Titan Comics, a comic book adaptation of the musical is scheduled for release later this year, with MAD Magazine editor Bill Morrison leading the project.