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Neil Young’s “Paradox” and Other New Albums Get The Thumbs-Up From Rolling Stone

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Being a longtime fan of Neil Young’s music, I’m glad to hear that the legendary rocker has released a new album titled “Paradox.” Because I wanted to learn more about the album, I just went to the Rolling Stone website, where I found an article that provides useful information about “Paradox.”

In addition to providing a brief overview of the new Neil Young work, the Rolling Stone article that I just read offers short descriptions of new albums by nine other musical artists.

The selection of songs on the new Neil Young album is described as “diverse,” with a small amount of melody and a lot of casual guitar lines present.

An album titled “Twenty-two In Blue” by a trio from Brooklyn named Sunflower Bean gets a good review in the article, as does the new “Ceremony of Dreams” album from the 1970s jazz ensemble Entourage.

The always-creative Jack White has just released a new album titled “Boarding House Reach.” According to Rolling Stone, the album is an expansive, rocking collection of tunes that is “spiritually hungry and collectively driven,” among other things.

A new album named “Space Gun” by the indie-rock band Guided By Voices features the band’s ‘classic’ 1990s lineup of members, and leader Robert Pollard’s recent songwriting gets a thumbs-up from Rolling Stone.

The Messthetics are a rock trio from the D.C. area whose new, self-titled album is recommended by Rolling Stone, as is the debut solo effort from Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards rock band.

Rolling Stone is always a good source of information about the latest releases in the music world, and I’m glad that I learned about all of these other new releases when I was originally looking up the new Neil Young album.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Survivor, Entrepreneur

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Some of the businesses that have been hit by any of the hurricanes may or may not have decided to rebuild after the floods were gone. Dr. Mark McKenna was no exception, making it through Hurricane Katrina, and having to rebuild his real estate business.

Who is Dr. Mark McKenna?

Dr. Mark McKenna did earn his medical degree from Tulane Medical School in 1999 but instead of becoming a doctor like his father, he decided to build a real estate business in New Orleans. He did decide to close this business though to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Here he opened up ShapeMed which is a chain that offered cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal, and counseling for nutrition and weight management. In 2015 though, Dr. McKenna sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness, and then joined their staff. Although in 2016 he decided it wasn’t for him so he quit.


In 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to start a new venture which opened its door in March 2018. This new venture he named OVME which is pronounced “of me.” His vision for OVME is to be a national chain of cosmetic medical offices that also has an app that functions like that of Uber. This way customers will be able to contact freelance practitioners, and these practitioners will make house calls on demand.

OVME is going to offer a skin and facial services, body and health services, and new solutions to weight management. These include injections of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, vivace micro-needling, testosterone replacement therapy, and PRP, each with their own specialty. You are also able to become a member of OVME which includes special benefits.

Dr. Mark McKenna goes above and beyond when it comes to his profits with OVME. He has decided that a portion of the proceeds from all the sales of the products and procedures are going to be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation who he has partnered with.

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The Oxford Club: Pioneer Of The Financial Market

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The Oxford Club is a worldwide private network of business investors as well as entrepreneurs. The organization uses distinctive investment tactics and principles, sharing it to its members who win over the stock market as well as surpass the expected average returns in various classes. The organization ventures in bonds, options, equities, real estate markets as well as currencies and valuable metals. The mission of the organization is to assist its members in creating a massive amount of wealth and enjoying their present period of life.

The managerial team of the organization is headed by Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth who is assisted by her executive group with abilities in editorials, customer service, research, publishing, sales, and marketing as well operations. The organization hires experts in the fields of various classes of assets such as cryptocurrencies, trading options, investments, and bonds as well as the stock market and private equity.

The organization was officially started in 1989 formally being named as the Passport Club. It changed the name to The Oxford Club two years later. William Bonner and his colleagues initiated the company as a small network organization. Their goal and purpose were to make a club of financial gurus and investors who were capable of getting and sharing unique economic opportunities worldwide.

The Oxford Club has three levels of membership which include: Premium membership who are members that have subscribed to any of the publications paid by the club. This is the initial stage, and the association at this stage is renewed every year. The next membership is called the Director’s Circle membership where the members are lifetime members of the organization. Here the members are fully committed to the organization. The members can also give their membership credentials to their family members thus letting them enjoy the incentives. The last is called the Chairman’s Circle membership which is the highest membership level. Members here get the most benefits and have lifeline access to the publications paid by the organization.

The organization has three newsletters, twelve trading services as well as three daily electronic letters. The newsletters include The Oxford Resource Explorer, The Oxford Communique, and The Oxford Resource Explorer. Benefits of joining the @The_Oxford_Club include networking by members, subscription to monthly newsletters, 24-hour access to the strategies of the organization as well as property exchange and access to global outposts, among others.

Jared Leto Discusses Latest 30 Seconds to Mars Album

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, 30 Seconds to Mars front man Jared Leto talked about the band’s soon to be released album, America. Speaking on the band’s history, Leto revealed that the album would be the rock group’s most electronic album yet. Specifically, Leto told of how the album had been influenced by classic electronic groups, notably Depeche Mode, The Who, and Pink Floyd. While the style for America is mostly electronic, Leto also told of how the group collaborated with artists from other genres as well, including A$AP Rocky and Halsey, who provide pop and hip-hop influences on the album.

Exploring the concept of the album, Leto told of how the band sought to examine the idea of the American dream. More pointedly, the band gave their impression of the state of the American dream during the presidency of Donald Trump, exploring disunity in the country. During the interview, Leto further expressed the concerns of the international community on the present course of the nation. While trying not to make an overtly political album, Leto noted that the record’s first single, “Walk on Water,” was a call for unity in the nation.

Leto also spoke about the band’s tour to support America, entitled the Monolith Tour. Having started in Switzerland in March, the band named the tour Monolith for the sculpture they have at each show. Looking to the future, Leto also announced that he is working on a special documentary about America. Currently in the editing phase, the documentary will feature clips and interviews with people from every state and was filmed in its entirety last Fourth of July. America is scheduled for release on Interscope, 30 Seconds to Mars’ new record label, on April 6.

Blink-182 is Moving to Vegas

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Las Vegas is known for many things, including its world-class entertainment. Long known as being the place for nightly musical acts, many entertainers in recent years — including Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez — have taken to long-term residencies. For many entertainers, this is a good way to perform and make a living without the costs and added headaches of being on the road and touring across the country or around the world.

Blink-182 has just announced that it will be launching a Las Vegas residency of its own beginning May 26. The residency will go on through mid-November, with select weekend dates available for fans who want to catch the band live.

The residency will take place at Palms Casino Hotel. Although it is not located on the famed Las Vegas Strip, Palms isn’t far from the Strip and was once known as a top hotspot for nightlife and fun for the younger crowd. Recently purchased by Stations Casinos, which operates top off-Strip casinos like Palace Station, Palms is looking to relaunch itself as the perfect destination for a younger crowd that is looking for nightlife, entertainment and fun. This same crowd might find themselves interested in seeing Blink-182.

The band seems to be excited about the deal, and they agreed to the residency without hesitation. It’s unsure of what the set list will really be like, but the band has mentioned showgirls and classic Vegas songs — such as hits by Frank Sinatra — possibly being a part of the show. Whatever the band members might have in mind, they are sure to put on a great performance for their long-time fans and new fans alike.

Frances Bean Cobain Previews First Original Song

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Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of legendary Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and grunge rocker Courtney Love, released a preview of her first original song. Posted on Instagram, the preview was released on the 24th anniversary of her father’s death. In the brief clip, Cobain sings in a flexible, powerful voice, showing the full range of her vocal potential. Beginning with a quieter, more solemn style, as the video goes on, Cobain sings in a more emotive, urgent tone. The clip is presented without instrumental accompaniment.

While the subject of the song is not readily apparent, reviewers believe it is about her father given the timing of the release on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. The elder Cobain died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound when Frances was only a year old. Religious themes are also present in the clip, with Cobain singing, “I think I saw you when I was small/I think I found you, a penny for your good thoughts/ I think I found you, Jesus hangs in your place on the cross.” Prior to the release of this clip, Cobain has never shared any original songs she has worked on, although she has posted clips of her singing covers of songs by other artists, notably Jimmy Eat World and Leonard Cohen.

Cobain first mentioned an interest in writing original songs in a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone. Cobain confessed that writing original content seemed like a daunting task, but that the hardest part was finding the creativity and ambition to actually begin the writing process. Cobain echoed these same sentiments in a caption with her Instagram post, telling fans that she does not have a TV in her house to avoid anything that might distract her from her music. In addition to her aspiring music career, Cobain is also a well known artist and designer.

New Elvis Presley Documentary Coming to HBO

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Beginning the 1950s and continuing to this day, Elvis Presley, even after his death, is considered a music icon. Often known as “The King,” it stands to reason that this man should have had plenty of documentaries made about him throughout his career. Unfortunately, many of these are cheap cash-ins. Fans of Elvis wishing that this man would receive a proper and updated documentary will be happy to know of a recent announcement made by HBO.

Known as “Elvis Presley: The Searcher,” this two-part documentary series will begin airing on April 14th on the HBO television network. This documentary will include interviews with music legends and Elvis fans including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and many more. This documentary will be detailing events from the life of Elvis Presley from this birth through his final 1976 recording session at the legendary Sun Studios. Broadway World reports that this documentary will feature over 20 newly-recorded interviews with those who knew Elvis throughout his life. Along with detailing his musical rise to fame, this two-part documentary will also focus on the behind-the-scenes details of Elvis Presley’s live away from the music scene.

In closing, a new documentary based on life of Elvis Presley will begin airing April 14th on HBO. The first part of this documentary will cover the early years of Elvis to the point where he entered the Army. This portion will also include more details about his rise to fame as a pop superstar. The second half of this documentary picks up when Elvis returns home from the war while dealing with a future musical career in rapidly-changing times. This documentary also features interviews with music legends, session players, and others who knew Elvis Presley throughout his life.

Rocketship Education: An Effective Growth Model That Includes Parental Involvement

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There is an undeniable achievement gap associated with some areas of American public schools. Public non-profit charter, Rocketship Education, seeks to close that gap with innovative, well-timed educational tactics that encourage strong parental involvement. Once a parent is guided to become significantly involved in the education of their child, that parent can become a robust advocate for the child’s entire educational journey and truly make a difference.

Data gathered nationwide shows difficult to dispute data reflecting how far behind children who come from a place of economic disadvantage often are when they start school. There is still a wonderful opportunity for these children to catch up and excel in school, but the growth rate of their educational evolvement is critical. The growth rate is the measurement by which it is judged when and if the child will ever catch up from their initial disadvantaged starting point.

The challenge of catching up can be a difficult one. For example, if a child is assessed in kindergarten to be in the 10th percentile as evaluated by national standardized testing, he or she would have to experience a growth rate of 1.3 years each year in order to be on grade level by 4th grade. If this same child is to not experience educational growth and remains at the 10th percentile, he or she possesses a high likelihood of becoming a high school dropout and a very small likelihood of attending college.

The network of public charter schools of Rocketship serve an estimated 85% low income students and seek to unleash the potential of these children. Their learning structure is personalized and tailored to the individual child at a pace set specifically for that student. One of the main keys to the success of the program is intricate parental involvement. By empowering the parents to understand the needs of the child and properly encourage the child’s growth, plus hold future educators accountable for quality in education, Rocketship creates a tremendous advocate for the child. These strategies combine to vastly alter the chance of the child’s educational experience being a positive one.

Additional Dates for Springsteen on Broadway Announced

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Rock legend Bruce Springsteen recently announced additional performances for Springsteen on Broadway, his acclaimed one man show. Playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre, Springsteen on Broadway will have another 81 performances from July 10 to December 19. As part of the announcement, Springsteen said that the first round of tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Program on March 29th at 11 a.m. ET for fans who have previously registered for the show but were unable to get tickets. After this first round of ticket sales, more tickets will be sold through a digital lottery on Lucky Seat.

Springsteen initially planned a limited run at the Walter Kerr Theatre and has repeatedly added additional performances to accommodate the demands of his fans. Springsteen on Broadway was originally set to only run from October 3 to November 26 of last year, but sold out crowds led the singer-songwriter to add additional shows last year. With these latest rounds of performances, Springsteen on Broadway will have played at the Walter Kerr Theatre 236 times.

Springsteen on Broadway has received rave reviews from critics. A key part of the show’s universal acclaim is due to the simplicity of the performance, with Springsteen playing alone with his guitar and piano. In part spoken word, Springsteen on Broadway follows the singer through his storied career, with standouts such as “Thunder Road” and “Born in the U.S.A.” being part of every show’s setlist. At times, Springsteen even reads excerpts from his 2016 autobiography, Born to Run. The venue has also generated much acclaim for the show. Seating a mere 975 people, the small crowd adds to the intimacy of the show as Springsteen reminisces on some of the most personal experiences from his career.

Managing Mental Health Disorders through Music

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Perhaps, we need much more than drugs to speed up healing. Music has therapeutic effects that enhance healing. In the Ancient Greeks, music was recommended to people ailing from depression. However, at that time, the music available was that composed of the flute. Still, listening to the flute today brings a relaxing feeling that calms the nerves. Advanced research shows that music is a vital instrument when managing mood swings. The different genres apply in different scenarios. You can use an upbeat playlist for a situation that needs energy. Playing soothing melodies contribute to calmness. The cool tunes may find their use when one requires rest.

Joanna Yu, a musician, and entrepreneur, has seen firsthand the power of healing in music. At a young age, her father was diagnosed with a case of personality disorder. She would later notice that her father remained calm and relaxed when there was music playing in the background. The realization resulted in her quest to finding the best tunes to soothe her dad’s temper. As she narrates, music brought happiness and brightness on her dad’s face. It was not until 2017 when she came up with an app that helps people manage mental health and illnesses such as depression. The idea came to her while studying music therapy at the University of the Pacific. After conducting research, she found out that she could combine the music and mindfulness, and deliver it through an app. She came up with the music app,

Joanna’s goal is to see the app get utilized for the wellness of individuals. She has made the app accessible to millions. While developing and marketing the app, she partnered with a board of certified music therapists. They were instrumental in developing meditations unique to any specific issue including sleep problems and anxiety among many others.