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Tool’s Upcoming Album Is Heard by Tom Morello

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Tool has been one of the most successful hard rock bands of the past 25 bands. Their catalog is filled with outstanding music. The one knock on the band is that they are rather lazy when it comes to writing and recording new music. This is actually a bit of an understatement. They have not released a new album since 2006. However, the long wait for the next Tool album will finally come to an end in 2018. The band confirmed that a new album will be released next year. However, they did not give any specifics as to an exact date. The band said they are not even sure what time of the year it will be released.

Tool is still in the process of recording the album. However, they allowed former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello to listen to a chunk of the unfinished album. He posted a review of the music he heard on Instagram. He loved what he heard. He also said that he is excited to hear the finished product. It should be pointed out that Morello was only able to listen to instrumental tracks. The vocals had yet to be added to the mix.

It seemed for a long time like Tool was not interested in ever recording a new album again. They were simply content with making money by touring occasionally without the pressure of writing new music. However, they started to mention that they were in the studio recording new material a few years ago. The process of recording the album has been very slow. However, the positive review from Morello should make it easier for the fans of Tool to endure the remaining months until the album is released. Morello did not say how many songs will be on the new album.

Eminem to Release New Album

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Eminem was the biggest selling musical artist in the United States from 2000-2009. He is also the biggest selling rap artist in history. His millions of fans around the world have been wondering when he will release a new album. He had not done so since 2013. However, their wait will soon be over. Eminem’s new album called ‘Revival’ is going to come out December 15th. He has been performing some songs from the album on various TV shows over the past couple of months. He recently made an appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the musical guest.

Eminem has kept a relatively low profile since the release of his most recent album four years ago. He lives like a recluse. This is surprising for someone who is as famous as he is. ‘Walk On Water’ is the title to the first single from his new album. The song talks about how he can never meet the very lofty expectations that his fans have for him. This song is very interesting because it reveals the massive insecurities that Eminem has. This is very surprising when you consider the fact that he is one of the most successful musicians of all-time.

Eminem has not revealed any tour plans to support his new album in 2018. There were rumors that he might be doing some shows with his mentor and former collaborator Dr. Dre. However, that is just speculation at this point. Eminem made headlines several months ago when he released a freestyle rap about his hatred for President Donald Trump. He also received huge cheers from the crowd when he made an appearance at a Detroit Pistons game soon after the anti-Trump rap was released. Eminem has said that he took so long to released a new album because he was lacking inspiration.

Why Bon Jovi Belongs in the Hall of Fame

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Bon Jovi Needs a Spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Anyone who knows anything about music, specifically rock or metal, knows about Bon Jovi and how they’ve been around for a long time.

The band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will certainly take a portion of people by surprise, seeing as how even when they were a dominant force in the 80’s, critics weren’t too in love with them. The band was seen as a “pop-friendly face” in music and was even questioned about the number of cliches that could be squeezed into one song in one interview.

Although critics didn’t have a high opinion of the band during their prime, the fact that they had a younger fanbase and looked very good on camera helped them endure a lot of criticism and bashing at the time. The band always kept to the bottom, as it were, and the number of good-time vibes and arena-rock feel they added to their music ended up creating some of the most well-known music that connected well with audiences during the Eighties and Nineties.

For example their famous hit song “Livin’ On a Prayer” had the feel of Bruce Springsteen but amped up, all during the era of Reaganomics. “Wanted Dead or Alive,” another smash hit, had one of the most memorable vocal turns in music history, coupled with the Western themes with someone on a road tour. The band has also produced some incredibly memorable ballads in their history, such as “Never Say Goodbye,” which is filled with nostalgia and tugs on the heartstrings of listeners at the same time.

In short, Bon Jovi’s induction to the Hall of Fame is because of their history of producing unforgettable sounds as well as maintaining good looks.

Eminem’s New Album Features Some Major Artist Collaborations

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Eminem’s long-anticipated album, “Revival”, is set to be released soon, and it features some big artists.

The Detroit-based rapper hasn’t released an album since 2013’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”, for which he earned two Grammy Awards. He started promoting the new album back in October, and recently released the track list on social media.

The album features 19 tracks, including his collaboration with Beyonce, “Walk on Water”. Alicia Keys appears on the 9th track, “Like Home”. English-born singer, Ed Sheeran, lends his talent to a track titled, “River.”

Other artists who appear on the album include Phresher, X Ambassadors, Skylar Grey, Kehlani, and Pink. Eminem collaborated with Pink on the song, “Revenge”, which appeared on her album “Beautiful Trauma” that was released earlier this year.

Rolling Stone reports that additional tracks on the album are titled, “Believe”, “Untouchable”, “Remind Me”, “Framed”, “Heat”, “Offended”, “In Your Head”, “Castle”, and “Arose”.

It’s also been revealed that the rapper will kick off a tour in 2018 to support his new album. He will play in select cities, making this his first American tour since 2014.

He last appeared on The Monster Tour with Rihanna four years ago. Those six shows alone grossed over $36 million.

Eminem has sold more than 172-million albums since his debut with 1996’s “Infinite”. He was the best-selling artist in the United States in the 2000s, and has won 15 Grammy Awards over the course of his career.

With the buzz around social media intensifying, his next album is set to be one of his best yet. “Revival” is currently available for pre-order and is set to be released on December 15th.

The Reason Why More People Should Become Job Creators Like Vijay Eswaran

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There is something funny when it comes to the mindset of entrepreneurs. For one thing, with all of the respect that entrepreneurs get, people who are starting out often get pounced on and told that they should just settle for a regular job. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

However, there is one thing that should be considered. If everyone just looked for a job, then there would be very few jobs. This is one of the reasons that some people do what they can to create jobs for others.

This is one of the reasons that entrepreneurs can be very good for the economy. This is also one of the reasons why successful entrepreneurs like Vijay Eswaran state that people should be taught how to create jobs. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Another thing to look at is the quickly changing world with the advent of artificial intelligence. A lot of robotics and AI creations are taking over a lot of the jobs. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are able to adapt to what is coming.

One of the best ways to adapt is by creating jobs. This involves looking at the markets in order to find a place where people can be served.

In this world, it is always the forward thinkers and innovators that are going to save people. Vijay Eswaran himself believes that people creating jobs is very good for society. As people learn business and marketing skills, they will actually build a good reputation that shows that they are someone worth doing business with.

Eventually, they will make tons of money and other rewards which will give them the chance to create more job opportunities. The best part of being a job creator is that the job creator has all of the control over the type of work and company he gets involved in.

The Story of Tony Petrello and His Many Careers

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     Tony Petrello is known as one of the top paid CEOs in America. He is the head of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the largest oil drilling contractor in the world. They operate over one thousand oil rigs.

Tony Petrello has been guiding Nabors Industries towards success ever since he joined them. He originally joined them in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. He quickly went up from level to level until he became the CEO.

Tony Petrello has a unique history. He grew up in a middle-class family. His parents worked hard to make sure that he was able to get an education. He attended public school, not some glitzy private school. He studied textbooks on his own for hours each day during his free time. His favorite subject was math. People who knew him in high school said that he was a literal genius in math. It seems like Yale University also thought that he was a math genius. They realized what he was capable of, and they decided to award him a scholarship to their university, with the opportunity of being taught by Serge Lang, one of the most renowned professors and mathematicians. Tony became extremely close to Serge Lang. He helped him develop his theories. They became close friends. When Serge Lang passed away, Tony Petrello attended his memorial service and promised to donate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to Yale University in memory of Serge Lang, his beloved professor. He also pledged to match donations up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, potentially giving up to three hundred thousand dollars to charity.

Tony Petrello got his math degree at Yale, but he decided to become a lawyer. He got his law degree from Harvard Law School. He became a lawyer with Baker & McKenzie. He later became a managing partner there.

One of his clients was Nabors Industries. They realized his genius and tried to get him on their team. They succeeded in their efforts, and he joined them in 1991. Since he is a lawyer with experience and knowledge in corporate tax law, he is very useful to them.

Tony Petrello donated seven million dollars to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. He has a daughter who has cerebral palsy, and he wants to help out other children who also have neurological conditions.

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Matthew Autterson Successful Life

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Matthew Autterson is the president and chief executive officer of CNS Biosciences Inc. Dr. Scott Falci set up the drug research and development firm in 2013 to help with the discovery of neuropathic pain drug. Mr. Matthew is part of the GL3B Partners Limited management that provides business solutions to clients.




Autterson started showing his exceptional abilities right from college. He attended the Michigan State University where he applied a remarkable commitment and high amount of drive towards his objectives. He acknowledges Michigan State University for his success. The institute is known for producing many ambitious, hard workers.


Matthew Autterson graduated in 1980 with a degree in finance. He later joined the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program to advance his educational skills. The future leader excelled in his studies and was determined to use his academic achievements to further his profession and success. After graduating, Autterson started working at First Trust Corporation as an employee. His experience and skills contributed to him becoming the Resources Trust Company president.


Profession and Achievements


Autterson began his profession with First Trust Corporation, Denver. He worked with many experienced and renowned professionals for many years. Matthew Autterson worked with his team and started working on a subsidiary project for Integrated Resources Inc., New York. After four years he has selected the head of Resources Trust Company. In 1989, Broad Inc. acquired Resources Trust Company, and the two became SunAmerica Inc. AIG procured SunAmerica Inc. for $18 billion in 1998 to reach a wider market and lower the operational costs.




In addition to his accomplishments, Mr. Matthew Autterson shows concern about charitable movements. He is a board member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The organization focuses on people suffering from nuerometer disabilities to gain better mobility. It educates them about the right treatment and cares to regain their movement abilities. The movement encourages patients to live a positive life.


The philanthropist prioritizes hard work and charity and demonstrates his outstanding business sense. Matthew is a loving father and friend. He recently took part in the famous Baja 1,000 Race with Madison Autterson, his daughter. Matthew enjoys spending time with his daughter and friends.


Matthew Autterson supports the Falci Adaptive Biosystems in helping neurologically disabled individuals. From his life history, it is clear that the man has lived an inspirational throughout his life. He strives to achieve the highest accomplishment levels in everything he handles.


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The Contribution of Rick Smith to the Correctional Facilities

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Securus Technology is the leading high technology provision company in the whole of the United States and Canada. The firm is based in Texas. The company was a result of merging two prominent companies. That is the Evercom and T-Netix. The merging process was complete in 2004. In 2008, Richard Smith, commonly known as Rick Smith to many, assumed office as the chief executive of the company.

Securus Technologies is associated with quality in the field. In the past three years, the company has invested $600 million into various technologies. The firms have made a major contribution to the correctional facilities. Read more on

Through their devices, the management of the inmates is now easy. The biometric system assists in keeping track of the convicts in jail. The data recording and maintenance devices have helped in drawing relations in cases. The patterns have been crucial in making prudent conclusions regarding cases to solve crimes.

Rick Smith has significantly improved the communication between the convicts between incarcerated individuals and their families. He has introduced video calls in the correctional facilities. Relatives do not need to travel to jail for face to face conversations like old times. Relatives and friends can now call from home. This has helped in ensuring that the convicts do not feel neglected by their loved ones because they are regularly able to keep in touch with them.

There is also an additional email technology. The technologies purpose is to ensure that the inmates keep abreast with the changes of the outside world. With the high rate of the current world development, everything is changing rapidly. While the world may get applause for this, this has turned out to be a major challenge for the inmates.

Convicts who serve long sentences face difficulties in adjusting to the world after being released. Many of them become devastated and feel misplaced. As a result, many people just commit crimes intentionally to go back to jail. Through the email address, the inmates can now receive pictures to see the developments of the world. Read more on

Rick Smith knows the harm that these devices can bring in the detention facilities. Convicts can use it to plan a prison break or hurt the outside world. This is why he has taken the measures to ensure that the gadgets are limited to their use.

Rick Smith’s success as a CEO can be traced back to his past experiences. He had worked in many companies before Rick Smith Securus was nominated as CEO of the company. His last workplace was Eschelon Company. Smith worked in many disciplines here, which enhanced his knowledge in the field. He is remembered for improving the company’s revenue to $350 million from $30 million.

Smith has an Applied Associate in Electrical Engineering. He is also an MBA holder, not to forget his masters in Mathematics.


Matt Badiali: It’s Time to Buy Gold

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     Matt Badiali is one of the professionals serving at Banyan Hill Publishing. The businessman has a lot of knowledge in natural metals, and he has been educating the international community about investing wisely in this area. While serving as an editor of the prestigious publishing, the businessman has urged his followers to be keen and always go to see the investments they are making in person so that they can access the situation and make the right decision at the end of the day. The businessman has a lot of knowledge in these activities, and this explains why he is followed by so many people from all over the globe. In one of the recent articles written by Matt Badiali, the businessman is urging the international investors to invest in gold by purchasing it immediately. The businessman says that the price of gold might go up with over five hundred percent in the near future.

While writing for a magazine known as Real Wealth Strategist, the businessman told all his followers that the right time to purchase the precious metal is now. According to the businessman, the market is in the first stages of the bull market, and this means that the prices of gold might go up with over five hundred percent, making it very costly for the investors who want to invest there. For the lucky people who will purchase the commodity now, they will be able to make great profits in a very short time, unlike those who will ignore his advice.

Matt Badiali says that this is not the first time such an activity is taking place. In the past, the prices of gold went too high, making it unaffordable to the people in the industry. The businessman has been quoted several times, saying that the prices of the metals might be going up because all the signs have presented themselves.

In the United States, the price of the commodity, when purchased in US dollars, has been on the rise for sometime now. This is an indication that things will be getting better for the people investing in this area. Those who will be taking this advice can be assured of investing in an area that doesn’t bring losses when compared to most of the other industries in the market. The business community should understand that it is time to invest in the safe areas so that they can earn profits.

Chief Operating Officer of an Organization Called Eschelon Telecom Inc. Mr. Smith

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*An in depth look at Rick Smith/ CEO of Securus Technologies:

Rick Smith is currently the CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been in business for over thirty years and is headquartered in Dallas Texas. The organization provides communication services to inmates currently housed in correctional facilities. Securus currently provides services to correctional facilities within the United States and Canada.

Rick Smith has held the position as CEO for approximately two years. He has various responsibilities on a daily basis including contract negotiation as well as service expansion duties. In addition, Rick Smith is responsible for organizing and making necessary changes to the Company Advisory Board. Securus was one of the first organizations to offer inmate calling plans and solutions to correctional facilities nationwide. In addition, their calling plans offer convenience and affordability for those who are incarcerated and wish to communicate with friends and family members on the outside. Most facilities are quite enthused about the services that Securus has to offer due to the fact that it provides secured communication alternatives, which is something that previously did not exist.

Previously, Rick Smith was acting Chief Operating Officer of an organization called Eschelon Telecom Inc. Mr. Smith held the position as Chief Operating Officer at Eschelon Telecom for a period of five years. Rick Smith also worked for Global Crossing early in his career.

*Educational Background:

Rick Smith attended the State University of New York, he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Engineering. In addition, he went on to study at the University of Rochester where he received his MBA.

*Awards/ Board memberships:

Mr. Smith is currently a board member of Integra Telecom. In addition, Rick Smith has received numerous awards for his “Excellence in Business Planning & Ethics“. Smith seems to possess an exceptional ability to “take charge” and effectively serve the needs of the client. He has excellent organizational skill and is able to work quite well while under pressure.

Securus has experienced exceptional growth while under the direction of Rick Smith. It seems that Mr. Smith has become a recognized leader within the field of Technology as well as Communications. His savvy business sense along with his educational background has made Rick Smith a true “success”. Rick Smith has been featured on CNBC Business as well as the Bloomberg Business Network. Smith has publicly discussed his expectations for Securus Technologies as well as changes he wishes to implement in the up and coming 2018 year.