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Desiree Perez Is Leading Roc Nation and Tidal To Big Success

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***UPDATE*** August 28th, 2017–Desiree has just been featured in this piece by, as the COO of TIDAL. Click the link to read more.


***UPDATE*** June 30th, 2017: has recently published a piece on Desiree Perez and the Roc Nation family. Check out the article at the bottom of this article!


Ever since she stepped up as the executive of the company she has been putting forth immense efforts to bring the company to the top. Tidal is the business endeavor of R&B and rap star Jay-Z. Jay-Z was aware that making Tidal successful was not going to be easy but he dug his heels in and set forth to make his company work. A few executives stepped down from the company but he didn’t give up and then he found Desiree Perez. She knew that she must first create interest in the streaming service before they could fine tune the presentation and content.

Desiree Perez has been a vital part of Jay-Z’s new strategy and she has helped him to finalize several contracts worth millions of dollars. She has been instrumental in finalizing the Roc contracts and has toughed it out with the business. Jay-Z may be at a disadvantage when it comes to business practices but he has a way of selecting just the right person for the task at hand. Desiree has guided his streaming service to success and has effectively led the way for Jay-Z to transition from a rap artist to a music streaming mogul.

Since Desiree Perez has her own business she knows exactly how to close the big deals and make the business run smoothly. That is part of the reason that there has been so much interest in the business lately. Customers know that she is diligently working behind the scenes which will lead the company to more success and more to offer its customers as it grows.

Tidal has managed to make a strong comeback that is on track to see heavy growth and substantial increases in subscribers. Jay-Z indeed made a very rewarding decision to hire Ms. Perez to head his Tidal company. There is no doubt that we will be seeing great things from the streaming music service.

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How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Informs Others of the Harmful Effects of Insufficient Sleep

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In order to be at their best, most people need to sleep 7 to 9 hours every night. Those who sleep less than six hours can have their appearance affected which is how the phrase “beauty sleep” came about. By sleeping a few more hours people will look and feel better in just three weeks on average.

According to sleep experts, getting enough quality sleep can affect more than just appearance. Your overall health can be affected if you don’t sleep enough. Appearances-wise a lack of sleep can lead to a droopy mouth, baggy eyes, sagging eyelids, and eyes that are red and/or swollen. It can also lead to hair loss because blood flow is affected by not sleeping enough. Other facial conditions such as a dull complexion and wrinkles also give away that someone doesn’t get enough sleep.
One of the experts about how a lack of sleep can affect your appearance, mood, and health condition is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He has 20 years of experience in the field of sleep study. He established Healthy Heart Sleep, through which he collaborates with other sleep researchers. He also uses this company as an avenue for showing other dentists as well as physicians a way to incorporate his health care distribution model.
Another company that Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of is Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. He provides lectures to doctors on ways to help their patients get a better nights rest and sleep the appropriate amount of time. During his lectures he shares with doctors his insights into sleep research as well as information about the subject he acquired as a dentist. He is also the person who established Dental Sleep Masters, which he uses to show his dentist clients how they can help their patients with sleep disorders through the use of dental equipment. One of the serious medical issues he informs them about is sleep apnea and how it can lead to premature death.

Vijay Eswaran the Man behind QI Group’s Success

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Despite coming from a humble background, Vijay Eswaran has created a name for himself in the entrepreneurship industry. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of a globally recognized company known as the QI Group. He was born in Malaysia in the year 1960.

He is well educated since he attended the prestigious London School of Economics where he undertook his bachelor’s degree in social economics. Immediately after graduating, he worked at numerous jobs in various countries such as France, UK, and Belgium.

During his stay in the UK, Vijay Eswaran was attracted to the binary system market. He, therefore, obtained a professional certification in CIMA so as to venture into the business. Come the year 1986; he undertook his MBA from Southern Illinois University, US.

Vijay Eswaran entrepreneurial journey began after he completed his MBA. Together with his partner Joseph Bismark, he in the year 1998 established QI Group of companies. The company started small and was coupled with numerous challenges.

The company has grown from a humble beginning of selling commemorative coins in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Today the company is recognized as a commercially based company that specializes in various industries such as travel, media, training and corporate investments.

The company has over time established branches in more than 30 different countries. The corporation has proven to be a job creator. It has employed more than 1,500 people in the 30 countries. For the time over, Vijay Eswaran has given lectures in various institutes of higher learning and leadership conferences on spirituality and business.

Many people in business are philanthropic. Vijay Eswaran is not an exemption. He has impacted many people’s lives through Vijayaratnam Foundation named after his father. Vijay Eswaran has authority in writing. He authored a book known as In the Thinking Sphere of Silence, a book that addresses life on management.

The success of this book is untold. It has been translated into many languages. Other books he has written include On the Wings of Thought and 18 Stepping Stones. Entrepreneurial success has seen him serving as the chairperson of the Malaysia Council of the Quest International University.

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Roberto Santiago’s Famous Brazilian Shopping Mall

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One highly driven man has risen to achieve business success and create a famous shopping establishment in Brazil. Roberto Santiago is an iconic entrepreneur in Brazil and is behind the country’s largest shopping mall, The Manaira.


Born in Joao Pessoa in 1958, Roberto Santiago always wanted to create something meaningful and memorable. He graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration, an area he would later go on to conquer. In 1987, Santiago purchased a large lot of land in Joao Pessoa and began developing it into a shopping center. After two years of hard work and diligence, he would introduce the Manaira shopping mall to the public.


The Manaira mall is the largest modern shopping mall in all of Brazil and is renowned for its wide range of attractions. Joao Pessoa locals know that this is no average shopping mall! Aside from numerous popular stores, the Manaira is home to a food court, gym, a college, theater and a rooftop concert hall. Talk about your one-stop shop!


People travel from all over the country to visit the mall for shopping at their favorite stores or seeing famous artists perform at the concert hall. The rooftop concert hall, called the Domus Hall can hold up to 10,000 individuals and has held shows by some of Brazil’s most famous artists. The College of Higher Education of Paraiba is also located at the Manaira mall, meaning the shopping center is home to many students and faculty members. When students aren’t receiving a top-notch education, they can visit the Manaira’s movie theater which showcases the latest popular films.


Having created such a successful establishment, Roberto Santiago is a pillar of business achievement in Brazil. With his business experience and legendary vision, he has created a space that brings endless individuals joy and entertainment. In addition to establishing the Manaira shopping mall, Santiago recently opened the Mangeira mall in 2013. The popularity of both the Manaira and Mangeira malls have encouraged many corporations to relocate their businesses closer to the city, therefore increasing the social and economic elements of Joao Pessoa. Having added so much livelihood to the city, it is clear why Roberto Santiago is a prominent figure in Brazil.

1999 Gama

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     1999 was the year that the straw finally broke the camel’s back – at least for Brazilian copy creator Alexandre Gama, who has been more than well known in his country for creating inspiring, original copy pieces with each publication. He delivers no less than fine quality work each time, and several agencies – as well as Wikipedia pages – can well attest to this fact alone. In 1999 specifically, though, something extraordinary happened – of which many global residents still remember: 1999 was the year in which all people were preparing for what they then called the Great Y2K. People has supposed that all online systems and financial markets would crash in the following year, which did not happen.

What did happen, though, was that Gama started his first business for copywriting and advertising needs all around: Neogama. Neogama still stands. It fights for stories and the country’s truth.


Logan Stout Presents Money Making Opportunities For People Who Are Passionate About Health

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One of the most recent phenomena of the internet is making money online. While many people may believe the overall concept to be a scam, there are actually plenty of online money making opportunities that are going to earn someone significant income. However, they vary in business models. It is important for one to find a business model that works the best for him when trying to make money online. He must also find out his intentions when it comes to making income online. While it is a common desire to replace a regular job with online income, most opportunities are not that lucrative.

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Fortunately, Logan Stout has set up an opportunity that allows people to make tons of money online to the point where they can resign from their jobs and support themselves. The best part about it is that it is very simple to set up. One does not need to be an expert on the products he is promoting. All of this can be left to Logan Stout with his IDLife company as CEO. He is the one who can answer all of the questions, and he recommends that his business partners send the customers to him so that he will be able to provide the answers.

Logan Stout provides each member with a personalized website that he just has to promote. Which means that one does not have to set up his own website and add products. The member does not even have to add affiliate links to different products. He just has to direct people to his personal website, then they can do all of the exploring they want. Of course if they buy something through the website of the user, then the owner of the site is going to get compensated for the sales generated through the site.

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How I Beat The “I Was Hacked” Nightmare

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Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, prepares you for being hacked. I know. I was hacked – twice in one month.

I remember the day of the first hacking clearly. I rank it right up there with the JFK assassination and the attack on the twin towers in New York. It was December, the month of my twin boys birthday and, of course, Christmas. I was totally humiliated when my card was declined.


Once home, I called my bank’s customer service and the woman representative told me in a rehearsed tone that I was hacked and closed the account. Hacked? Who me? The next morning found me sitting across from an account manager, who cheerfully told me how her account was hacked. It was, and is, a growing national problem.


The problem is large enough to have caused President Donald Trump to sign an executive order looking to improve cyber security in the United States. Every sector is coming under increased attacks causing damage to companies, governments and individuals.


In a world where hacking is so prevalent and because I was hacked, I never wanted to experience that again. I sought a solution and found Rubica. Let me tell you, Rubica has lifted my burden of worry. Their cyber-team has me totally covered. Rubica has a solution for you too.

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Staying Protected Against Ransomware

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I had heard the cyber attacks to an increasingly big threat to today’s computer users. I didn’t really believe them until I was the victim of one of these attacks. Everyone who uses a computer needs to wake up about this. The WannaCry ransomware attacks on May of this year are a recent example of the ever-present danger. That attack saw Randomware placed on around 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries.


One of the foremost among these cybersecurity companies is Rubica. Rubica has been providing its impressive services for more than a decade. They very effectively monitor the data and identify threats for their clients. They are committed to protecting private citizens from cyber criminals who want to steal personal information for their own profit. They are easy to use with Rubica apps that can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets and computers. Trust me, you need to have this kind of protection.

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Tony Petrello – Proficient CEO and Philanthropist

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Anthony ”Tony” Petrello is one of the leaders of Nabors Industries – an oil drilling and gas company. Mr. Tony Petrello has been occupying three of the most important position of a company – Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Tony Petrello first became a part of Nabors Industries in the year of 1991. He started out by occupying a few different positions all of which critical and demanding. The plethora of responsibilities made him one of the best leaders, and he is also one of the CEOs that receive the highest paycheck in the world. Mr. Tony Petrello used to be the chief operating officer of Nabors, which is a post he had from 1991 up until 2011. In 2003 he took up the responsibilities of the deputy chairman.

Before he became one of the most influential people in Nabors Industries, Mr. Tony Petrello used to work at a few other companies and firms. Mr. Tony Petrello used to occupy positions at companies such s Baker and McKenzie Law Firm, for example, for more than a decade.

In order for Mr. Tony Petrello to become the experienced leader and Executive he is today, he has been pairing excellent education with hard work and professional proficiency. He is a former student of elite academic institutions such as the Yale University and the Harvard University from which he got his degree in Law. At Yale University, Mr. Tony Petrello majored in Mathematics. Business, however, is not the only thing that Mr. Tony Petrello is passionate about. He has been involved in philanthropy work and contributes to the research of neurological disorders affecting little children. He is also a member of a few boards such as those of the Texas Children Hospital, the Stewart and Stevenson Company, and the Hilcorp Energy Company as well as many more. Learn more about him.

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Media industry in Mexico and the role of Salvi Rafael in Televisa

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     The media industry in Mexico has been growing rapidly. Not long ago, the country had only one cable TV, but now it has more than six cable news channel. In the television sector, Televisa and TV Azteca are the leading brands. Televisa has been accused of supporting the view of the government rather than performing serious investigative journalism.

Newspapers are also coming out strongly and have invested more of their resources in internet news. The leading brands include El Universal which was founded by Felix and Emilio in 1916. It covered the creation of New Mexico constitution and its revolution. The brand is said to have more than 3 million visitors each month. Other newspaper brands are Reforma, La Jornada, and El Universal among others.

Mexico is still drone with political activities but a new generation of media has come up that is changing the trends. Magazines in Mexico have a strong online presence and legacy media. Most of the newspaper customers read on their mobile phones and tablets than on computers. The brands have therefore embraced mobile readers and are working towards responding to what the public is searching for. Mexico has the highest rate of smart phone penetration in Latin America. It is seen by the action of El Universal of establishing a shift strategy.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the chief executive officer of Group Televisa S.A.B. He is also the chief financial officer and director of the Televisa Group at Inova. Salvi serves as the vice president of administrative and financial Group Televisa S.A.B. He was previously the vice president of financial planning in televise and the chief executive officer at Comercio Mas. He also served as the financial manager and general manager at Comercio Mas. He has been the director at Televisa since 2002. Apart from serving in Televisa, Salvi serves in other organizations under different capacities. For instance, he is a board member of Mexder, Proveedor Integra, Mercado Mexicano and FS unit 3007 Inc.