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“Batman: the Brave and the Bold” Teams Up With Mystery Inc.

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DC Comics and Warner Bros. have announced an upcoming crossover film called Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

It will be part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line and will be released directly onto DVD.

The Scooby-Doo franchise hardly needs introduction: since it started in 1969, it has featured four young adults named Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy who solve mysteries with their inexplicably talking dog, Scooby. With rare exceptions, the mysteries involve monsters who turn out to be normal people running a scam.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, meanwhile, was a TV series that ran from 2008 until 2011. It was a deliberate throwback/homage/affectionate parody of Silver Age superheroics, featuring a stoic but less dour version of the Caped Crusader as he teamed up with other superheroes in lighthearted and silly adventures; often, the guest stars and bad guys were lesser known characters.

The new trailer, available here, reveals that Batman has known about Mystery Inc. for a while and needs their help to battle foes like the Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy (which is interesting, because Batman villains were pretty rare in the show). The other heroes depicted in the film include Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Plastic Man and the show’s breakout character, Aquaman (“OUTRAGEOUS!”)

Interestingly enough, Scooby and the gang appeared in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold called “Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases!” The segment was a nod to 1979’s The New Scooby-Doo Movies, which also featured the superhero (and Robin) teaming up with Mystery Inc. The episode also guest-starred “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold is set to come out January 8, 2018.

Waititi Wants to Do “Akira” Movie

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New Zealand director Taika Waititi is interested in doing an adaptation of Akira, though so far he is only in talks and has not made a commitment yet.

Warner Bros. has been interested in making a live-action version of the franchise since 2002. It is based on a manga written by Katsuhiro Otomo, who also directed the anime adaptation from 1988. The film is considered a groundbreaking piece of animation and helped popularize anime in the West.

Set in the year 2019 and after World War III, it features a cyberpunk version of “Neo-Tokyo” where the corrupt government hides the existence of psychic children with immense power. Trouble begins when a teenage gangster gets these powers and begins to use them in destructive ways.

Of course, the movie had to make some changes from the long-running manga that it was based on (most notably, the title character’s direct role in the story was actually reduced quite a bit). Waititi says that that leads to some new possibilities for a future film adaptation.

“But, I don’t believe the world needs a remake of the anime,” he said in an interview with Screen Rant. “I think for me it would be, if there’s any real possibility for doing it, I would really just want to look at an adaptation of the books in a new way.”

He also addressed the issue of “whitewashing,” casting Caucasian actors for the parts of Japanese characters. Actors attached to previous attempts at this movie have included Brad Pitt, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart and Gary Oldman.

“Actually Asian teenagers would be the way to do it for me,” he said, and admitted that that would likely mean getting relatively unknown actors for the roles.

Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok comes out next month.

Dr. David Samadi’s Fairy Tale Life Story

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A Q&A interview with Dr. David Samadi is inspiring, educational and motivating. Davis ’s life is to serve his patients, staff and family. He treats everyone with respect and tries to avoid negative feelings like envy and jealousy. This positive attitude is contagious as he and his staff members are like one big family, working, eating and sharing their lives with each other. His life sounds like a fairy tale with hardship, adventure, accomplishing the American dream and eventually a very happy conclusion.

David was born in the war-torn nation of Iran. When David was very young he and his brother Dan Samadi were forced to leave their country to settle in Belgium then moved to London and finally after several years they arrived in the United States. Dr. David Samadi’s dream was always to become a medical practitioner and to help those in need. His days in Iran taught him to care for others and to work hard to achieve his goals. He loves to share his ideas and inspire others to accomplish their dreams. His favorite book is “Anything is Possible” by Elizabeth Strout, a title that envisages David Samadi’s life.

David earned his bachelors degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University then his masters and finally after more than a decade of hard work he became a fully licensed Urologist in 2000. He continued his training in Proctology and in 2002 completed his training in Robotic Radical Prostatectomy in France under his mentor, Professor Claude Abbou.

After many years of training, working and advancing his skills and knowledge with robotics he became one of the most reputable and skilled urologic oncologists in America. His reputation and attention to detail to each and every patient has gained him a loyal patient following that advertises his brilliance by word of mouth. David Samadi is currently the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City where his journey in American began. When asked if he had any regrets David said he had none, other than his hair turning gray at a young age. David Samadi diagnoses prostate cancer and encourages people to take preventative measures such as healthy living and periodic checkups; he discourages using the Internet for self-treatment as it does more harm than good.

Dr. David Samadi has completed more than 7000 prostate surgeries and 800 laparoscopic procedures using advanced robotics. David says this technique is less invasive, less painful and greatly reduces recovery time. David comes up with new ideas all the time that help him discover new ways to improve his techniques, advance his technology and help as many patients as possible. One accomplishment he is particularly proud of is his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART), which he invented to increase his precision when performing prostate surgeries. It grealty decreases after-surgery complications and health problems.

U2 Make History on the Album Chart

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The Irish rock band U2 first broke onto the music scene in a very big way in the early 1980s. They released a string of hits that made them one of the most successful bands of the decade. Their album ‘The Joshua Tree’ won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1987. It is now considered one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever recorded. However, U2 did not simply fade away into obscurity after a few years of success like many other bands. The hits just kept coming in the 1990s. U2 has had the remarkable ability to remain relevant in an ever-changing music world. They have continued to release multi-platinum albums on a regular basis.

U2 has seemingly done everything that a band can do in a career. However, they just accomplished something that had never been done before. They became the first recording artist to have a number one album in the United States in four straight decades. This is a true testament to the band’s extraordinary longevity and very loyal fan base. ‘Songs of Experience’ is their latest album to reach the top of the charts. It is the eighth album in their brilliant career to be number one in the United States.

Lead singer Bono said that he is surprised that people still care about their music after so many years. He never expected the band to be together 35 years after it was formed. He went on to say that he believes people relate to their music because they cover themes such as love, loss and achieving your dreams. They also have many songs that cover various political themes which strike a chord with people around the world. This has led to U2 becoming one of the biggest-selling bands in history.

The First Look At The New David Bowie Documentary: The Last Five Years

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Even in the twilight of his career and life, David Bowie continued to break down boundaries in the sonic world. Bowie’s last albums and his musical, Lazarus, were his final artistic statements to shake the rock and pop worlds. He completed the last two while secretly fighting cancer. The inner and outer worlds of that era will be explored in the upcoming HBO documentary, David Bowie: The Last Five Years. The trailer was released today, and the film will air on Bowie’s birthday, January 8th.

This television special is preceded with the 2013 companion piece, David Bowie: Five Years, a documentary about the first five years of Bowie’s career. The way that any visionary artist closes their career is typically a lightyears difference, and that is exactly the case here with The Last Five Years. HBO is taking Bowie fans on a journey through the throwback rocker The Next Day, the fantastical musical Lazarus, and the esoteric jazz-rock swansong Blackstar.

The documentary tells the story through photographs, interviews with his collaborators, and never-before-seen footage from the Bowie vault. Throughout, the people that worked with him detail his creative process, philosophies, and struggles within his enigmatic final creative sprint. The story of these swansongs is arranged, made up of words from old friends all the way to new millennium colleagues.

Much like many of Bowie’s projects, the list of guest appearances is star-studded, Blackstar-studded if you will. This includes producer Tony Visconti and guitarist Carlos Alomar, who have been mainstay studio collaborators with David Bowie for 40 years. The director Ivo Van Hove and writer Enda Walsh both worked with Bowie for the making of the musical Lazarus. Viewers will also hear stories and anecdotes by other collaborators; Toni Basil, Earl Slick, Gail Ann Dorsey, Gerry Leonard, Catherine Russel, Sterling Campbell, Zachary Alford, David Torn, Donny McCaslin, Maria Schneider and Robert Fox.

Daniel Taub Always Finishes the Job

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Many people know that problem solving and compromise in the face of conflict is a part of their job every day that they go to work. This is true whether one drives the bus or sits as a judge in a courtroom. Some professions and careers require a little more expertise and technique when it comes to putting out fires than others do. For example, a classroom instructor, no matter the level of grade of students they instruct, has to employ a certain amount of diplomacy in order to reach their goals. The same can be said for ambassadors between nations, and one such ambassador who knows this truth as a matter of fact is Daniel Taub.


There are several examples of his smooth operating style, while achieving incredible goals on both political and social fronts, proving more than a match for his opponents. He has bragging rights to experiences such as taking meetings with the Queen of England while discussing his personal feelings on international matters. And then, there are times when not only is his discretion the greater part of valor but courage as well. Just one such example is a visit to meet with hosts in a city, Bradford, where the Israeli people and their beliefs are not exactly welcomed by government figures. Learn more:


In this example there’s not so much a threat of bodily harm or arrest warrants issued and guards waiting at the Gallows for Taub. But, it’s not exactly a completely comfortable feeling visiting a city where key officials and quite public figures are calling for a boycott of tourist and commerce from your very nation-state. However, situations like this are what Daniel knows how to handle with supreme calm and cool.


While others may be creating a spectacle of themselves while diminishing the good name of the Israeli people and their state, Daniel remains in control and advocates for peaceful communications. It’s all about the image one represents and the people who depend on absolute constructive political behavior, when you are diplomat such as he is. And, the real fact of the matter is that such unwelcoming sentiments and surroundings are least of the most critically crisis laden situations Daniel has on his resume. His experiences include such service as a combat Medic in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as serving as a reserves officer in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. So, it takes more than a few harsh words and dirty stairs to make him back down or stop trying for the nation of Israel.

Taylor Swift Has the Number One Selling Album

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Taylor Swift’s career shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. She has yet another number one album in the United States to her credit. ‘Reputation’ is her latest album to reach the top of the charts in America. It has been number one for two consecutive weeks. The last album to do that in the United States was Jay-Z’s most recent album. Swift’s album reaching the top spot prevented the new album from country music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill from debuting on top. Their album is called ‘The Rest of Our Life.’

It is interesting that Swift would block McGraw and Hill from the top spot on the album chart. This is because Swift began her career as primarily a country artist before eventually crossing over into pop music. She admits to being heavily influenced by the music of both Hill and McGraw. Swift would later record a song with McGraw that became a big hit. This is the fourth straight album that Swift has released that has been at the top of the charts for its first two weeks of release. It has already sold almost 1.5 million copies.

Taylor Swift has been able to do what most of her pop music counterparts have not. She has been able to maintain a huge fan base who will keep buying her albums year after year. This trend does not seem like it will be coming to an end. Many pop stars lose their young fans when they get older and get interested in other types of music. However, Swift’s audience of young girls has grown up with her. Therefore, they relate to her in a much different way than most fans of a musician. Swift has announced that she will be going on tour again in 2018.

Alex Karpovsky Shines In New MGMT Video

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The actor Alex Karpovsky starred in MGMT’s recent music video. Called “When You Die,” MGMT’s latest song is going to be released on MGMT’s upcoming album. Announced under the title “Little Dark Age,” the new album is slated for release in 2018. Without doubt, this video furthers MGMT’s quest for cultural relevance. This band has certainly achieved plenty of critical success. However, it is no secret that this band’s commercial draw has dimmed since the release of the band’s debut album. Entitled “Oracular Spectacular,” this album managed to spawn radio hits while achieving great reviews from the most prestigious music reviewers. This band will continue to do great things in the years ahead. MGMT combines psychedelia with pop and electronic music. By combining a number of different genres, this band has achieved worldwide fame.

Many thousands of people are going to get excited when MGMT releases their next album. With each new release, this band breaks new ground in modern music. When I listen to a band like this, I feel that rock music can continue to progress and grow in a fascinating way. The band combines interesting lyrics with uniquely complex productions. This musical group specializes in performing songs that are deeply memorable. As many commentators have noted, this band has an almost uncanny ability to combine music and the visual arts. All of this band’s music videos have received accolades for their original, psychedelic sensibilities.

This is an era of interesting developments in rock music. MGMT is one of many modern bands that mixes electronic sounds with traditional rock instrumentation. This type of sonic diversity helps artists achieve reputations for compositional skill. These are the bands that have the potential to become part of the rock canon. MGMT’s fashion sense is fairly unorthodox. During live shows, the band wears a variety of outfits that range from tie-dye shirts to hip-hop clothing items.

Previously Unreleased Jimi Hendrix Music Is Coming

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Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. However, his legacy continues to live on. There will soon be an album of Hendrix material that has never been released in any form. ‘Both Sides of the Sky’ will be the name of the album. It will consist of 13 songs. Included on the album will be a a rendition of the song “Woodstock” that was written by Joni Mitchell. Stephen Stills will appear on the album. The album will be released on March 9th. Hendrix was only a recording artist for four years. It is remarkable how much material he managed to record during that very short period of time.

This is the third Hendrix album of unreleased material that has come out during the past several years. There is no telling how much more material remains that has not yet been released. These recent albums have all been digitally remastered to provide the highest quality sound. It will be like listening to the original master tapes. In fact, the production of this new album and its two predecessors were overseen by Eddie Kramer. He was the engineer on many of the original Hendrix recordings.

Many Hendrix fans have wondered why this material has been collecting dust for decades instead of being released a long time ago. It is a valid question. There were legal disputes over the rights to Jimi’s music that took many years to resolve. Jimi’s father and sister were eventually given legal control of his entire catalog. It was then a question of going through the archives and choosing the best songs to release and in what order. The songs needed to be remastered and produced in a manner so that listeners would enjoy them. Some of the original tapes were not in the best condition. These tapes required much work to restore them.

Tool’s Upcoming Album Is Heard by Tom Morello

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Tool has been one of the most successful hard rock bands of the past 25 bands. Their catalog is filled with outstanding music. The one knock on the band is that they are rather lazy when it comes to writing and recording new music. This is actually a bit of an understatement. They have not released a new album since 2006. However, the long wait for the next Tool album will finally come to an end in 2018. The band confirmed that a new album will be released next year. However, they did not give any specifics as to an exact date. The band said they are not even sure what time of the year it will be released.

Tool is still in the process of recording the album. However, they allowed former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello to listen to a chunk of the unfinished album. He posted a review of the music he heard on Instagram. He loved what he heard. He also said that he is excited to hear the finished product. It should be pointed out that Morello was only able to listen to instrumental tracks. The vocals had yet to be added to the mix.

It seemed for a long time like Tool was not interested in ever recording a new album again. They were simply content with making money by touring occasionally without the pressure of writing new music. However, they started to mention that they were in the studio recording new material a few years ago. The process of recording the album has been very slow. However, the positive review from Morello should make it easier for the fans of Tool to endure the remaining months until the album is released. Morello did not say how many songs will be on the new album.