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Ariana Grande Releasing New Album Soon

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Ariana Grande appeared on “The Today Show” and did an impersonation of Christina Aguilera. She stated that she will be releasing a new album entitled “Sweetener.” It will be her fourth album. She worked with Pharrell on the album. Some of the singles on the album include “God is a Woman”, “Raindrops” and “The Light is Coming.”

Ariana stated that the new album will bring light to important issues. She plans to do several things in order to celebrate the release of her album. She will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards.

Ariana also performed the hit “No Tears Left to Cry.” The single was released in May 2017, and it is a tribute to the people who lost their lives in the Manchester bombing. Ariana has also held concerts to benefit the families of the victims.

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana also did a sketch. Ariana played a character named Cassandra who had a valley girl accent. Additionally, the two discussed the Royal Wedding, 23andme and llama hair.

Not only is Ariana Grande preparing to release a new album, but she will also be going on tour soon. She will be performing in Los Angeles on June 2, 2018. The concert will take place at Banc of California Stadium. Ariana Grande is a Grammy-nominated singer. She has also won several American Music Awards and iHeart Music Awards.

Ariana Grande has also had a successful acting career. She got her start on “Victorious”. She played the role of Cat Valentine on the show, which lasted from 2010 to 2013. She also had a role on “iCarly” and reprised her role as Cat Valentine. Additionally, she had a role on “Sam and Cat”, which was a spinoff of iCarly. The show lasted from 2013 to 2014.

IDLife Takes a Unique Customized Approach to Health and Wellness

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IDLife is a nutritional supplement company that was started by Logan Stout. Although Mr. Stout has created a name for himself as a business entrepreneur, he is better known for his background in sports. This includes his time playing professional baseball during which he went to the World Series 16 times. He is also the founder of the Dallas Patriots. It was his background in sports that led him to meet with a doctor who was developing a new approach to the way people obtained the nutritional supplements their bodies needed. As someone who is passionate about health, Logan Stout saw the need for such a program and launched IDLife in 2014.

What makes IDLife a unique and innovative supplement company is their approach to customized nutrition. To better serve the needs of the individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness, this company utilizes a life assessment questionnaire. By providing answers about their current state of health, their nutrition and exercise habits and their lifestyle, the professionals at IDLife are able to create an analysis of the nutritional supplements that would work best at addressing any particular health concerns someone might have.

Another way IDLife works toward serving the nutritional needs of various individuals is through their wide selection of products. Not only does this company carry products designed to help with everything from weight management and workouts, it also carries products that could help increase a person’s immune system, aid their mental clarity or give them healthier looking skin. Because most kids do not always eat the type of foods their bodies need to stay healthy, IDLife also carries nutritional bars, tablets and shakes created specifically for kids. Additionally, all of their products are certified as being non GMO as well as soy, gluten and hormone free.

In his ongoing effort to help people attain a state of good health, Logan Stout and the team at IDLife partnered with one of the world’s leading navigational companies to provide a system through which individuals could track their body’s daily needs. The partnership with Garmin resulted in the ability to synchronize IDLife’s IDWellenss app with the Garmin Vivo fitness tracker for a more well-rounded health and fitness program. Through the use of the tracker’s Index Smart Scale, people could instantly view statistics about their body mass index and percentage of body fat. The Vivo is also designed to measure a person’s activities, which includes their quality of sleep.

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Music Modernization Act Would Alter Music Payment System

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The music industry is abuzz with talk of the Music Modernization Act, a piece of legislation that would dramatically alter the way musicians and songwriters are paid. Under the current system, the Copyright Act of 1909 is in force. That date precedes recorded music and, according to industry insiders, is inadequate in today’s climate of music streaming services.


Congress passed a law in the 1970s to extend copyright protections for recorded music but it did not cover recordings made before 1972. Classic recordings are seeing more airplay due to the advent of satellite radio and services such as Spotify and Pandora. The MMA hopes to ensure that classic artists get paid when their songs are played on such services.


The legislation Songwriters are currently paid according to a system called “willing buyer/willing seller,” that allows a service the rights to play songs, paying a rate determined by a judge. That will continue under the MMA (with some changes) but the mechanism for how songwriters will be paid will change. If Spotify wants to play a song, it holds the money due to the songwriter until the artist can be found. The MMA would have the services fund a Mechanical Licensing Collective in exchange for a blanket license. The MLC would be administered by music publishers and songwriters and not the streaming services.


The hope is that this will make the process easier for the streaming services while ensuring songwriters get paid for their work.


The legislation has gotten broad bipartisan support. It passed unanimously in the House in April and a Senate version is now being considered. The legislation got a warm reception by lawmakers in a committee hearing on Tuesday, May 15. There are still details to be worked out, but considering the favorable climate in the Senate, a bill could be passed by summer.

The Great Achievements of Francisco Domenech

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Francisco Domenech was a man that lived a life of so many great achievements. He was a two-time graduate of the University of Puerto Rico. While he attended, he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. During the academic year 1999 to 2000, Domenech served as the President of the student council. He then attended law school at the University of London. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life and he was a phenomenal attorney.

Mister Domenech was a former director of Legislative Services of P.R. Legislative Assembly from 2005-2008. The P.R. Legislative Assembly is the equivalent of the United States Congress Congressional Research Service. During the three yours that Mister Domenech was the director, he oversaw a staff of one hundred and thirty employees, and they expanded services provided by the legislative library. Access was granted to the blind and physical handicapped. He also managed a budget of eleven million dollars. He had a huge responsibility.

During 2007 to 2012, Mister Domenech was a member of the National Committee that was represented by the Young Democratics of America. In 2008, He served as a campaign manager for Hilary Clinton in Puerto Rico when she was running for senator. With the help of Mister Domenech, Clinton won victory over senator Obama during this election. He was also Clinton’s campaign manager in Puerto Rico during the 2016 Presidential election. He was on the finance committee.

Currently, Francisco Domenech is a managing partner of a company called Politank. Politank is a government affairs law firm. Politank specializes in developing strategies to represent interest in government forums. During his time at Politank, Mister Domenech has supported several philanthropic endeavors including the Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Clinton Foundation, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to name a few.

Not only was Fransisco Domenech a very successful man, but he was also a very powerful man. He did whatever he needed to do with his live to make sure he was a successful man. He did all that he was set out to achieve in life and his achievements show it.

Drake’s New Album Slated for June 2018 Release

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The most commercially successful rapper of the decade will be returning this summer with a new album titled Scorpion. Toronto native Drake, has been in attendance at many a Raptor’s game lately, and has been busy playing the viral game Fortnite online. Finally, however, he announced that he would be delivering his fans a new album in June of this year. The album title Scorpion likely has to do with Drake’s birthday month, October, for which the zodiac sign is Scorpio. The fact that his label, OVO, is an abbreviation for “October’s Very Own” is further support for this theory. The rapper has recently made several cryptic instagram posts, including this scorpion chain, and a “Scorpion: June Twenty Eighteen” jacket.


What do we know about the forthcoming album? It is unclear whether the latest hit singles “God’s Plan”, which went No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Diplomatic Immunity” will appear on the June final cut. Given that they both involved production from his favorite producers Noah “40” Shebib and Boi 1da, it seems likely Drake will stick to his winning formula. “Nice For What” is Drake’s latest song to go No. 1, and features production from Murda Beatz.


Over the past decade, Drake has consistently delivered albums with diverse themes and sounds, from hard hitting boom-bap beats to nostalgic love songs. There is no reason to expect anything less than that from the June release. Drake has been known to be working with more and more British and Caribbean artists. If the current trend continues, expect more his newfound mixture of rap, dancehall, r&b, and grime to feature heavily on Scorpion. Meanwhile, Drake has announced a tour with rap trio Migos, titled “Aubrey & The Three Amigos”.

Is The Talk Fusion App Really All That And More

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Talk Fusion is a well-known video communication solution company that serves countries all around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The company offers exciting income, for relationship marketing, and introduced the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Recently, they have released Fusion on the Go app that helps your company do great in the business world. The app is on iPhones, iPads and if you have an Android device, you will need to have a new one or have access to the 4.4.3 system. Video email allows you to connect with your contacts. You can send video email messages right from your device, so you can oversee any marketing campaigns no matter where you are.


Why Video in Email?


Using video messages in your email allows you to grab the attention of your customers, vendors, and employees. When you grab their attention, the more likely they are to go to your website and purchase whatever you are selling.


Using the App


When you access the app, you can record a live video or if you have an older video that you wish to send, you can do that as well. Once the video has finished uploading, you will be able to choose a template, more features and even change the outgoing display names.


One of the greatest things that Bob Reina likes to talk about is the fact that you can use Talk Fusion to call your family and friends. You will be able to use the video with different devices by using the shared link. This is a great option for those that do not live close to their families.


Another great thing about the Fusion on the Go app is that you can hose and secure private meeting rooms. Once you are finished, you will be able to store those so that you can go back to it at any time. The app also lets you hold international video calls as long as you have a great internet connection.


App Features and Upgrades


App upgrades will happen periodically with the Talk Fusion app. Picture messaging is one of the latest app features as well as the new feature where you can set up a chat room based on the country. You will also be able to add several friends to the chat at once and you will be able to see who is available, and who is not. There are no ads with this app which will keep it headache free. Learn more:


Overall, it seems that the Talk Fusion app, Fusion on the Go is a great app to get for businesses as well as those who wish to be able to video chat with their friends. It has an extremely easy to use set up and it is very simple. Many people are flocking to get this app on their device.

Grimes and Elon Musk’s Strange New Romance

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For those who were expecting unconventional indie pop princess Grimes to have a conventional relationship, think again. Her recent appearance at the Met Gala—on the arm of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk—set more than a few tongues wagging in the gossip world. Reportedly, the whole thing started because Musk was considering making a joke about Rococo’s Basilisk—but then he took to Twitter and discovered that Grimes, who was born Claire Elise Boucher, had already made the same joke three years prior. After that, he felt compelled to reach out to the songstress, and the rest is history.


At the Met Gala, Grimes even chose to accessorize with some Tesla-inspired jewelry, perhaps letting the public know that this is no fling. Furthermore, Grimes even took to Twitter to suggest that she was thinking about changing her name from Claire to “c”—to represent the speed of light. When a follower of Grimes’ suggested that perhaps this was the influence of Musk, she actually agreed! Of course, this is far from the first time that the artist has stepped into the spotlight. Fans of indie pop have been swooning over her tunes for some time now.


Her 2012 album received widespread acclaim, delighting both critics and consumers alike. Her vocals, as well as the eclectic arrangements of her compositions, have yielded a lot of praise. She’s been making music for over a decade now, and she dropped out of McGill University in order to pursue her career in music. Born in Vancouver, Grimes is of Quebecois and Ukrainian ancestry. Her relationship with Musk is not her first high-profile romance, so she’s used to dealing with life on the red carpet.

Acclaimed Avant-Garde Guitarist Glenn Branca Passes Away At 69

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One of the leading figures in the New York No Wave scene of the 70s, Glenn Branca passed away due to complications arising from lung cancer.

The music community is mourning the inspiring composer, whose compositions involving electric guitars spawned what we now know as noise rock. Out of his association came bands like Sonic Youth, whose first two releases Branca published on his record label, Neutral Records.

To state Glenn Branca’s influence on rock music succinctly is difficult, because he affected so many different facets of the music industry with the work he did. For example, his symphonies that have sometimes required up to 100 guitarists to be playing at the same time have impacted the way we view concerts, while the heavy noise of his famous album The Ascension would go on to be considered one of the most important noise albums to understand the genre. The album is even considered by many to be one of the greatest of all time, including David Bowie, who listed it on his favorite albums list.

Part of what made Branca’s playing so distinct was his penchant for alternate tunings, distinctly loud noises, and a use of amplified guitars that had previously only been heard in punk music, involving unfinished phrases, extended techniques, and harsh dissonances.

Reg Bloor, Branca’s wife announced his death on Twitter with sadness and hardship. Since then, many other prominent musicians have taken to social media to voice their sadness over Branca’s passing, as it is an undoubtably negative thing in the context of avant-garde music and popular culture.

However, Branca’s passing reminds us of the inspiring man he was. His albums, music, and symphonies will forever live on in the minds of those who they inspired.


Selling For IDLife

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     People who are passionate about health and fitness can make money off of their passion. IDLife is an innovative company that has come up with some of the best solutions for weight loss. At the same time, it is also one of the companies that offers something for people to make money at. After all, one of the best ways for people to lose weight and achieve higher levels of fitness is by basing their career around it. Fortunately, IdLife has something for people to get involved in that is actually very simple and also very lucrative for people who are passionate about health and fitness.

One thing that IDLife has for people is an opportunity for people to make a lot of money off of what they enjoy. They can sign up and meet all of the requirements that are set forth by the company. Then they will be given all of the tools needed for marketing which include a website. The only thing people have to do is get involved in communities that are relevant to IDLife so that they will be able to make the sales. One of the best places to go for weight loss is social media.

When people build their online presence and show themselves as examples of health and fitness, then they will inspire others to take part in these fitness goals. One of the best types of people to reach are those who are struggling with their weight. Perhaps they will find the right person or the right insights that will help them make the right choices in their diet. One thing that is important for people to have is knowledge. This can help them find out what is missing from their diet in order to help them lose weight and get in the shape that they have always wanted.

For more, you may also read “Logan Stout and IDLife Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

Top Seven American Idol Contestants Revealed on Disney Night

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The long-awaited reboot of American Idol has gotten off to a strong start, with millions of viewers across America tuning in to cheer on their favorite contestants. On April 29th, audiences were thrilled to see a theme that was 16 years in the making – a Disney night. This was a natural theme for the Disney-affiliated ABC to unveil, and the show had a lot of fun spreading the Disney magic throughout the evening.

The judges got into the spirit of the evening, with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan wearing buttons with dwarf names on them and Katy Perry dressed as Snow White. She also spoke like Snow White for the first few minutes, imitating her high-pitched, cheerful voice. The special guest of the evening was Idina Menzel, the Broadway star best known to Disney fans as the voice of Elsa in “Frozen.” She served as the mentor to each of the contestants, helping them to perfect their performances.

Before each performance, audiences saw contestants enjoying Disneyland with a friend or family member and preparing for the performance with Menzel. Song choices went back as far as “Once Upon a Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty,” with the most recent selection being “Remember Me” from “Coco.” Other song choices included “The Bare Necessities,” “The Circle of Life,” “Colors of the Wind,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” “How Far I’ll Go” and “Kiss the Girl.”

The audience voted live, so the results were available at the end of the two-hour show. At that time, three contestants were eliminated from the competition. The remaining seven – Catie Turner, Maddie Poppe, Michael J. Woodard, Cade Foehner, Jurnee, Gabby Barrett and Caleb Lee Hutchinson – will compete for the Top Five in a Prince-themed night.