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Louis Chenevert Aerospace Days

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Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He was appointed as the CEO of the firm in 2008 and served up to 2014. In his time as the CEO, he left a clean track record of performance. He is remembered for enhancing the operations of the company at a time when the world financial sector was in a mess. He steered company and made it profitable when others were closing down. His contribution to the aerospace industry will be remembered for many years since he was the one behind the invention of the geared turbofan jet engine that is sued in commercial and military planes.

Louis Chenevert joined the aerospace industry after serving for 14 years in the auto industry. He was the assembly line manager at general motors in Canada. He left with a record of making production efficient. The assembly line was producing one car in one minute. His abilities to boost production came from his line of education, in the university, he had taken up a degree in production management which enabled him to facilitate faster and efficient production in the companies he has worked for. His expertise in the auto industry would play a huge role when he joined the aerospace industry.

After making the switch, he joined Pratt &Whitney which is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. P&W deals with the production of jet engines. As the production manager here, he influenced the production department to lower the production time of one jet engine from 2 years to 9 months. Louis Chenevert knew that efficiency would translate to better productivity for the company.

Louis Chenevert initiated the process of constructing the first geared turbofan engine while working for Pratt & Whitney. He would later be appointed the CEO of UTC even before completing the project. This, however, did not stop him from pushing for completion of the project. As the CEO, he facilitated the funding of the project to a tune of $10 billion. Although it was initially thought to be a bad business decision by critics, he proved them wrong since it is currently one of the best-selling products for UTC and a top profits creator.

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New Behavior Filters Announced On Twitter

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Twitter recently announced that they will begin adjusting the visibility of posts created by users who are displaying consistently negative or problematic behavior on the platform. The goal of these changes is to promote healthier and more positive conversations. Also, if Twitter feels that you are attempting to bypass the new system, they will still reduce the visibility of your posts. They will detect behaviors in various ways, including the amount of tweets you post directed towards accounts you do not follow, your association with other problematic accounts, the amount of accounts who have blocked you, and whether or not you have multiple accounts. These changes are in response to the amount of scams that have been occurring on the site, as well as cases of identity theft.


Overall, the company feels that this new system is a step in the right direction towards creating a better platform and to reduce the amount of abuse reports on the website. It will also reduce the amount of scams, which typically utilize multiple accounts, as well as abusive and offensive tweets. The behavior filters will be optional for users. They will automatically be turned on but users will have the option to view filtered information, if they wish. They are very optimistic about the potential of this new filtering system. However, they are aware of the fact that they will have to work diligently to keep up with the issues that currently occur on the platform and that this will not be an easy problem to solve. They view these changes as a step in the right direction but not as a be-all-end-all solution that will address all of their concerns.

Gibson Brands Files for Bankruptcy

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In news sure to shock fans of rock music the world over, Gibson Brand, Inc., maker of some of the most iconic guitars in the world, announced this week that it has filed for bankruptcy. Gibson guitars have been used by some of the most famous musicians in history, including Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. The Nashville, Tennessee based company said that it plans on “re-focusing, reorganizing and restructuring” its operations as it tries to untangle some of the debt it has accumulated over the years. Gibson currently owes 26 companies between $100 million and $500 million in debt and has seen its earnings fall nearly half a billion dollars in three years. A key part of Gibson’s plan to get out of its crippling debt is to re-tool its business plan to focus on its original mission of selling musical instruments and not home audio peripherals. The company acquired several home entertainment brands from Philips in 2014 for $135 million.

Court filings mostly pointed to Gibson’s electronics department as the major reason for its failure to generate revenue. Despite the difficult position the company finds itself in, Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz remains confident in the company’s future. In a written statement, Juszkiewicz said, “The Gibson name is synonymous with quality and today’s actions will allow future generations to experience the unrivaled sound, design and craftsmanship that our employees put into each Gibson product.” Juszkiewicz also touted the company’s strides it has made over the last year to improving its business model, saying that Gibson has increased its earnings and lowered its costs. Thanks to an agreement with shareholders and creditors, Gibson will still be allowed to operate during its bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

Disney and Marvel is Planning a Franchise After The Avengers

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Fans have come to love the Avengers. However, Marvel and Disney has revealed that they may have to say good bye to the heroic team after Avengers 4 is released. There are many reasons behind this. One reason is that the actors that are playing the members of the team are almost done with their contracts. They are going to be stepping aside in order to make room for the new characters that are coming in. Their expired contracts mean that their characters may die in the upcoming film. One interesting thing about Infinity War is that the core characters of The Avengers have remained.


This goes without saying that even though Infinity War has been rather heartbreaking at the end, it is very likely that the next film is going to be even more heartbreaking in that the deaths are going to be certain. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and maybe even Thor might be the ones to go. Hulk is very likely to stay as one of the remaining for the next phase of the MCU. Black Widow has also been rumored to be one of the remaining with even a solo movie being considered.


However, one thing that is in the works with Marvel and Disney is a new franchise that is beyond the Avengers. This may not even be the New Avengers. Even if there is a New Avengers, it is probably not going to last very long. Of course the X-Men are going to appear at some point in the MCU. As for what might be happening in the MCU, one thing that is certain is that there are plenty of characters and stories to look at for inspiration.

Loki Was Supposed to Die in “Thor: The Dark World,” Hiddleston Says

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Loki’s fake death in Thor: The Dark World was originally supposed to be permanent, according to his actor, Tom Hiddleston.

The 2013 movie had Thor (Chris Hemsworth) team up with Loki, his adoptive, villainous brother, to take on Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston). In the process, Loki winds up sacrificing himself, but (spoiler alert!) this is all a trick, and at the end of the movie is revealed to have replaced Odin (Anthony Hopkins) as ruler of Asgard.

“Loki’s death on Svartalfheim was written as a death, and I would say Chris and I played that scene for real,” he explained in an interview with Empire magazine. “That was meant to be that he redeemed himself, he helped save his brother, he helped save Jane Foster but that he, in the process, sacrificed himself.”

Hiddleston said that the “great twist” was devised when fans refused to believe that the trickster god was actually dead.

Thor: The Dark World is seen as one of the weaker entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it underwent a number of reshoots, and director Alan Taylor describes it as having changed into a different movie in the process. He specifically mentioned that they added more of Loki into the film, because he found that her worked better in the story than he had initially realized.

Loki was long been considered the only really good MCU villain (though recent entries have given him some competition on that front); while a redemption arc against Malekith (generally seen as the weakest villain) would have been a good end to his character, most fans are probably pleased with the decision to keep him around, so that he could have more appearances in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.

Plans for Escape Plan 2 and 3

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As fans are learning, not only has Escape Plan 2 been finished, but even the third movie in the franchise has been shot. As of right now, there has been a trailer released for the upcoming sequel. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role. However,instead of Schwarzenegger reprising his role, a new role has been given to Dave Bautista. Sylvester Stallone has finished Escape Plan 2: Hades, and when he has shown it to the studio, they have liked it so much that they have greenlit a third one which has already been shot. The plans for the film are rather interesting.


One interesting part of the plan is that Escape Plan 2: Hades is going straight to DVD and Blu-ray as opposed to getting a cinematic release. However, it is going to get a release in UK cinemas in July. One thing that is interesting is that a film like The Meg is going to get a theatrical release while the Escape Plan movies are planned for video. Another interesting aspect of this plan is that Dave Bautista is one of the more bankable stars along with Sylvester Stallone. It is not like they are box office poison.


Another interesting thing about the upcoming Escape Plan films is that there has barely been any talk about the film until recently. A trailer has been released for the film so that people can get a first look at what they can expect. It has been stated that this film is going to be a lot different from the first one which was a great action thriller reminiscent of a film from the mid to late nineties which would’ve been a great time for an Stallone/Schwarzenegger starring vehicle.

Adrienne Bailon Going On Tour With Husband

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Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, who is the co-host of the talk show “The Real”, will be going on tour with her husband, Israel Houghton. She stated that her husband is working on a new album and will be going on tour soon. Adrienne and Israel are also working on music together. They have a studio in their home.

Adrienne stated that they sing and dance while they are cleaning. She is a music lover and stated that her favorite singers are J Blavin, Cardi B and Beyonce. She stated that listening to Beyonce makes her feel like she can handle anything. Adrienne and Israel have a blended family. They look forward to expanding it in the near future. She reportedly already has a nursery together.

When Adrienne is not working on music, she is working on her YouTube channel. She launched the YouTube channel back in April. She has over 300,000 subscribers. She managed to get 1.5 million views in less than a month. Adrienne stated that she is overwhelmed with her success.

She stated that when she got her 100,000 subscribers, she lost her mind. She is grateful for the award. She never imagined that people would be able to influence so many people.

Adrienne is happy to read the positive comments that she has received from people. She prepared for the negative comments that she would receive. However, she stated that her channel is for fans only. She also likes the fact that people can subscribe to channels that they love.

Israel Houghton released his most recent album entitled “Covered:Alive in Asia” back in 2015. He has also been featured on the Elevation Worship album.

Blac Chyna Raises Eyebrows Once Again

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If there’s anyone in the world who knows how to stay in the news cycle, it’s Blac Chyna. Born Angela Renée White, the entrepreneur and former dancer has managed to generate more buzz than a static machine during what has been a fairly brief time in the spotlight. It all started out when she was a dancer in Miami. Pretty soon, she would be name checked by rapper Drake in the song “Miss Me”—and from there her star continued to rise. From working as Nicki Minaj’s stunt double to nabbing coveted modeling gigs, Chyna was on the map.

It was a gig in the music video for the song “Rack City” that helped to seal Chyna’s moment in the spotlight as she captured the interest of rapper Tyga. However, it wasn’t long after the birth of their son that Tyga’s wandering eye then settled upon reality star Kylie Jenner. After he left Chyna for Jenner, Chyna then took up with Jenner’s half-brother Rob Kardashian and became pregnant with his child. The couple welcomed daughter Dream Kardashian into the world before their highly publicized break-up.

These days, Chyna is single. However, that doesn’t mean that her new relationship hasn’t stirred up controversy. Taking up with an 18-year-old rapper that she apparently met on a Christian dating website, the 29-year-old beauty salon owner is rumored to be pregnant with the rapper’s child. Now the rumor mill has reported that the pair may be engaged. Although they’ve only been together for about eight weeks or so, it would appear that the new relationship is burning bright. When Chyna shared a recent snap of her manicure, however, there was no ring to be found on her third finger. With Chyna’s penchant for drama, anything could happen next.

Rumors Surrounding Avengers 4

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Avengers: Infinity War has turned out to be a major phenomenon thanks to the direction of The Russo Brothers. For one thing, it has delivered on its dark promises unlike some of the other films that have been advertised as dark and dramatic but has turned out to be rather light and comedic. However, the ending of Infinity War has broken a lot of hearts. However, one thing that fans are wondering about is what is going to happen in Avengers 4. For one thing, they know that this is not going to be the end of all heroes with some of the disappearing heroes having sequels that are confirmed as taking place after the events of Avengers 4. This has resulted in some rumors floating around.


Among the rumors that are being thrown about is that the characters that disappeared are not dead, but are in the soul world. This comes from the facts that the people involved in Infinity War have said that the deaths are going to be permanent. Therefore, the ones that died before Thanos ‘snapped’ half of the universe out of existence are the ones that are going to stay dead. However, the crew involved in the upcoming Avengers film are saying that the film is not going to fix everything. This is causing theories about everything surrounding the demise of every character.


One thing that is certain is that Marvel Studios is teasing people with information about the next Avengers movie. Some statements have suggested that Avengers 4 may take place years after the events of Infinity War. This might put an interesting The Dark Knight Rises style spin on everything. It is likely going to involve time travel as well. The only thing that is certain is that people are going to have to wait until Avengers 4 is released to see how it is going to play out.

Comedian Michelle Wolf Steps Into Her Moment

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Before last weekend, writer and actress Michelle Wolf was not a household name. But within the space of about 20 minutes onstage at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, all of that changed. The 32-year-old’s gig started off normally, with her making a joke about the monkfish. However, it wasn’t long before her stinging monologue had raised some eyebrows around the room—and the world. During a recent appearance on NPR, Wolf reflected on her hilarious comments—and the drama that ensued following them. Although she joked that no one watches CSpan, her comments would give everyone a reason to tune in for days to come. As it stands now, her performance has already racked up over five million views on YouTube. With a whopping 80,000 “likes” on her monologue, it would appear that her comedy set hit a nerve with people watching.

And Wolf is not apologizing for her performance, which has been criticized by some in the media. The most controversial bit included a joke about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders turning the ashes of her lies into smoky eye makeup. At the beginning of her set, Wolf noted that perhaps the organizers hadn’t done enough research on her as a comic. By the end, it seems as if perhaps they might agree with her. Although the dinner is notoriously stuffy, some audience members could be seen laughing hysterically, while others were tight-lipped, including the press secretary who was being lampooned.

With the eyes of the world now on her, it seems as though Wolf’s new comedy special is going to be a huge hit in the making. And now that she’s been interviewed by Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, Wolf is definitely among the pantheon of greats.