Avengers: Infinity War is one of the biggest events of the year. However, even large event films are subject to reschedules. Infinity War has moved up a week form its original release date. This has brought forth a few subsequent moves in the schedule when it comes to other films on the release schedule. Among the other films that have to fight for their time to shine is Rampage, another big film that is supposed to be coming out as some of the pre-summer line up. One thing that is certain is that Avengers is set to make even more than Black Panther which has made a surprising amount of money.

Avengers has become a franchise that is even bigger than Star Wars given that it is a culmination of all of the big Marvel films that have come out. Given that this is actually one of the biggest Avenger films taking place in one of the biggest periods of the lives of the Avengers, people have high expectations for this film. Another thing that is worth considering is that this is only the first part of what can be a two part event with the next Avengers being released in the following year.

Dwayne Johnson himself states that he is motivated by the success of Marvel films like Black Panther. Dwayne himself has quite a few movies coming out this year. His first movie of the year, Jumanji has already been released. Rampage, which is a movie based on a video game is hoping to do big business before Avengers takes over. Dwayne also has another movie called Skyscraper, which is reminiscent of Die Hard.