Ever year on May 2, Harry Potter fans reflect upon the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, as we all know, this battle claimed the lives of many fan favorites. Perhaps no creature was more popular than Dobby, a house elf who played a pivotal role in the books. Each year, author J.K. Rowling has apologized for the deaths of various characters in the series, so this year it’s Dobby’s turn. Although Dobby did not die during the aforementioned Battle of Hogwarts, his presence in this series was so important that Rowling felt it worthwhile to honor him.

In the decades since Rowling started writing her books about the boy wizard, they have turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Now, not only can fans read the books, but they can also watch the movies. Making household names out of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, these films hold a special place in the hearts of people across the world. There’s even a Harry Potter section at Universal Studios. Fans have the opportunity to take in “Butterbeers” before heading up to the castle and fleeing Dumbledore’s wrath while playing quidditch. For those who have always wanted the opportunity to nab their own Hogwarts wands, a specialist is onsite to help with selections. Hogwarts choirs patrol the grounds as well, singing songs from the books and entrancing audiences with their brilliance.

So although it may seem overly dramatic to “muggles” (ordinary folk) that Rowling is apologizing, for fans of the series, her tweets invoke memories of their beloved favorites. Of course, this elevated existence is a far cry from Rowling’s humble beginnings. As a single mother on government assistance, saddened by the sickness and loss of her mother, she started writing the series that would eventually change the world.