Rhode Island alt-rock group Belly is back with just its third studio album. “Dove” will be the band’s first significant re;ease since 1995, adding to a nostalgia-driven surge of new records from 1990s alternative acts.

Belly’s new single, “Shiny One,” has already debuted ahead of a May 4th release of “Dove.”

Formed in 1991, the band’s centerpiece is Tanya Donnelly on lead vocals and guitar. She has also been part of Throwing Roses and the Breeders. Incidentally, the Breeders are back with a new album as well, sans Donnelly.

In addition to Donnelly, Belly was originally composed of bassist Fred Abong, Tom Gorman on guitar, and Fred’s brother Christ on drums. All were high school classmates. Abong left the group early on and was replaced by Gail Greenwood.

Belly had its original and biggest hit in its early days with “Feed the Tree,” which was featured on its 1993 album “Star.” That record earned them a big following in alt-rock, as well as several Grammy nominations.

For its next studio album in 1995, Belly adopted a harder rock sound on “King.” However, that release did not achieve the level of success of “Star,” and Donnelly decided to break up the band in 1996. She went on to have some success as a solo artist.

In early 2016, Belly announced that it had reunited after 20 years. They returned to the studio to work on “Dove,” and announced that they would begin touring the United States and parts of Europe.

“Shiny One” has a hazy, dreamy sound to it that is more reminiscent of the band’s work on “Star” as opposed to the louder rock of “King.” This presumably bodes well for the album’s popularity given the massive success of its first album.

Belly fans will be eager to devour the band’s long-awaited new music.