Bruno Fagali established his own advocacy a few years ago and the law firm is going steadily towards the future. He is a Brazilian lawyer on the rise that has turned his gaze towards entrepreneurship in the line of work quite early and is already growing his business.

Bruno Fagali specializes in several disciplines such as administrative law, state law, urban law, compliance, and many other spheres. He is also fond of discussing news from the various fields of law and providing his readers with an overview of new and changed regulations laws as well as offer some insight into the matters. Bruno Fagali publishes his articles on the blog of his Fagali Advocacy.

Most recently, lawyer Bruno Fagali talked about the regulation changes in regard to beer labels. The government of the country is in the process of transforming the foods and beverage market into a more transparent place for consumers. Beer labels have also been subject to that change as their labels feature the ingredient “unmalted cereal”. This can refer to a variety of grain such as soy, corn, wheat, and more. It can also mean a blend of several grans.

In the past few months, the beer manufacturers in the country have been overhauling their beer labels. The manufacturers greeted the new regulation unfavorably nation-wide but their disapproval was met with several suggestions on how to proceed. First off, manufacturers made the point that unmalted cereals in the beer vary significantly, sometimes from one month to another. There are many factors that influence that such as geographic location, season, economic changes and prices of the grains.

The judge who issued the new regulation stated that there is a way to overcome that problem and prompted an overhaul of the labeling system. He suggested visual changes that would help signify if the unmalted cereal is soy or corn, or a blend between the two. The judge added that as long as there are ways to meet the regulations, companies have no reason not to work towards that goal and succeed. After all, the consumer deserves to know precisely what their eating and drinking.