These days, people are turning to the simpler times of the late nineties and early aughts for their fashion flair—and some news outlets, including Buzzfeed, are having a great time resurrecting some of the funnier trends from the era. To get in the proper mood, it’s good to picture Paris Hilton strolling along with her dog Tinkerbell or perhaps Perez Hilton hulking down in a corner at some party and spying on celebs.

Some of the trends being brought back to our attention include asymmetrical hairstyles with bold highlight stripes, as well as the ubiquitous flip phones that we all used. There were the metallic dresses that everyone used to wear, with silver in particular lighting up the nightclub scene. Nike Shox sneakers were the type of footwear that everyone coveted, and all of our electronics were covered in transparent embellishments that look hilarious upon reflection. Of course, this was the advent of the internet age, so everyone was buzzing about its effects on the world. Lava lamps were popular as well, which was funny, especially considering that they were also a holdover from another time period. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Pierced bellybuttons and tattoos made of glitter ruled the scene, in addition to some highly regrettable inflatable backpacks. Of course, The Matrix films were all the rage as well, so anything that made someone look like one of the stars from this film was highly admired. With Britney Spears as the reigning pop queen, low-slung pants were also riding high (or low?). In these days of undeniable optimism, people were just excited to get out and glow in their eclectic ensembles.