Chris Linkas is someone who is deeply involved with the financial industry. He has been working for a European credit group team since 2012, where’s seen the overall scope of the industry. His works extends from the United Kingdom, to Germany, and even Scandinavia. He has come to realize that the younger generation doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of the stock market, despite having student loans looming over their heads. Investing at a young age is smart, even if their finances are not all in order. An article on the website Release Fact discusses Chris Linkas’s views on investing for the Millennial generation.


The market can be a scary place, but the power of dividends can make an investors money grow exponentially. Someone investing $10,000 at the age of 20, could grow it upwards of $40,000 by age 40, and $70,000 by age 70. All of this with very little effort on the investors side. However, risk must always be taken into consideration. Balancing one’s portfolio is essential to keeping it from crashing from a single over sight.


During the last section of the article, Chris Linkas offers a few pieces of advice to young potential investors. It comes down to personal preferences if someone wants a safe or risky stock, or if someone would like a violate or stable stock. The access to computers puts the younger at a greater advantage in gathering information about investing properly. He believes investing in stocks is something everyone should do.


There are few people in the industry as well-versed as Chris Linkas. He has seen all aspects of the market and knows where the best areas to invest are. The younger generation needs to feel more comfortable about investing. He believes the positives completely outweigh any negative outcomes. The payout after 20 or 40 years will easily carry anyone through their retirement years.