Alfred Pennyworth is a very interesting character in the DC universe. He is mostly known as the butler for the Wayne family. However, some of the more recent incarnations of Alfred suggest that he may have been a hard edged warrior before he became the beloved butler. In the Burton/Schumacher series, one probably wouldn’t imagine Alfred as being anyone that would or could for the matter hurt a fly. However, Batman: The Animated Series tells the story of Alfred’s past before he became a butler.

Alfred Pennyworth of the Nolan universe shows more of a hint of a past in scenes like when he knocks out a member of the league of shadows in Batman Begins. He also recalls one of his war stories to Bruce in The Dark Knight. When it comes to this current incarnation of Alfred played by Jeremy Irons, everything about him screams that he has past combat experience. Given his involvement in the fight against the underworld, it wouldn’t be surprising if Alfred played a part in the training of this Bruce Wayne incarnation to take on the night as the Batman.

The DCEU has had a rough journey with only a few movies compared to the number of disappointing films that have come out. One good entry of the DCU is Man of Steel, which has been produced by Christopher Nolan. However, even Man of Steel could have gone better than what was released. Batman V Superman was a huge misstep even in its extended and recut edition. Certain key elements of the mythos should’ve been saved for a later installment. Because of the lack of build up, the major events in the comics that occurred on screen have been cheapened perhaps for shock effect.