Popular for his skill in treating patients in a comprehensive and compassionate manner, Dov Rand is a renowned bio-identical hormones specialist based in New Jersey, United States of America. He is the President of the Health Aging Medical Centre located in West Orange, New Jersey. The healthcare facility specializes in providing care to people suffering from age-related disorders. Some of these disorders include erectile dysfunction, depression, menopause, insomnia and several other related conditions.


Dr. Dov Rand attended at the Albert Einstein Medical Centre in New York, United States of America. By using the skills he learned while in medical school, Dr. Dov Rand identifies the specific disorder one has and recommends medicines that have been approved. That is not all; Dr. Dov Rand integrates a wide range of treatment options in order to provide the necessary service that the patients came to see him for. Antiaging therapies, weight loss programs, and regenerative medical treatments are some of the treatment options Dr. Dov Rand uses.


In his intensive research, Dr. Dov Rand found out that the difference between young and older people is their hormones and people have bad and good hormones. What aging does is that it destroys some of the good hormones like estrogen and testosterone. With age, the body produces more of the insulin hormone.


Insulin is responsible for storing fat; thus, older people tend to gain a lot of weight. Dr. Dov Rand offers a solution to this problem which is introducing bioidentical hormones. These hormones make the good hormones present in the upper quartile of the patient’s life hence there is a balance between the good and bad ones.


As stated earlier, testosterone is one of the hormones that is destroyed as one gets older. This then results in erectile dysfunction in older men. Not only does one, suffers from erectile dysfunction, but also contracts other diseases easily and the body finds it difficult to recover from stress. Furthermore, the amount of lactic acid tends to rise in the body of an older person. He is then prone to suffer from inflammatory conditions. Dr. Dov Rand addresses this issue by hormone replacement therapy and psychological treatment. Truly his dedication to this medical cause goes a long way in helping several people across the globe.