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The Decisions Infinity War Writers Have Made and Decisions They Wish They Could’ve Made

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Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely have stated that it was a challenge to write Infinity War for plenty of reasons. For one thing, they had a hard time working with the huge number of MacGuffins for the film. One thing that they have admitted was that it was hard enough to work with one MacGuffin. To have to deal with six of them brought forth a unique challenge for the screenwriters. They have eventually decided on what is known as a smash-and-grab approach for the film. Also, fans have noticed that Thanos already has one of the Infinity Stones at the start of the movie. For those that are looking for a reason, it is that the sequence that would’ve shown Thanos acquiring that stone would’ve done nothing to help the movie.


One other thing that the writers have revealed was that the original ending was much different. For one thing, the snap of the fingers was not meant for the ending of Infinity War. It was originally going to be saved for the next film. The original ending would’ve made it feel like too much of a cliffhanger. Therefore, the snap was moved to the end of Infinity War so that the film could feel like its own complete film. Avengers 4 is going to explore the consequences of the snap.


Had they gone with the original plan, the film wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as the one that was released. Even though the film would’ve likely been a good film, it would not have had the effect that the final version had on the audience. Infinity War has turned out to be one complete emotional journey with the next film looking to be another complete emotional journey.

New Characters That Could Appear in Avengers 4

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Given that there is still a bit of time before Avengers 4 is released, there is one thing that can be looked at. This is the possibility of characters that could be included in the upcoming movie. One thing that has been stated about Avengers 4 is that it is going to deal with the cosmic aspects of the universe. This could bring forth characters such as Eternity, Infinity, and other conceptual entities. Of course Thanos is going to return in Avengers 4. After all, the story is going to be based around the incident that occurred in Infinity War.


One thing that the creative team behind the Avengers movies have said is that Avengers 4 isn’t going to undo everything that happened in Infinity War. Therefore, there is a lot of speculation about what might happen with Avengers 4. One clue to look to is the upcoming films and what has been revealed about the films. Both Black Panther 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming 2 has been confirmed to take place after the events of Avengers 4. This means that some of what has happened in Infinity War is going to be undone. However, it has also been revealed that there are going to be sacrifices made.


Another new character that could appear in Avengers 4 is Captain Marvel herself. She might be the key to stopping the Mad Titan. In the comic book, it was Adam Warlock, but he is not going to appear until Guardians of the Galaxy 3. It is possible that Captain Marvel is going to take on the role that Adam Warlock has played in the comic book version of the story.

Title Rumors For Avengers 4

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There are a lot of rumors and speculation about the title for the upcoming Avengers movie which is to be released next year. One of the rumors is that the original title for Avengers 4 was going to be Infinity Gauntlet. This is of course after they have dropped the Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2 plan. It is very likely that Infinity Gauntlet was considered. After all, it is the title to one of the biggest comic book stories in the Marvel Universe. Even Zoe Saldana has suggested that the title for Avengers 4 might’ve been Infinity Gauntlet. However, the creative team has shot down the rumors that Infinity Gauntlet is going to be used.


As of right now, no one outside of the creative team knows what title is going to be used for the film. The Russo brothers have stated that someone has made a close guess to the title. This does mean that they do have a title. The only thing is that they have been told to not reveal the title to the public.


Another thing that is worth noting is that the event of Thanos snapping his finger was at one point meant to be somewhere in Avengers 4. This would’ve given it more of a resemblance to the comic book where Thanos snapped his fingers somewhat earlier in the story. The rest of the story involved the surviving characters doing everything they can to reverse the effects. While it is very likely that the story of the film is going to take a similar approach to the other part of the Infinity Gauntlet story, the synopsis has revealed another aspect of the story that makes the stakes a lot higher.

Rumors Surrounding Avengers 4

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Avengers: Infinity War has turned out to be a major phenomenon thanks to the direction of The Russo Brothers. For one thing, it has delivered on its dark promises unlike some of the other films that have been advertised as dark and dramatic but has turned out to be rather light and comedic. However, the ending of Infinity War has broken a lot of hearts. However, one thing that fans are wondering about is what is going to happen in Avengers 4. For one thing, they know that this is not going to be the end of all heroes with some of the disappearing heroes having sequels that are confirmed as taking place after the events of Avengers 4. This has resulted in some rumors floating around.


Among the rumors that are being thrown about is that the characters that disappeared are not dead, but are in the soul world. This comes from the facts that the people involved in Infinity War have said that the deaths are going to be permanent. Therefore, the ones that died before Thanos ‘snapped’ half of the universe out of existence are the ones that are going to stay dead. However, the crew involved in the upcoming Avengers film are saying that the film is not going to fix everything. This is causing theories about everything surrounding the demise of every character.


One thing that is certain is that Marvel Studios is teasing people with information about the next Avengers movie. Some statements have suggested that Avengers 4 may take place years after the events of Infinity War. This might put an interesting The Dark Knight Rises style spin on everything. It is likely going to involve time travel as well. The only thing that is certain is that people are going to have to wait until Avengers 4 is released to see how it is going to play out.

Another Look at the Huge Avenger’s Event Film

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The days are getting closer to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. As time gets closer, people are taking more of a look at the film through the trailers and other content that is available on the film. One thing that people are looking at are the changes that the characters are going through in the film. Another thing to look at is all of the changes that are coming to the MCU after the fourth film. However, this is a little far ahead in the future. As of right now, these are the following differences that the characters are facing as a result of their time.

Captain America is no longer the clean cut person that he is known as in the comic books. While he was the person who has been the clean cut do-gooder, the events that he has experienced has shown that sometimes what is right is often going to be opposed by the very people who support it. Another person who is going through a change is Vision, who is teased as getting an Infinity Stone removed from his forehead. There is also a shot of him in a more human form with Scarlet Witch embracing him.

One thing about the upcoming Avenger’s film is that it is supposed to be one of the most emotional and dark comic book films. At the same time, it is likely to end on a cliffhanger which will likely leave people hoping for more. One can only imagine what Avenger’s 4 is going to have for people when it comes out. This may turn out to be the biggest period for the MCU and comic book movies in general.

Vanity Fair “Avengers” Reveals

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A cover story in Vanity Fair provides some tantalizing clues about what’s coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The upcoming film, to be released on May 4, 2018, will be part 1 of a saga to be finished with a fourth, currently untitled Avengers film in 2019. These films, chronicling a battle against the Mad Titan Thanos, will bring the end of the MCU’s Phase 3, and according to Marvel spokesman Kevin Feige, will be “a finale” of the franchise up until this point.

“At least some of the original characters who sit at the center of the billion-dollar Avengers team will be hanging up their capes and shields,” he warned.

But fear not, true believers—it won’t be the end of Marvel movies. They have an astounding twenty planned after Avengers 4. Some one can guess—sequels to new franchises like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, a third Guardian of the Galaxy, and so on—but beyond that fans can only speculate what other Marvel heroes will get their own films.

And there are a lot to choose from—according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, Marvel Studios has the rights to 7,000 different characters, despite not having control of famous properties like X-Men and Fantastic Four.

We also have information about the old guard of Marvel characters. For example, the events of Thor: Ragnarok will have an impact, particular concerning the various things that Thor lost to Hela. (We’re avoiding spoilers, here.) We also get some pictures of Captain America and Black Widow on the run, sporting a new beard and hairdo, and word that Mark Ruffalo has spent a lot of time in the motion capture suit for Hulk.