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Ben Affleck May Not Play As Batman in the Upcoming Solo Batman Flick

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Ever since stepping down as director of the upcoming film, there has been anticipation that Ben Affleck might not even star in the upcoming film. It seems that this idea is correct. Matt Reeves has pretty much said that he is going to recast the role of Batman. While this is rather disappointing to fans, there could be plenty of reasons behind this. There is no telling what The Batman is going to be about. Some even suggest that it is not even a part of the DCEU. One thing that is every bit as likely is that it could go into an earlier time in Batman’s life before he has met Superman and formed the Justice League.

While a lot remains unknown about the plot of the upcoming Batman movie, there have been ideas that it is going to be more of a detective story than an action film. One thing that fans have been complaining about with the Batman movies is that there seems to be too much focus on the action and not enough on the detective side of Batman, seeing that he is supposed to have the reputation of the world’s greatest detective.

While the DCEU has faced a lot of challenges in getting off the ground, there are plans to get everything back on track. As of right now, the MCU is outshining the DCEU, but even the MCU had its not so proud moments. Among the films that are being tossed around is Flashpoint, which is supposed to be a big event for the DCEU. Among the better films in the DCEU are Wonder Woman and Man of Steel.

Batman to Appear in

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The upcoming Titans may have flashbacks to Dick Grayson’s youth, which seem like they will include Batman as well.

The series, to be released on DC Comics’ own streaming service, will focus on a team of young adult superheroes. Brenton Thwaites (of The Giver and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) will play Dick Grayson, the now-grown Robin, who based on the comics will presumably be the group’s leader.

Casting calls for the show have been released. While they use fake names to avoid spoilers, the description of “YOUNG JOHN CROSSLAND” is almost certainly meant to be a younger Dick Grayson, given the basic physical description and a note that he is “not afraid of heights.” (Dick grew up in a circus, training with his parents as a trapeze artist.) The role is listed as recurring, implying that there will be multiple flashbacks to Dick’s earlier days in the show.

Meanwhile, another recurring character listed, “Dave Story,” seems to be hinting at Bruce Wayne/Batman. It asks for a Caucasian male in his 30s-40s who is “polished” and “unwavering.” Specifically, it compares him to a young Jack Nicholson.

In most versions of the Titans origin, Dick started the team after fighting with his adoptive father and mentor. Though the two would eventually reconcile, it makes sense that any appearances by Batman in this series, at least early on, will be flashbacks, explaining how Dick became a superhero and what caused the Dynamic Duo’s falling out.

Alternatively, this character could be the Joker, who was played by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 movie. However, the rest of that description does not quite fit the Clown Prince of Crime as well as it does the Caped Crusader, making it likely a little joke.