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Jeunesse Global continues winning converts with Zen Bodi

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The weight-loss industry has long been beset with gimmicky marketing ploys and sparsely supported claims. All too often, marketers of weight-loss products simply look to tell the public what it wants to hear. While this can make people feel good in the extreme short run, the long-term results are rarely encouraging.

Jeunesse Global, one of the premier global distributors and health and beauty products, has decided to take a very different approach to the area of weight loss. With its new weight-loss and total-health system, known as the Zen 8 Project, Jeunesse is willing to tell its customers the hard truth about developing a health-optimal lifestyle and keeping the weight off: There aren’t any shortcuts.

The Zen 8 Project was developed by Jeunesse founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in conjunction with one of the top personal fitness experts on the planet. The idea that began taking shape is, rather than selling people a phony system based on claims of magic solutions, the Zen 8 Project will be built on the science of muscle building, fat burning and appetite curbing. The Zen 8 Project also makes extensive use of the science of behavior modification, teaching people how to make small changes on a weekly or monthly basis as baby steps towards achieving their lasting fitness goals.

The Zen 8 Project comes with a highly innovative and effective supplement. Known as Zen Bodi, the supplement is able to support the three pillars of the Zen 8 Project. Through use of cutting-edge formulations, Zen Bodi is able to help users to build muscle, burn fat and curb their appetite, resulting in slow but steady reductions in excess weight.

Zen Bodi and the Zen 8 Project are just two of the many groundbreaking products that have come out of Jeunesse Global’s product development labs over the last 10 years. With industry experts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis working around the clock to build their company into a global leader, it is a good bet that the company will continue churning out incredibly effective and sought-after products for years to come. Through science, Jeunesse Global is well on its way to creating Generation Young.

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Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s CEO

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After reading about Doe Deere, the CEO of the cosmetic line Lime Crime, I must say that I am in awe! As a woman who loves great colors in lipstick, I get excited when I see a vibrant colors that will make anyone take a second look. Doe is an inspiration to women in business. Especially women who are entrepreneurs that have made a name for themselves by coming up with a product from the creativity of their minds. Doe seems to have always wanted to brand herself. She has a strong interest in fashion and beauty. In 2004, she started her own eBay account for her DIY fashion line. She modeled her clothing herself to show other women that it is indeed possible to be fashionable and create some trends yourself. Doe started to increase her brand and following at the same time.

Doe was always on the hunt for vibrant colors when it came to makeup and soon realized that certain colors she was looking for she just couldn’t seem to find. So, in 2008, Doe started Lime Crime. Lime Crime is certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny. This goes to show that Doe cares for the environment as well as animals because she wanted to create a product that would be less harsh on the skin as other products. Lime Crime also was one of the fastest growing e-commerce beauty brands out there. Doe had a vision to be able to reach more customers with her product. The main way she felt that it would work was through e-commerce. Some experts told her that she couldn’t really do that because they felt that customers would always want to try on the product before they made a purchase, but they were wrong. Doe found a way to market her brand so that she would be able to become successful fairly quickly by being able to offer more people her products.

A day in the life of Doe was revealed to us, the readers, and its something to marvel at. Doe, explained in a blog what her morning routine was like. Doe told us how she doesn’t wake up to an alarm clock and that she wakes up at 8:30am every morning on autopilot. Talk about someone who is focused and has a handle on her life. She also goes to explain how she does her stretches to get at least some exercise in during the day. She eats breakfast that contains fruit, yogurt, grits, and freshly squeezed orange juice. She also may check a few emails along with her social media to stay up-to-date with her following. She then begins to do her makeup. Doe likes her makeup time in the morning because she says, “I get to spend time by myself and be free.” Most of Doe’s makeup that she uses on her face is by her own product line. She and her staff believe that they should test their products first to see if they are worthy of their customers. I think this is a great strategy. Besides, people who use their own product show in their actions that they believe in it.

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3 Benefits Of Shea Butter

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The benefits of shea butter are many as it contains essential vitamins like A and E, minerals and fatty acids. All this is good for your skin as they help moisturize and aid in anti-ageing.


If you are wondering if shea butter is right for you, check out these main benefits.


  1. Moisturizer

With its ability to soothe, hydrate, and balance your skin, shea butter has become an essential tool in fighting dry skin and eczema. You can even use it for dry scalps and chapped lips.


Studies have shown that unrefined shea butter can hep reverse dry skin in as little as three days.


  1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties that work well to combat sunburns, scrapes, and bruises.


In a 2010 study, mice suffering from edema were given shea fat compounds and their inflammation was reduced by over 45 percent. Shea butter has also been found to be an effective nasal decongestant.


  1. Antiaging Properties

For centuries shea butter has been used to reduce wrinkles and keep skin healthy looking. With its abundance of vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids, shea butter is an essential tool to aid in your skin’s elasticity and suppleness.


During clinical studies, subjects who used shea butter wound up having brighter, clearer skin. There was even evidence of reduced wrinkles and less sun damage.


However, getting the right shea butter can make all the difference. Take a company like Eugenia Shea, they are dedicated to using only natural shea butter in their products and have the highest standards.


By using raw, unrefined shea butter Eugenia Shea offers their customers a smart alternative to the other mass produces products in the market.

Lime Crime Helps Me Look and Feel My Best

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Lime Crime has long been one of my favorite makeup lines. It’s no secret why. For one, I love variety and Lime Crime provides me with exactly that. They have such a diverse line of products that you never have to have the same look twice! That’s because Lime Crime embraces diversity. They want everyone to find their own unique look and embrace it. Lime Crime provides variety in two different ways.

For one, they have a variety of different products. This isn’t just your typical makeup. They have eyeshadows, lipsticks, liners, hair chalk, zodiac glitter, and so much more. If you can think of a cosmetic, they most likely have it. Their variety goes further than that. It comes with the colors that they have. There are so many different shades of lipsticks that I sometimes have a hard time choosing. I like this makeup line because I no longer have to settle for just pinks or reds when it comes to lip-wear.


This makeup line is more than just great variety, they also have long lasting products. The lip shades glide on my lips so smoothly and it stays on the whole day. I only have to do light touchups to make sure that I still look good. My lipstick doesn’t clump or look tacky. Instead, I apply it in the morning and it looks flawless and it stays that way through my day.


Whenever I need a little bit of inspiration, there is a look book available on their website where I can go for inspiration. I can see what other types of looks people are rocking and I can go from there. I also get inspiration from the creator of these products. She always looks so flawless rocking the products and that makes me realize I can look just as flawless! These makeup products truly inspire me to look and feel my best, and the Velvetines from Amazon are affordable, and still go on super smooth.