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Recent Rumor About Ben Affleck and Batman

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Fans who follow the DCEU know about Ben Affleck’s feelings towards being Batman. Among the things that he has said about his role as Batman was that he wanted out. This might be due to the issues that have been going on with the studios. After all, a lot of the films in the DCEU have turned out to be disasters. The large event film which was the Justice League was a huge disappointment to people largely because of the studio interference. Many people are still hoping for a Zack Snyder cut of the Justice League, but if Suicide Squad is any indication, this may not happen.


One of the original plans that Ben Affleck had for Batman was that he was not only going to star as Batman, but he was also going to direct a Batman film. However, a lot of frustrating occurrences have led the star to rethink his plan to direct a Batman film. The directorial role has gone to Matt Reeves who has handled movies in the Planet of the Apes franchise. Then it has gotten to the point where Ben Affleck has stated that he wanted out of the role as Batman which was a blow dealt to fans everywhere because they loved his portrayal as Batman.


As of right now, there are rumors going around saying that Ben Affleck wants to continue in the role as the Dark Knight. However, as of right now, it can only be taken as a rumor. Ben Affleck might have stuck to his guns about leaving the DCEU and allowing another actor to take on the role as Batman. The problem is a lot bigger than Ben Affleck, though. The studios have to let the filmmakers tell their story.

Ben Affleck May Not Play As Batman in the Upcoming Solo Batman Flick

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Ever since stepping down as director of the upcoming film, there has been anticipation that Ben Affleck might not even star in the upcoming film. It seems that this idea is correct. Matt Reeves has pretty much said that he is going to recast the role of Batman. While this is rather disappointing to fans, there could be plenty of reasons behind this. There is no telling what The Batman is going to be about. Some even suggest that it is not even a part of the DCEU. One thing that is every bit as likely is that it could go into an earlier time in Batman’s life before he has met Superman and formed the Justice League.

While a lot remains unknown about the plot of the upcoming Batman movie, there have been ideas that it is going to be more of a detective story than an action film. One thing that fans have been complaining about with the Batman movies is that there seems to be too much focus on the action and not enough on the detective side of Batman, seeing that he is supposed to have the reputation of the world’s greatest detective.

While the DCEU has faced a lot of challenges in getting off the ground, there are plans to get everything back on track. As of right now, the MCU is outshining the DCEU, but even the MCU had its not so proud moments. Among the films that are being tossed around is Flashpoint, which is supposed to be a big event for the DCEU. Among the better films in the DCEU are Wonder Woman and Man of Steel.