Shawn Corey Carter, better known as “JAY-Z”, took home no 2018 Grammy Awards from the televised music awards ceremony last night. However, he could claim the honor of receiving more nominations this year (eight) than any other musical artist attending the event. His nominations covered several coveted categories, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Rap Performance. His album 4:44 has generated a lot of attention. It figured prominently in the nominations.

A Merit Award

JAY-Z attended the Clive Davis celebration conducted the day before the actual Grammy Awards. He did receive the President’s Merit Award at that gala. His fellow nominee in the Best Rap Song category, Lamar Kendrick, announced support for “Jay for President” during his Grammy acceptance speech.

A Successful Rap Career

Born in Brooklyn in 1969, JAY-Z will probably not miss the lack of Grammy Awards during 2018. He has already accumulated 21 of them over the course of an illustrious career in rap music and recording. A high school dropout from an impoverished neighborhood, he admitted during an interview several years ago to a rough youth exposed to cocaine dealing and violence. His music often reflects his familiarity with harsh living conditions.


In 1995, JAY Z joined with others to form an independent record label. Subsequent distribution deals enabled his rap albums to reach a wide audience. He soon expanded his business holdings. He reportedly received three years probation in 2000 after pleading guilty to stabbing record producer Lance Rivera at a party in 1999. JAY Z has toured extensively and performed on stage at many concerts. He married Beyoncé. The celebrity couple appeared at a Cleveland campaign event on behalf of Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.