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Killmonger’s Fate Never Given a Second Thought In Black Panther Film

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People who have seen Black Panther know Killmonger’s fate in the film. However, there is one thing that may come as a surprise to people. It is that the creative team behind the film have never considered giving Killmonger a different fate. One of the most interesting things about the MCU is that it is not known for having strong memorable villains. The only villains that are memorable are Loki, The Winter Soldier, and Killmonger. Two of them have lived on to become new protagonists. Killmonger has suffered a different fate leaving the audience with a haunting line.

One of the best things about Killmonger is that he is not the typical villain. Instead, he is simply against the ways of Wakanda which has conducted itself as a separatist culture. Killmonger was not only angry that his father was killed and he was abandoned by his own, but that he identifies with the people who have suffered simply because of Wakanda’s way of abandonment. Therefore, when he had the chance, his goal was to bring forth all of the technology from Wakanda as a means of overthrowing all of the oppressors. In the end, his intentions were noble to the point that T’Challa has decided in the end to honor Killmonger.

One thing about Killmonger’s death is that it was always planned from the first draft. One thing that was communicated with his death is that T’Challa and Killmonger could not coexist. For one thing, it was not just the philosophical differences they were having to deal with, it was the methodical differences as well. Another thing to consider is that Killmonger was too far gone to change.

Killmonger Represents The Audience

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One interesting thing about Black Panther is the villain of the film. While Black Panther shows Wakanda and the culture as something that we as a people strive to be, Killmonger is also representation of us as we are now. He is both the best and the worst of us. When it was stated that Killmonger has real world sensibilities, it meant that Killmonger is actually the voice of those that have been oppressed trying to be noticed by those who have not experienced oppression and poverty. This actually brings a “Tale of Two Cities” element to the Black Panther film.

One interesting thing is that Killmonger not only represents the audience members, particularly those that have come from a history with oppression, he is also one who represents the person who has the knowledge and the skills needed to gain some of the riches from a thriving group with the intentions of spreading it out to others who have been oppressed. It also shows the perception of those who have waited it out and have had enough.

One thing that can be said about oppression is that the oppressors are not necessarily going to have a change of heart. At some point, the oppressed realize that they are going to have to go out and take the type of freedom that they want for themselves. This is one thing that Killmonger has attempted to do. While people have fought for Wakanda, Killmonger has fought for the people in the rest of the world. One thing that can be said about Killmonger is that he is truly a tragic and heartbreaking character in the film’s narrative.

Producer States That Killmonger is not Evil for Goals But Has Wrong Methods

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One of the aspects of Black Panther that has stood out with the audience is Killmonger. He is often regarded as one of the best villains in the MCU. One thing that they will say about Killmonger is that he is someone that many people will agree with. Even the main protagonist has seen his point and the tragedy of the character. One thing that producer Nate Moore says about the Black Panther film is that the main antagonist of the film is not evil for his goals. He just has some really bad methods.

The one thing that Killmonger wanted to do in the film was not become the King of Wakanda. Being a king was the means to an end. Instead, he has wanted to help the less fortunate overcome oppression. He was sort of a Robin Hood in a way. He has wanted to gain the wealth of a culture in order to use it to the better of others in the world. In a way, Killmonger does achieve his goals for Wakanda in that T’Challa decides to use Vibranium for the good of other cultures in the world.

This is one of the best antagonists a film has had. This could start a new method of looking at antagonists. One other thing that could be done in order to make a compelling antagonist is bring about a relationship in which both the protagonist and antagonist learn from each other. While there may be a little bit of tension, it is solved through conversation as opposed to just fighting it out with one man standing and one man dying. Black Panther has brought a lot of good things to the industry.

Donald Glover Gave Some Help In The Black Panther Script

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Ryan Coogler has put together a good movie with Black Panther. One thing that people will notice with Black Panther is that while there are some funny moments, it is a serious film for the most part. A lot of films in the MCU have been released as comedic even going a little towards the slapstick. Some of the funny movies were advertised as dark and serious. For instance, Iron Man 3 was advertised as this heavy and dramatic film when it turned out to be a complete comedy.

However, even with Black Panther being a serious film, the funny moments are really funny and they do not draw attention to itself. It actually works well in the flow of the film. One thing that can hurt a film is if it seems to stop in order to tell a joke or force something funny in the film. One of the best things that Black Panther does is set up some characters in the film. Therefore, there will be some funnier characters and more serious characters, and they play off of each other well.

One thing that has helped Black Panther was when it was shown to Donald Glover. Donald was able to bring something into the mix that has made the film funnier without ruining the flow. Donald Glover himself has a lot of experience with comedy. He has worked in comedy and drama. He is starring in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story as Lando Calrissian. He is showing himself to be a very capable actor in the projects that he is involved in. He has also appeared in the MCU in the movie Spider-Man Homecoming.

Wakanda of Black Panther Was Inspired By Gotham of The Dark Knight

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One of the most memorable parts of Black Panther is the city of Wakanda. Ryan Coogler and the rest of the team has taken the time to think about the city of Wakanda. When they have thought through the designs, one inspiration that has come up was that of Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. However, Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy has taken on subtle differences in appearance for each film. There have been other inspirations behind Wakanda. After all, the city of Wakanda has not only shown a futuristic landscape but also depicted a respect for tradition.

One thing that can be said for Black Panther is that the visuals were one of the best aspects of the film. There have been tons of good shots. There have also been a lot of attention paid to the attire of the characters. The cast was able to enjoy some of the greatest fashions which has brought out a sense of confidence in them. The way the characters carried themselves is very admirable. This shows a culture that is a lot different from what black movies usually show.

One of the best things about Black Panther is that even though it is to set up the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, it is not played like a set up for the next film. It is its own film and contains its own universe. This also feels like a set up for the new beginning of the MCU which happens after Avengers 4. In a way, Black Panther is like the new Iron Man. The next two Avengers movies are going to be like an apocalypse which transitions to the next generation of Marvel heroes.

The Significance of The Black Panther Movie

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Black Panther has recently been released, and it has impressed audiences throughout the world. Among the people that have been happy with the film and the success of the film are African Americans. One thing that they have often said is that it is rare that there is a black superhero. Some people would go so far to say that Black Panther is the first black superhero film. However, this ignores other characters like Blade who is the first super hero to appear on screen without it being a parody. Other films that have shown black superheroes were Blankman and Meteor Man, both were comedies.

One thing that can be said for Black Panther is that it is the first black Marvel superhero film with a predominantly black cast. The other black superhero films that were serious had a black lead with the rest of the cast being non-black. The best part is that the film is a success which shows that there is a market for movies with a predominantly black cast that is not a hood movie.

One of the best things about Black Panther is that it is a black movie that shows a positive image of a black culture. At the same time, it does feature a character in the film that gives nods to the real world and the struggles that other people outside of the fictional city of Wakanda have gone through. Black Panther has not only had a really good superhero, but a really good villain as well. This is the type of villain where even though he is a bad person, his motives are easy to understand.