‘Boarding House Reach’ Proves To Be Another Success For Jack White

Rock n’ roller Jack White continues to dominate the Billboard chart with his latest album, ‘Boarding House Reach.’ The guitar legend’s third solo EP follows White’s two previous albums at the number one spot. This 2018 album is also the first rock record to reach the top of the Billboard charts this year.

‘Boarding House Reach’ follows ‘Lazaretto’ in 2014 and 2012’s ‘Blunderbuss’ to further further the performer’s reputation as a number one artist. Selling 124,000 copies its first week alone, this well-anticipated album is certain to be a Grammy nod if not a contender for Album of the Year.

How Does This Project Compare To White’s Former Work and Other Artists?

Surprisingly, Jack White has seen more success as a solo artist over his work with previous bands. His arguably most well-known group, The White Stripes, were supremely successful reaching number two on the charts with the album ‘Icky Thump’ in 2007. Other notable group The Dead Weather reached number seven on Billboard twice.

Album sales of ‘Boarding House Reach’ were only surpassed by Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ upon its debut. However, vinyl copies of the record reached 270,000 units, making it the fourth best sum for vinyl in over 25 years.

Other notable chart toppers include movie soundtracks ‘Black Panther – The Album’ and ‘The Greatest Showman.’ Top artists also include newcomers such as Post Malone, Logic, and Camila Cabello. Fan favorites Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons rounded the back of the top 10 list.

Rumor has it anticipated albums from acts like The Weeknd and Hayley Kiyoko wo;; be the next contenders to take White’s place, so stay tuned.