Horror fans must come to terms with somber news. The beloved character of Ash from the Evil Dead franchise may be no more if Starz’s Ash vs. The Evil Dead isn’t renewed for a fourth season. Bruce Campbell, the star who made Ash so memorable, recently spoke at a public event and suggested he won’t be returning to the role if the series ends up canceled. At one point, Campbell noted he could return in a feature film role but this seems to be off the table.

Campbell debuted the character of Ash in the 1981 film The Evil Dead. The film was a dark, frightening, and violent horror movie. The sequel to the sleeper hit, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, surprising moved the series into horror-comedy territory. The third film, Army of Darkness, was pure comedy. The two sequels, however, were far from box office hits. A recent Evil Dead remake returned the series to violent horror and was a massive box office success. Curiously, plans for a sequel were scrapped and the comedic horror/gore series Ash vs. the Evil Dead went into production for Starz.

Critics and fans found the outrageous television series to be a hilarious parody of the current zombie apocalypse/living dead movie and TV series fad. The satirical show allowed Campbell to flesh out the silly character of Ash along with an equally appealing supporting cast.

Unfortunately, Starz isn’t the most popular of pay channels and Ash vs. the Evil Dead probably hasn’t boosted subscriber rolls enough for the cable channel to renew the series. Worst yet, the rating for the third season declined to disastrous levels. Starz probably doesn’t feel much enthusiasm for renewing a series fewer people show interest in watching. Hopefully, the series comes back for a fourth season but things don’t look good at this point.