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Is The Talk Fusion App Really All That And More

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Talk Fusion is a well-known video communication solution company that serves countries all around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The company offers exciting income, for relationship marketing, and introduced the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Recently, they have released Fusion on the Go app that helps your company do great in the business world. The app is on iPhones, iPads and if you have an Android device, you will need to have a new one or have access to the 4.4.3 system. Video email allows you to connect with your contacts. You can send video email messages right from your device, so you can oversee any marketing campaigns no matter where you are.


Why Video in Email?


Using video messages in your email allows you to grab the attention of your customers, vendors, and employees. When you grab their attention, the more likely they are to go to your website and purchase whatever you are selling.


Using the App


When you access the app, you can record a live video or if you have an older video that you wish to send, you can do that as well. Once the video has finished uploading, you will be able to choose a template, more features and even change the outgoing display names.


One of the greatest things that Bob Reina likes to talk about is the fact that you can use Talk Fusion to call your family and friends. You will be able to use the video with different devices by using the shared link. This is a great option for those that do not live close to their families.


Another great thing about the Fusion on the Go app is that you can hose and secure private meeting rooms. Once you are finished, you will be able to store those so that you can go back to it at any time. The app also lets you hold international video calls as long as you have a great internet connection.


App Features and Upgrades


App upgrades will happen periodically with the Talk Fusion app. Picture messaging is one of the latest app features as well as the new feature where you can set up a chat room based on the country. You will also be able to add several friends to the chat at once and you will be able to see who is available, and who is not. There are no ads with this app which will keep it headache free. Learn more:


Overall, it seems that the Talk Fusion app, Fusion on the Go is a great app to get for businesses as well as those who wish to be able to video chat with their friends. It has an extremely easy to use set up and it is very simple. Many people are flocking to get this app on their device.

Louis Chenevert Aerospace Days

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Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He was appointed as the CEO of the firm in 2008 and served up to 2014. In his time as the CEO, he left a clean track record of performance. He is remembered for enhancing the operations of the company at a time when the world financial sector was in a mess. He steered company and made it profitable when others were closing down. His contribution to the aerospace industry will be remembered for many years since he was the one behind the invention of the geared turbofan jet engine that is sued in commercial and military planes.

Louis Chenevert joined the aerospace industry after serving for 14 years in the auto industry. He was the assembly line manager at general motors in Canada. He left with a record of making production efficient. The assembly line was producing one car in one minute. His abilities to boost production came from his line of education, in the university, he had taken up a degree in production management which enabled him to facilitate faster and efficient production in the companies he has worked for. His expertise in the auto industry would play a huge role when he joined the aerospace industry.

After making the switch, he joined Pratt &Whitney which is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. P&W deals with the production of jet engines. As the production manager here, he influenced the production department to lower the production time of one jet engine from 2 years to 9 months. Louis Chenevert knew that efficiency would translate to better productivity for the company.

Louis Chenevert initiated the process of constructing the first geared turbofan engine while working for Pratt & Whitney. He would later be appointed the CEO of UTC even before completing the project. This, however, did not stop him from pushing for completion of the project. As the CEO, he facilitated the funding of the project to a tune of $10 billion. Although it was initially thought to be a bad business decision by critics, he proved them wrong since it is currently one of the best-selling products for UTC and a top profits creator.

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Ronald Fowlkes- A Military Veteran and a Business Wizard

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Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial Products of Eagle Industries Unlimited based in St. Louis, Missouri. He attributes his success to his experience as a US marine and as a mentor of the St Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team.

Ronald Fowlkes has been the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial Products of Eagle Industries Unlimited based in St. Louis, Missouri since 2008. His job involves calling customers across America, providing product education for sales personnel and selecting the best products for sale or development.

Ronald Fowlkes believes that his successful career is based on his creditable service in the US Marines. He learned that honor accountability and respect were the core values that contribute to a successful military career and success in business. His military career taught him that attention to detail is an ongoing process and does not end once a sale is made. He efficiently manages sales teams based on his training as a marine.

Ronald Fowlkes is a member and off-ice trainer of the St. Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team. He is also responsible for the quality of the equipment used by the team. He mentors the team using the principle that the team should be responsible in helping each individual player even if the player is weak.

Ronald Fowlkes is a veteran, sportsperson, and businessman who believes a combination of camaraderie and discipline contributes to business success.


Twitter Is More Interesting With Shervin Pishevar

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It is so critically important to listen to good voices when it comes to Twitter. A lot of people waste their time on Twitter reading tweets from people that do not contribute anything to the fabric of our social conversations. That does not have to be the case. There are choices that one can make to make their personal Twitter feed more enlightening and helpful to them personally to grow out the amount of knowledge that they have in life.

Shervin Pishevar is an excellent person to follow if you want a Twitter account that has a little more flavor in its feed. What he does that is so unique is write about economic topics in a way that many others are afraid to. Put another way, he just goes for it. He is not particularly afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the big issues of the day. Rather than hiding from his beliefs for the sake of others, Shervin Pishevar tries to push them even harder so that people know exactly where he stands. By doing this, Shervin Pishevar has proven himself to be a worthwhile voice to listen to.

Recently, he went on a tweet storm that took a lot of people by surprise. Once he got to talking, it was hard to stop him. He just wanted to keep spouting things out until he had put out fifty tweets worth of thoughts that he has about the economic situation as it stands today. The main thing that Pishevar was trying to accomplish here was to point to the fact that he believes that there is a coming financial storm brewing. He believes that if he can point this out to people that he can hopefully help prevent them from falling into the traps that are being set up in our economy.

It is vital that those who listen to what Shervin Pishevar has to say are always willing to at least give his thoughts the attention that they deserve. It may just turn out to be the case that something that he says actually helps you as an investor or a person.

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Stream Energy: Cornerstone Example

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Stream Energy is an energy company that sells different forms of energy to its customers at a discounted rate. One interesting fact about Stream Energy is that the services are probably not the only thing that attracts new customers. The customer service is more than likely a big part of the reason that individuals choose to use their services. The associates take the time out to get to know the customers to understand their needs. They use this information to help match them with the services that meet their needs financially and physically. Another thing that probably attracts associates and customers is how much Stream Energy cares about their community. Customers want to be a part of a company that has their back. Stream cares so much about their community that they are not only understanding but in the case of a natural disaster or homelessness, they help fund the recovery. Now that sounds like a company anyone would love to be a part of. Merely compare Stream to other companies that start collection calls to find out why one hasn’t paid their bill yet. They don’t seem to care very much about why even though they ask. All they really want to know is when you will pay the money. Charity and philanthropy are a big part of the Stream Energy brand. The company has been in business for more than 13 years and each year is evolving more and more into the perfect role model for other companies. Believe it or not, the generosity rating for Texas has increased thanks to Stream. Texas is not listed as a generous state. It can also be said that the company is a first responder to natural disaster as well. Hurricanes and tornados are full of devastation, loss, and hurt. People in the impacted neighborhoods lose their homes, loved ones, and pets. Looking at the number of insurance companies that do not cover the extreme damages caused by these types of storms, many have to start from scratch with no money, or the ability to fix their homes. That is why companies like Stream Energy has made a positive difference.

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Larkin & Lacey

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started an organization based on their passion for America to be an equal society. The organization, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, is well-known for the efforts that it makes to help Latinos and immigrants attain the highest pinnacle of dignity in American society. These groups are having trouble due to a longstanding social paradigm of white-supremacy, bigotry and exclusion. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Some of the honorable organizations that Lacey and Larkin support include the Colibri Center for Human Rights, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Kino Border Initiative, Si Se Puede Foundation, Can The Border Divide Us?, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and Arizona Justice Project.

They operate behind the idea that undocumented immigrants aren’t actually being picked on because of their legal status—they are being picked on because they are seen as “undesirable” for racial reasons.

Their undocumented status is just an excuse for authorities and citizens to pick on racial minorities. If authorities and citizens really do pick on undocumented people for citizenship reasons, that is still not an acceptable excuse. Picking on people for being undocumented shows bigotry and xenophobia toward foreigners and immigrants. Read more:  Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Sheriff Arpaio is guilty of picking on people for being undocumented, as well as for being Latino. He is notorious for years of taking advantage of his political position to do this.

Throughout the years, many Latinos who were citizens felt thoroughly insulted as he accused them of being “illegal aliens.” He insulted and bothered so many people that lawsuits and court cases were brought up against him and the county that he worked for. Read more:

Arpaio did so much damage that in the eyes of liberal-minded people he is the devil. To make matters worse, he refuses to apologize for everything that he has done. In fact, he justifies it by claiming that what he did is in his job description.

This is the problem with law enforcement officials—they think that they can do whatever they want just because they are authority figures and possess firearms. There are too many incidents to count where police officers have used brute force to wrongfully murder people and animals.

Sheriff Arpaio is also a politician. Politicians can be pretty brazen because they wield so much political power. They are able to pull a lot of strings to make horrible things happen. Such a situation occurred when Sheriff Arpaio pulled strings to have Maricopa County issue subpoenas to Lacey and Larkin.

The deeds of politicians and law enforcement officials should be checked every so often, because they are in a position of power. Politicians, law enforcement officials and even anyone who works for the government is in a position of power.

People in these roles sometimes complain that they aren’t paid enough and want more, but they are still in positions of authority and power where they can really do a lot of damage to people’s lives.

Lacey and Larkin are sensible to put out news about the misdeeds of local politicians and law enforcement officials, because the general population needs to stay informed about these things.

About Dr. Mark Mofid

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Dr. Mark Mofid is one of your idealistic plastic surgeon representations out of the La Jolla, California area. His research is broad, extends to territories of Brazil and beyond. In aspects of his research, he was able to conclude the Playboy centerfold look, putting many smiles on his female patient’s faces after procedures of the likes. He is also famous for his innovative product creation of butt implants, Natural Contour Implants by ContourFlex.

Mr. Mofid was a splendid student at Harvard University. His professors were incredibly appreciative of his work and efforts. He was a highly influenced student that other students gravitated towards, totally exhibited a bright display of intelligence and ambition. He would graduate Harvard magna cum laude. He would earn his medical degree at John Hopkins University, where he would also earn an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. He would also have a huge influence on the others and showcase an extensive sufficiency of ambition. Harvard was a great start for the doctor.

He currently works in three different hospitals: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center and Sharp Chula Medical Center. In these hospitals is where much of the magic is created. In addition to working within these hospitals, he is also the founder of Mark Mofid M.D. FACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, this is where many of the most beautiful women have come out of looking like a Playboy centerfold. Dr. Mark Mofid is a busy man with goals of putting as many smiles on patient’s faces as possible through creative aesthetic body enhancements. He feels as though if you look good, you feel good and he fails not even the least at successfully bringing dreams to reality.

In a trip to Brazil, Dr. Mark Mofid studies with a renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Raul Gonzalez. He would get an up close and personal learning experience with a popular plastic surgeon of a country well-known for its success in butt implants. He would gain the knowledge and take it back to the United States, where butt implanting isn’t as common, making the United States more proficient in the likes. In addition, he would create a butt implant that would minimize errors, fit more comfortably and appear a lot more attractive, one that would safely fit within the gluteus maximus muscle. This would serve as an innovative product.

For more information on the great Dr. Mark Mofid, visit the Mark Mofid Twitter Page for further details.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Survivor, Entrepreneur

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Some of the businesses that have been hit by any of the hurricanes may or may not have decided to rebuild after the floods were gone. Dr. Mark McKenna was no exception, making it through Hurricane Katrina, and having to rebuild his real estate business.

Who is Dr. Mark McKenna?

Dr. Mark McKenna did earn his medical degree from Tulane Medical School in 1999 but instead of becoming a doctor like his father, he decided to build a real estate business in New Orleans. He did decide to close this business though to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Here he opened up ShapeMed which is a chain that offered cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal, and counseling for nutrition and weight management. In 2015 though, Dr. McKenna sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness, and then joined their staff. Although in 2016 he decided it wasn’t for him so he quit.


In 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to start a new venture which opened its door in March 2018. This new venture he named OVME which is pronounced “of me.” His vision for OVME is to be a national chain of cosmetic medical offices that also has an app that functions like that of Uber. This way customers will be able to contact freelance practitioners, and these practitioners will make house calls on demand.

OVME is going to offer a skin and facial services, body and health services, and new solutions to weight management. These include injections of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, vivace micro-needling, testosterone replacement therapy, and PRP, each with their own specialty. You are also able to become a member of OVME which includes special benefits.

Dr. Mark McKenna goes above and beyond when it comes to his profits with OVME. He has decided that a portion of the proceeds from all the sales of the products and procedures are going to be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation who he has partnered with.

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Radicalism Addressed By JNS Author Adam Milstein

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There are many areas the philanthropist Adam Milstein of Hager Pacific Partners has taken an interest in and hopes to bring to the attention of the world through his work as a blogger and writer for the “Jewish News Syndicate”. A former member of the Israeli Defence Force during the Yom Kippur War, Adam Milstein has been an active member of the Jewish community across the globe for decades and uses his voice to raise awareness of the problems he sees facing the community and the world as a whole through the JNS publication.

Milstein has recently been concerned with the rise in radicalism from both the left and right of politics as the Jewish community has often been linked to both sides of the radical world by those with opposing voices. As he has seen the rise in anti-semitism of recent years, Adam Milstein believes he must speak out against the constant issues he believes are damaging the political landscape of the U.S.

In his recent JNS article, Adam Milstein discussed the options open to the people of the world to battle a rising level of rhetoric being targeted towards the Jewish community from all sides. One of the areas which have caused a great deal of concern for Milstein is the growing links between liberals in the U.S. and member of the radical Muslim community who have referred to members of the Jewish community as “white supremacists”. The USC graduate believes the links between the radical left and liberal groups is damaging for all as recent protests in American colleges and universities have expressed a desire to blame the Jewish community and Israel for issues across the Middle East.

Anti-semitism is now a new problem for the people of the world but one which has caused violence and damaging rhetoric to become the norm across much of the world for centuries. However, Adam Milstein sees members of the so-called “alt-right” stirring anti-semitic feeling using age-old tactics designed to damage the reputation of the Jewish community across the globe.

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Compassion is Key at Aloha Construction

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Hiring a contractor can conjure up feelings of uncertainty in most homeowners. Will they complete the job? Will they guarantee their work? Will they track dirt into the living room? Finding a reputable contractor can sometimes feel more like gambling with the outcome left up to the fates. Fortunately, Aloha Construction is raising the bar for this industry. Located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha is family-owned and has been in business for over ten years. David Farbaky, President and CEO, sums up his philosophy as, “being focused on what we do best; providing outstanding products and unsurpassed customer service.” Practicing this principal, Aloha Construction has grown from a small family business into a leading contracting firm that services all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

In 2017, Aloha won the prestigious BBB Torch Award for Ethics. Once a business is nominated, an individual panel reviews the company to see how they measure up to the Better Business Bureau’s 6 Principles of Trust! The business nominated must meet high standards of ethics with their employees, their customers, as well as their commitment to the community. Aloha Construction beat out its competitors based on their charitable contribution of creating social opportunities for the children of their community. The Torch Award Program highlighted a partnership between Aloha Construction and Omni Youth. Together, they provided an all-expense paid Christmas shopping spree for children in need. In addition, they sent a child with Congenital Heart Disease along with twelve of his friends to their first Bulls Game. And just this year, Aloha has donated 100 tickets to the Boys & Girls Club Bloomington-Normal for the Central Illinois Flying Aces Fan Appreciation Night, along with donating $1965 to the Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services.

It is clear what drives Aloha is compassion and dedication to their community. Anyone using their services can feel confident they are dealing with a reputable and ethical contractor they can trust. If you would like more information about Aloha Construction or their services, you can call the main office at Lake Zurich: 844.540.7711 or email them at:–147077274/pp

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