Perry Mandera a former Marine with a heart of gold. Full of giving and compassion toward those in need; founded a company called Custom Cares where he donates most of his time and financial resources to help many charitable organizations (Customco). His giving is something that is admired and should be modeled after. He has helped many families, businesses get started, and has provided numerous career opportunities throughout the country. Perry Mandera is what true role models are made of and the type of person kids growing up should hear about and look up to. In a world full of selfishness and lack of empathy, what would the world be like if we patterned ourselves after the same model of Perry Mandera, and that is to “Give back” or “Pay it forward”. Many would see and know that there is nothing wrong with giving or showing that you care, and that it does not make one weak to show or have compassion as society has made it seem to be. With this type of mentality a sense of camaraderie could be restored back in our local communities branching out from state to state to our country spreading to other countries outside of us. Although Perry Mandera is not the only philanthropist of our time, his devotion seems that of a lifetime spent of giving. His life is lived in such a way that aids in the fulfillment of others while being fulfilled by serving others; as I believed he discovered this during his time of serving in the Marine Corp. While we all may not have served in the Marines, I believe we all at some point in our lives get the unction to live a selfless life. Rather we have an epiphany of such, that life is not about living for ourselves but about being of service in our everyday lives in the simplest of ways. Whether it’s going to the grocery store for your elderly neighbor or picking up trash in the neighborhood, point is we can all take a note or two from the model of Perry Mandera by paying it forward.