Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan co-starred in 2005’s Step Up. In that film, two high school students from different walks of life fall for each other. The real life story worked out even better as the pair became an actual couple soon after. Tatum and Dewan wed on July 11 of 2009 amid much fanfare and publicity. Since that time, few couples have seen such a large following on social media.

A Little Background On Tatum and Dewan

Without a doubt, everyone loves Channing and Jenna Tatum. Fans have watched the couple for years in awe of their deep affection for each other. April 2, 2018, will go down as a dark day for those same fans, though. On that day, the Tatums announced their separation on social media alongside a flurry of speculation from fans and the media. Their message depicted an amicable breakup and a mutual decision among close individuals.

Is There More To The Story? Who Knows?

Tatum and Dewan were an active husband and wife on social media for 8 years. They did nearly everything together and constantly shared tidbits about their lives. Also, the couple have a four year-old daughter named Everly. Their announcement mentions the family will remain strong and together despite the physical separation. It remains to be seen what details come out over the next few months.

What’s Next For Them?

Still, the breakup between the popular couple could indeed be something mundane. Not all relationships have to end in scandal or controversy. Tatum and Dewan have always been open about their relationship after all. Nonetheless, the media will run wild with theories about the split as often happens in the entertainment industry. Aside from the separation, we don’t know what these two will be doing in the near future.