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Dallas Texas Based Stream Energy Establishes The Stream Cares Foundation

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Stream Cares is a charitable foundation created by the innovative direct-selling energy products company Stream Energy. The company has been supporting charitable causes and organizations since its founding 14 years ago. Many people became aware of their work with the needy as a result of the wide range of services and support they provided to the displaced people and devastated communities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company sees its role as improving the quality of life for people by providing them with affordable home protection, gas, electricity and wireless services as well as philanthropic work.

In Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities, Stream Energy has long been making a concerted effort to address the problem of homelessness. The company has worked with  Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and local community organizations like Hope Supply Company to provide food, clothing, school supplies and shelter for the homeless. Stream has also paid for thousands of homeless children to enjoy themselves at water parks throughout Texas. The company has also donated money and a variety of other resources to support veterans in need all over the country.

By establishing the Stream Cares Foundation, Stream Energy will now be able to expand their philanthropic efforts and be able to help more people. The company is able to save on the cost of advertising through the use of direct-selling to the consumer. The money they save leads to lower energy rates for their customers and more money to give to charitable causes and needy people and communities. Not only does the company give as a corporate entity, but the employees are always looking for opportunities to give of their time, money, talent and resources. They can now better do that through Stream Cares. recently ran an article on Stream Energy talking about how they help communities both through high-quality, affordable energy products as well as philanthropy. It has helped people to become aware of the vital services the company offers to communities throughout Texas and across the country. Stream Energy is making an important and valuable impact on people’s lives.

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Lee May Beamridge: Boxing is Fun

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If your a big fan of boxing, have you ever wondered where do great boxers get their start. Well they get their start as amateurs before they become professional boxers. Lee May Beamridge, a construction company, has set out to help amateur boxers start and build their boxing careers. Beamridge has chosen to sponsor the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


If you have ever been a part of an amateur club you know that the one thing they are in need of is money. For the most part, they do this by have fundraising events, but with the help of Lee May Beamridge the Nemesis Amateur Boxing is having 10 k run. So people should come out and participate. The money received from the 10 k will go to help the boxing club to buy a minibus.


Lee May Beamridge has chosen to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing club, not just because they are fans of boxing, but because they genuinely want to help the club. Lee May Beamridge is a company that strives to be the best. From their owner to their managers they continue to push themselves to provide quality service. They have done this since 2013.


An example of how they strive to be the best is that their project manager, Dave Pirie, received a regional site manager award. Lee May Beamridge from Barry Nolan, their Managing Quantity Surveyor, to Kevin Young, their Land and Pre-Construction Manager, they are the perfect example of what every company should be. Lee May Beamridge is determined to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club get their minibus to take them to tournaments, they just need people to show up and help them. With all that Lee May Beamridge has accomplish in construction there is no doubt they will achieve their goal with the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


Perry Mandera: Transportation Humanitarian Of The 21st Century

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Mr. Perry Mandera is founder and CEO of the Custom Cares Charities, a non-profit charitable organization that has long been a vision of his.

As an thought innovator in the booming transportation field, Mr. Mandera has remained committed to strengthening the community around him. Through raising his own family with strong moral principles,

serving in and donating personal resources to his church, and many other works of service and kindness over the years since he served with distinction in the Marine Corps. Mandera joined the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school

in 1975 and was able to learn piloting transport vehicles while serving. Remarkably, Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, which is a great honor reserved for only the best Marines serving our country.


After leaving the Marines, Perry worked for multiple transportation firms to learn all he could about the industry and to increase his experience. It was not long until Mandera opened his first business venture, in 1980

fpunding a transport company of his own. However selling the company just five years later… After the sale of his first private venture, Mandera pursued his interest in politics and became a committeeman of the Republican Party of Illinois

in the city of Chicago. Mandera served Chicago with pride for a total of four years. In that position of public service, Mandera held the distinction of being the youngest person to hold that position.


After a remarkable career in public service, Perry founded a second business, The Custom Companies, Inc.. Which was founded in 1986, and is still growing moving forward into the 21st century.

The Custom Companies, Inc. works with many sizes of ventures from Forutne 100 corporations all the way to small family-owned businesses. Headquartered in Illinois, Custom Companies, Inc. is an employer of hundreds of workers.

Recently breaking the $200M in annual sales benchmark; there are various other subsidies and offices across the nation aiding system-wide growth. Custom Companies acts as a full-service transportation group,

purveying services lines such as foreign and domestic air freight, contract cartage, and local cartage. Custom Co. has a wide range of supplementary services and owns a bonded warehouse and distribtuion facility.

Stream Energy Shows Their Charitable Side

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Stream Energy is a national-level provider of electricity, wifi, phone service, and home security services. Founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji, the company began offering its services first in Texas. In 2008 they expanded business to Georgia, and then in five northeast states after that. Their meteoric rise seems poised to continue, but that is not the subject of this article. I want to focus on their philanthropic activities.

Stream Energy recently launched a philanthropy organization called Stream Cares, which has been engaged in a lot of charitable work, especially in their home state of Texas. Most of their recent efforts have been focused on assisting the victims of hurricane Harvey. While the company has been involved in charitable and philanthropic activities for about 12 years, they have now chosen to formalize this with the founding of this organization. The organization has good relations with both the Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity.

Stream Energy, through Stream Cares, donated 25,000 dollars to the Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. It is worth noting that they were one of the first companies to do so. They have also been accepting donations of all sorts for the victims of hurricane Harvey, so that anyone can help out through them.

One of the primary things that Stream Energy has tried to do with Stream Cares has been to combat the homelessness problem, which is particularly bad in the Dallas area. They have partnered with another group called Hope Supply Company to provide resources and assistants to the homeless in their area. This organization, funded by Stream Energy, delivers diapers, clothing, school supplies, medical care and a whole lot more for homeless children. They even organized a trip to a local water park for over 1000 homeless children. The fact that they could easily find 1000 homeless children shows you just how bad the problem is getting.

This isn’t the first time Stream has stepped in after a natural disaster to help. On the day after Christmas in 2016, a series of tornadoes touched down in North Texas. Stream quickly partnered with The Salvation Army to provide relief. They raised thousands of dollars in donations, which the company then matched.

It’s never a bad idea to give credit where credit is due, and clearly this business has gone above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect.

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Larkin & Lacey

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The U.S. District Judge Susan B. Bolton formally validated President Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio in October 2017. Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, had become a controversial figure in both American politics and the justice system in his six terms.

He was previous convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a judge’s order in a 2007 racial profiling case. He was sentenced prior to being criminally sentenced.

Arpaio is most known for his controversial opinions on illegal immigration and his tent city prison. He is also well-known for a case for a more controversial case involving two newspaper publishers named Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

The way they explain it, they were harassed by Arpaio during his years as county sheriff just because they sought the truth. Lacey and Larkin, former co-owners of Phoenix New Times, sought the truth on what regarding some issues with the treatment of Hispanics, torture, brutal jail conditions and jail suicides.

Lacey, in an interview about Arpaio’s pardon, reflected about the people who were jailed in the former sheriff’s jail. He called it a failure in the justice system. He (Arpaio) ignores a contempt of court and is pardoned as opposed to being help responsible for people who were abused and tortured in his prison. According to Lacey, their lives and careers were atacked and derailed because of the former sheriff’s rules and regulations.

Lacey did not comment on his run with Arpaio’s alleged rogue criminal system. It happened back in 2007 when Lacey and Larkin were arrested and taken from their homes under the cover of darkness by plainclothes detectives in unmarked cars.

These vehicles had Mexican license plates. They were arrested for a rarely used and known criminal statute that made it a felony to make public a law enforcement official’s address.

The real reason for their bogus arrest, according to the men, was a 2004 investigative article written by their reporter. The article showed Arpaio owed commercial real estate valued at about $700,000.

However, he only made approximately $78,000 a year. Arpaio was allegedly enraged about the story and wanted revenge. He was able to allegedly obtain short-lived revenge by arresting the two co-publishers for a felony.

The next day, the county’s attorney held a press conference announcing criminal charges against Larkin and Lacey were dropped. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

They threatened to sue because they were illegally detained by Arpaio and their First Amendment rights were violated.

The Ninth Circuit Court in 2012 ruled Lacey and Larkin had been arrested without needed probable case. They settled with the county for $3.75 million for the arrest.