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“Childish Gambino” Has No. 1 Hit With “This is America”

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Multi-talented musician, actor, producer, and writer Donald Glover, a.k.a “Childish Gambino” has scored his first No. 1 hit with his latest single, “This is America”. The track, in its debut, overtook Drake’s “Nice For What” for the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Childish Gambino has previously scored a No. 5 placement in the Billboard charts for his album “Awaken, My Love”, along with nominations for Album and Record of the Year.

He first performed the smash record as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, for which he also hosted. During the live show, Gambino dropped what would become the biggest video of the year and the talk of the entire country with his accompanying music video.

The “This is America” music video features Childish Gambino performing just about every dance move from hip hop culture, in the foreground of a chaotic scene in a warehouse. The chaos involved gun violence, people chasing after one another, and dancing on the tops of cars. At first glance, it is another entertaining video filled with dancing and commotion, but in depth analysis of the video as revealed an abundance of social commentary and metaphors.

You can watch the sensational video from Childish Gambino, here.

Gambino’s dancing has been interpreted to be a commentary on the role of black entertainers in American society, serving as a distraction from the harsh realities of life as an African American. With people all over the world tuning into the video for its message or for its catchy beat, it accumulated over 85.3 million views within a week of its release. As of May 16th, the video is nearing 130 million views and counting. Glover will go on a “This is America” tour, and act in the upcoming “Solo” Star Wars film.

What Donald Glover Suggested For Black Panther

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As has been reported, Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has made contributions to the Black Panther film along with his brother Stephen. He has suggested some scenes that may have made the film better. Recently, one of the suggested scenes have been revealed. Ryan Coogler is a fan of Childish Gambino and has contacted him to look at the script before filming began. One of the contributions he made to the screenplay was punch up some of the jokes in the film. It can be a bit difficult for the uninitiated to know what jokes Donald and his brother Stephen added or improved in the screenplay. However, fans may guess what has been contributed.


One scene that was punched up to make a joke was during the ceremony of T-Challa becoming the Black Panther. One thing Donald Glover add was to have Shuri raise her hand as a way to be humorous. This is actually horrifying to the family because challenges for the Black Panther mantle tend to be quite brutal as seen a little bit later in the film when M’Baku challenges T-Chaka.


With Black Panther and Infinity War dominating the box-office, it has been a big year for Marvel. There is just one more movie coming out from Marvel and it is Ant-man and the Wasp. This seems like a smaller and more humorous movie. However, there are reports that it might be taking place right alongside Infinity War and even setting up the events for Avengers 4. There are currently plans for Black Panther 2, which some people suggest could take place between Black Panther and Infinity War. However, it has been confirmed that the events of Black Panther will take place after Avengers 4.