Parysh Wood has been charged in the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man in New Brunswick. The incident occurred on November, 30th, 2012 when a man attempted to deliver a pizza on Quincy Circle. The resident explained he had not ordered a pizza so the deliveryman headed back to his vehicle. He was approached by three men who claimed it was their pizza. One of the men placed a gun against his head and demanded money. They stole the deliveryman’s pizza, money and wallet. They fled in a dark minivan parked in a nearby lot. Wood was placed at the location by cell phone information acquired by Detective Ron Seaman and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. Wood is being held at the Middlesex County Correction Center with his bail set at $100,000.


In a similar incident taking place May 7th, 2013 a pizza order was placed in Quincy Circle. The residents denied ordering a pizza and the deliveryman was walking back to his vehicle. He was accosted by three men with weapons who stole his pizza and his money before shooting him and driving away. Cell phone information led to the arrest of a suspect who was charged with obstructing justice, unlawfully possessing a weapon, and robbery. The same night a wounded individual at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is suspected to be an additional victim.


In October of 2015 another individual was shot at the New Brunswick Apartments. This crime involved four shootings and one individual with minor injuries. Several incidents at this apartment complex is have caused the police to keep watch. The numerous robberies and shootings have labeled the complex as a hot spot of consistent crimes. Incidences have ranged from domestic quarrels to shootings giving the area an incredibly poor reputation. Additional shootings in New Brunswick City left two more people in critical condition. There are armed men who reside in this area causing a dangerous level of security.


According to the police there have been too many cases of a similar nature occurring in this particular area. The police believe numerous phone calls to order pizza have been placed by women with the intention of setting a trap for the delivery person. Many of the neighborhood’s residents are not trustworthy causing the police to closely monitor the Quincy. The hope is the police will be able to catch the individual or individuals responsible for these crimes.