Pretty much everyone who is into pop culture or entertainment has heard something about The Room, the Tommy Wiseau directed cultural phenomenon. It has gained a huge following for unexpected reasons. For one thing, many people find the acting to be so unbelievable that it has actually kept the film from falling into obscurity. The movie itself has not only gained a lot of curiosity for Tommy Wiseau, but has also spawned a follow up book called The Disaster Artist and a film that is based on the book. Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero have gone on to host screenings for The Room and other stars have actually started releasing videos on YouTube in the style of Where are They Now.

As of right now, Tommy Wiseau is considering releasing his cult classic in 3D as a celebration for its unusual and unexpected success. Many fans are probably looking forward to hearing one of their favorite lines said by one of the stars while they are popping out of the screen. For one thing, it is very likely the 3D is going to bring out more of a stage play aspect of the film. At the same time, the green screen scenes are going to have a other-worldliness when it is looked at through the 3D glasses.

This could be a great event for people, especially people who regularly attend screenings. People get to throw spoons at the screen and watch it bounce off of the 3D image. The 3D is definitely going to add a new dimension to the already interesting story of The Room. Other possibilities with The Room include a potential sequel with the possibility of Johnny coming back as a vampire.