After 40 years or so, Shazam! returns in live-action form. The classic 1970’s Filmation television series lingers in the mind of Generation X television watchers who can never forget Saturday morning entertainment. With the upcoming Shazam! movie from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, a new generation of fans can view the exploits of the unique hero. In a recent video taken on the motion picture’s set, Shazam played by Zachary Levi saves a bus of people from crashing. That’s one of the things all-powerful superheroes do best. Superman definitely comes to mind when fans create images of heroes performing such heroic displays.

The one drawback here is some may consider Shazam! to be a bit derivative of The Man of Steel. Actually, Shazam! started out as the comic book character Captain Marvel and was published by a rival company. What makes Shazam different is a young teen named Billy Batson turns into the powerful hero. He may physically become the adult-sized hero, but he doesn’t acquire the mind of an adult. The superpowerful hero retains the maturity of a young kid. That makes for an intriguing character and one who may connect in a unique way with young viewers in the audience.

Currently, the DC Extended Universe really needs a shot in the arm. The forthcoming Aquaman movie must be a big hit both financially and critically in order for the DCEU to regain lost ground. Sad to say, Superman and Batman suffered mightily through poorly-conceived DCEU movies. Shazam! could provide a new and successful franchise that leads audiences to forget the weaker entries in the DCEU. Wonder Woman definitely did well. The planned sequel to Wonder Woman won’t likely falter at the box office.

Shazam! could become the next hot franchise since the potential to appeal to kids is strong. Hopefully, the finished product lives up to its potential.