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Juggernaut Was Hidden From Audiences Until After Deadpool 2 Release

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In a world of easily available information, studios have found a way to hide certain bits and pieces of information from audiences. Among the studios that have managed to hide information from audiences is Marvel with Infinity War. Fox has also managed to hide a crucial plot element in Deadpool 2 which is Juggernaut. Until the release of the film, people did not know for certain that the Juggernaut was going to be in the film. While some people may have speculated, there has not even been an image of the massive character released online. Therefore, his appearance might’ve been a welcome surprise.


Not only did Deadpool 2 satisfy audiences with the inclusion of Juggernaut, but it has also given them something fun to look at with the Juggernaut vs Colossus fight. The interesting thing about this movie was that there was a similar campaign to avoid spoiling the film. Ryan Reynolds was a large part of the campaign. Interestingly enough, he did spoil the ending of the film and yet at the same time, didn’t. He used his Deadpool sense of humor to spoil it. Another interesting thing is that Deadpool, the character lets people know at the beginning of the film that he is going to die in the movie.


One thing that is certain is that studios are getting really good about hiding important pieces of information from the audience so that they will be able to enjoy the film and have the intended experience. They are taking extensive approaches to avoid spoiling the film. This includes fake scripts. This is nothing new. For one thing, The Empire Strikes Back used fake lines in order to avoid giving away a major reveal.

Early Reviews of Deadpool 2 Suggest That It May Actually Be Better Than Infinity War

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As people may know, Deadpool is getting ready to be released. Fans are just coming off of the event film that is Infinity War. That film has taken on the emotions of many fans. As a matter of fact, people are expecting it to be the best film of the year when it comes to comic book franchises. However, there are reviews coming in that ease the concerns of fans who have heard that the film was not that good based on a review of an earlier cut.


One of the concerns about Deadpool 2 was that it was a blatant setup for the X-Force. This is a legitimate concern because another Marvel film franchise was treated as a setup for a team of heroes which never saw the light of day. It turned the film as a whole into a mess. Of course the film franchise in question is Blade. Wesley Snipes was not happy about the direction they were going in and neither were the fans. It was very likely that Ryan Reynolds was going to suffer a similar thing that has happened to Wesley Snipes.


Fortunately, the film was handled well. One of the best things they have done was keep the focus on the titular character. This is very important when it comes to telling a cohesive story. For one thing, it is very rare for a film that has tons of characters in it to work well. Infinity War and the other Avengers films are more of the exception than the rule. X-Men and X2 were good films, but the focus was on Wolverine. Deadpool 2 has managed to find the right balance to make it surpass its predecessor.

Deadpool 2 Teaser Showcases Josh Brolin as Cable

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Another Deadpool 2 trailer has been released. This one actually features footage from the movie. This one involves Josh Brolin joining the cast as Cable. The trailer of course showcases a lot of action and the wit of fowl mouthed Deadpool. At the same time, it has also made a subtle jab at trailers of films that have unfinished shots. One thing that was pointed out is that Cable had a green cloth wrapped around his arm instead of a metal arm. Once it got to that shot, then Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool stops the film to point it out.

The next scene in the trailer shows Deadpool taking a Deadpool and Cable action figure and has pointed out some of the differences between the character in the comics and the character in the upcoming film. Among the things that Deadpool has stated is that Cable is supposed to be very tall. Given that Josh Brolin is around 5’10, he is probably a tad shorter than Cable. A similar thing has happened in the X-Men film universe when they cast Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. Wolverine is supposed to be very short, but Hugh Jackman is about a full foot taller than the comic version of Wolverine. However, one thing that has been shown is that it is the portrayal of the character that matters. Josh Brolin is definitely going to do a good job as Cable.

This would be probably the third promotional material released for Deadpool 2. The first one was released on some prints of Logan. The second one was released on YouTube as a painting show in the style of Bob Ross.