The Grammy Award ceremony on Sunday night featured a number of musical performances from across the popular music spectrum. The MTV channel website recently devoted extensive coverage to the recreation of a hit music video featuring ‘Despacito’, a dance number. The live re-enactment by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and a scantily clad Zuleyka Rivera did not include Justin Beiber.

MTV reports ‘Despacito’ led the list of the Billboard Hot 100, setting a record as a leader in that venue. During the 2018 Grammy Award performance, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee sang verses to the fast-paced Spanish language song against a vivid pink and blue neon backdrop, while Zuleyka Rivera danced and gyrated across the stage. Some members of the audience reacted in surprise, while others cheered and clapped. Many people rose to their feet.

Mixed Reviews

While some critics praised the performance, a article suggested Zuleyka River’s exotic costume (a single-piece garment in a nude colored fabric) had also elicited unkind comments from “haters”. Possibly the music video reenactment, so fresh on the heels of the MeTooMovement, also raised criticism from individuals tired of Hollywood portraying women as stereotyped sex objects? Regardless of the conflicting opinions, the ‘Despacito’ interlude certainly dispelled any pubic perception of the 2018 Grammy Award ceremonies as some staid industry event.

A Hit From Puerto Rico

Luis Fonsi, a singer and songwriter, gained worldwide fame for the ‘Despacito’ music video. It garnered four awards during the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards (including Best Song of the Year and Best Record of the Year). He collaborated with fellow Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee in the production of ‘Despacito,’ the first Spanish language song to soar in billboard charts since the 1996 hit ‘Macarena’. Justin Bieber released a remixed version of their song in 2017.