Mr. Perry Mandera is founder and CEO of the Custom Cares Charities, a non-profit charitable organization that has long been a vision of his.

As an thought innovator in the booming transportation field, Mr. Mandera has remained committed to strengthening the community around him. Through raising his own family with strong moral principles,

serving in and donating personal resources to his church, and many other works of service and kindness over the years since he served with distinction in the Marine Corps. Mandera joined the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school

in 1975 and was able to learn piloting transport vehicles while serving. Remarkably, Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, which is a great honor reserved for only the best Marines serving our country.


After leaving the Marines, Perry worked for multiple transportation firms to learn all he could about the industry and to increase his experience. It was not long until Mandera opened his first business venture, in 1980

fpunding a transport company of his own. However selling the company just five years later… After the sale of his first private venture, Mandera pursued his interest in politics and became a committeeman of the Republican Party of Illinois

in the city of Chicago. Mandera served Chicago with pride for a total of four years. In that position of public service, Mandera held the distinction of being the youngest person to hold that position.


After a remarkable career in public service, Perry founded a second business, The Custom Companies, Inc.. Which was founded in 1986, and is still growing moving forward into the 21st century.

The Custom Companies, Inc. works with many sizes of ventures from Forutne 100 corporations all the way to small family-owned businesses. Headquartered in Illinois, Custom Companies, Inc. is an employer of hundreds of workers.

Recently breaking the $200M in annual sales benchmark; there are various other subsidies and offices across the nation aiding system-wide growth. Custom Companies acts as a full-service transportation group,

purveying services lines such as foreign and domestic air freight, contract cartage, and local cartage. Custom Co. has a wide range of supplementary services and owns a bonded warehouse and distribtuion facility.