“Don’t Breathe” proved to be a sleeper hit at the 2016 box office. The horror genre hasn’t exactly been consistently red hot at the box office. For every “Get Out,” there is a “Rings” film that falls below expectations or a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film that sits on the shelf for several months awaiting distribution.

“Don’t Breathe” definitely was an exception. The suspenseful horror film earned a tremendous amount of money at the box office. $160 million earned from a $10 million budget certainly led to sequel talk. Can a sequel match the creepy suspense of the original, though?

The plot of the film served as a cautionary tale to young persons planning on burglarizing a home of the mysterious Blind Man. The old blind fellow hid a terrible secret behind his locked doors. And the teen invaders discovered he was more than adept at taking care of himself. Stephen Lang returns to reprise his role as the Blind Man in the planned sequel. That means he clearly wasn’t finished off at the end of the original fright film.

Sequelizing “Don’t Breathe” may prove a little difficult. The wonder of the first film derived from the twists and turns that took place once the burglars entered the home. It would seem the original film doesn’t really lend itself to a sequel.

Horror fans generally do like to see their favorite films receive second and third follow-ups. And it would be premature to automatically infer that “Don’t Breathe 2” will be an implausible second film. Reportedly, the concept behind the sequel is supposed to be quite intriguing. Hopefully, this grandiose description turns out to be accurate and isn’t merely hype from the studio.