Based on the Fox deal and a description of the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film, some suspect that the movie is secretly planning to include, and reboot, the Fantastic Four property for the company.


The film is based on a famous story arc in the comics, where the mutant hero Jean Grey, a powerful psychic, is possessed by the Dark Phoenix, a powerful cosmic being of creation and destruction. In the comic books, this occurred while she was in space for a different story line called “Project Armageddon”; in this film, to simplify things, she will apparently go into space to rescue some astronauts instead.


Those familiar with Fantastic Four can perhaps see the connection. Traditionally, the team received their powers during an experimental space flight, during which they were hit by cosmic rays. The theory some fans are touting is that Jean and her companions will go to save Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and the Storm siblings, who will nevertheless come back from the encounter with superpowers of their own.


This would make a degree of sense given the current deal that Fox is trying to make with Disney. While they hope to sell most of their TV and movie properties, complicated legal issues mean that they will likely hold onto the Fantastic Four while losing X-Men. It would make sense to want to promote their remaining superhero property while losing their heavy hitter, and this “backdoor pilot” could perhaps work better than their previous attempts, which have largely been slammed as lackluster movies.


This all remains just a theory so far, and some fans will no doubt be annoyed by Fox trying yet another attempt at Marvel’s First Family. We will have to wait and see what happens.