Emily Skye is a fitness guru who has documented her postpartum fitness journey. She recently posted a photo of her 22-week postpartum body and her 6-week postpartum body. Even though she looks great, she has stated that this journey has not been an easy one. She started working out as soon as she got an okay from her doctor.

Emily stated that she felt sluggish when she first started working out. She also suffered from baby blues. She admitted that she cried constantly for the first 10 days after the birth. Exercise was one of the things that helped her recover.

Emily believes that getting moving is one of the best things that you can do for your body. She does her FIT program five times a week. She works out while her daughter is sleeping. She said that working out is important to her, but she has not been too hard on herself. She still eats the foods that she likes.

Emily has also shared inspirational quotes with her 2.4 million people. She stated that people should not let anyone deter them from reaching their dreams and goals. She also stated that people should not be discouraged when they are not making progress as quickly as they would like.

Emily said that the worse type of negative self-talk that a person can get is the kind that they have in their own head. She does not believe that self-loathing is the best way to make a positive change. She thinks that it is best to be your biggest supporter.