If your a big fan of boxing, have you ever wondered where do great boxers get their start. Well they get their start as amateurs before they become professional boxers. Lee May Beamridge, a construction company, has set out to help amateur boxers start and build their boxing careers. Beamridge has chosen to sponsor the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


If you have ever been a part of an amateur club you know that the one thing they are in need of is money. For the most part, they do this by have fundraising events, but with the help of Lee May Beamridge the Nemesis Amateur Boxing is having 10 k run. So people should come out and participate. The money received from the 10 k will go to help the boxing club to buy a minibus.


Lee May Beamridge has chosen to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing club, not just because they are fans of boxing, but because they genuinely want to help the club. Lee May Beamridge is a company that strives to be the best. From their owner to their managers they continue to push themselves to provide quality service. They have done this since 2013.


An example of how they strive to be the best is that their project manager, Dave Pirie, received a regional site manager award. Lee May Beamridge from Barry Nolan, their Managing Quantity Surveyor, to Kevin Young, their Land and Pre-Construction Manager, they are the perfect example of what every company should be. Lee May Beamridge is determined to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club get their minibus to take them to tournaments, they just need people to show up and help them. With all that Lee May Beamridge has accomplish in construction there is no doubt they will achieve their goal with the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.