There was a point in time when Jordan Peele, star of the famous ‘Key and Peele’ sketch-comedy show, never thought his biggest project would get released. We are, of course, talking about 2017’s shocking hit, ‘Get Out’. ‘Get Out’ is described as an inside look at racism in 2017, told through the lens of almost supernatural horror with just a splash of comedy. This was by far Peeles’ most ambitious project and the biggest one he had taken on without his Comedy Central co-star, Michael Keegan, at his side. Because of a confluence of factors, including the genre of the film, Peele was almost positive it would not get released.

Jordan Peele knows that his work is difficult to pigeon-hole. ‘Get Out’ deftly mixes different genres and tropes while subtly subverting all of them. The story follows an African American man as he goes to visit his girlfriend’s wealthy and, well, micro-aggressive family. From there the tale grows considerably darker and we won’t dig any deeper so as to prevent spoilers. Peele says, “The elimination of the white savior trope, I think that’s the power of the story.” Peele goes on to point out that by subverting this trope, especially in modern Hollywood, he was taking a potentially divisive and controversial stance with his film.

Despite Peele’s reservations, ‘Get Out’ turned into a monstrous box office success in a season that saw almost universally dismal returns at the box office. Now, Peele is looking at serious Oscar consideration for his work as the project is a contender in a variety of major categories. Peele isn’t pre-occupied with talk of awards and awards shows. Instead, Peele is focused on his message. Peele says, “I wanted conversation about something that is so uncomfortable, so awkward that we don’t talk about it enough.”