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Gorillaz To Release New Album At The End Of June

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It’s been made official. Gorillaz will release their follow-up to last year’s Humanz, titled The Now Now, on June 29th.


The English virtual band is the brainchild of musician and Blur frontman Damon Albarn, as well as the comic book artist behind Tank Girl, Jamie Hewlett. The release of the band’s sixth studio album was made official after Hewlett’s wife Emma de Caunes confirmed the album title and release date through a story on her Instagram account.


The new album was originally teased with the launch of a new website by the band, The site includes a short teaser video that features a silhouette of Gorillaz singer 2-D sitting with a guitar in hand.


The band followed the website up with cryptic posters that popped up at the All Points East Festival in London this past Memorial Day weekend. One of the posters included the phrase “No More Unicorns Anymore”, which also appeared on the t-shirt of Gorillaz drummer Russel in artwork that co-founder Jamie Hewlett shared on his own Instagram account.


The Now Now is set for release only a little over a year after the release of Gorillaz’s fifth studio album Humanz on April 28, 2017. Since then, the band has performed two new songs not featured on their fifth album during concerts on the Humanz Tour. “Ode To Idaho” was introduced late last year, while the song “Hollywood” made its official debut at a Gorillaz show in Chile back in March, where Damon Albarn announced it as a track off the new album coming soon.


Considering that Humanz didn’t see a release until after a seven-year hiatus following 2010’s Plastic Beach, Gorillaz fans can rejoice in the fact that they’re in for a significantly shorter wait for the band’s next project.

Gorillaz Releasing New Album

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The Gorillaz will be releasing a new album entitled “Now Now” soon. Emma De Caunes, who is Jamie Hewlett’s wife, confirmed the release of the new album. She shared photos of the album cover on Instagram. The Gorillaz first announced that they were going to come out with a new album in December 2017.


Jamie stated that they were working on a new album that was going to be released soon. The Gorillaz are known for taking a five-year break in between albums. Jamie stated that the group wanted to do something different. He also stated that they already have ideas for albums that they want to release in the future.


They released their last album entitled “Humanz” in 2017. Damon Albarn stated that they did not want to wait seven years before releasing a new album. He stated that they are working hard on future songs.


Damon Albarn left a copy of the new album in the back of a taxi cab when he was traveling. A source close to the group stated that the album is personal. It is also politically-charged. Additionally, Damon has included his opinion on Brexit on this album.


The Gorillaz first came on the music scene in 1998. They have won several awards including one Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals. They have been nominated for a total of 64 awards and won 19 of them.


The new album will be released on June 29. Clips of the album can be found on the website. The Gorillaz have worked with several other artists on the album including Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle. This is the first time that the group has released albums back-to-back.