In recent years, rapper Eminem has become increasingly political in his music to address current events from his fascinating point of view. Now he has taken an interesting step in this vein. He has released a new studio version of an existing track from his 2017 album “Revival” that now includes a verse addressing the issue of guns in schools.

At the recent iHeartRadio Awards, the artist formerly known as Marshall Mathers performed “Nowhere Fast” live, debuting the timely new verse. Before he began, he was introduced by a student from Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who survived the February shooting there.

Following that performance, a new studio version of “Nowhere Fast” was released that includes the recently added verse.

The original version of the song was already political, addressing a number of relevant issues. It primarily focused on fears of war, particularly with North Korea.

By adding the verse that raises questions and concerns about gun violence in schools, “Nowhere Fast” takes on an additional dimension, and it demonstrates an interesting experiment that other musicians might emulate. By adjusting an already-released track to make it sync up with current events, Eminem has perhaps increased chances that people will download the track or buy the album.

“Nowhere Fast” features Bay Area singer Kehlani, who, like Eminem, also released an album last year. “SweetSexySavage” was her debut release, and was met with favorable reviews from critics.

Given Eminem’s legendary career, “Revival” and each of its singles have not quite gained as much steam as one might expect. Some have noted that many of the album’s tracks feature odd collaborations that do not always work, and his lyrics often fixate on his own fame and career trajectory.

Regardless, the Detroit rapper continues to grab headlines and keep his hardcore fans happy.