Batman comics simultaneously move forward while also taking a retro path. In White Knight comics, the original version of Harley Quinn returns. Those who aren’t too thrilled with the cinematic Suicide Squad look of the villain will be thrilled to see her back in her original form. The original Harley Quinn dressed in a Jester suit, which worked fine in the 1990’s. The modern upgrade to the look of the character seemed like a logical move. Batman even went through a number of costume and style changes over the years.

The return of the classic version of Harley Quinn in the White Knight books comes off as ironic as a completely new version of The Joker takes the lead in the comic. The new comic series tells the tale of a cured Joker who reverts back to his previously unknown pre-Clown Price of Crime Persona of Jack Napier.

Comic book fans weren’t originally thrilled with the idea of a comic storyline revealing the mysterious backstory of The Joker. Unlike the various other Batman villains, The Joker’s origin was shrouded in mystery for decades upon decades. The legendary possible origin story, The Killing Joke, isn’t an official part of the Batman mythos. It is a possible origin from an alternate timeline. And that is how DC Comics found a way out. White Knight takes place in an alternate timeline. Alternative timelines, however, can be merged with real timelines through a simple Crisis on Infinite Earths or New 52 epic event.

The creative teams behind the various Batman comic books on the market these days definitely are doing something right. Batman book sales have proven to be solid with titles selling more than 100,000 copies per month. Such figures remain impressive considering how weak overall comic book sales have been in 2017.