The fact remains that people have to work with others. It is surprising though that people tend to separate humor from everything that is serious or considered as being important. In fact, people tend to keep away their funny side in order to be taken seriously. This is not correct.

Life is not only about power, or money, or winning. It is all about improving the lives of people. Hence humor can be an integral part of life this way.

An important part of humor is to never spare yourself. A few eye rolls along with laughs does not harm anyone. Besides, humor is above politics, or anything else.

Also, it can be said that humor reveals character. Those who are using humor for denigrating the weak in order to inflate their ego do not have character. On the other hand, those who are using humor in order to tell jokes about themselves are rich in character.

This also helps one to become a people person. It helps to strike up and maintain friendly relations with others. After all, people come from diverse backgrounds. This is where humor can be the common playing ground. Hence this can be amazing as a team playing tactic.

There is a lot of humor in politics as well as in life. Also, people like to be around those who have a good sense of humor. They make for better friends and happier colleagues.

Humor does not mean avoiding harsh realities. It only means looking at them in a realistic manner. It means not despairing over them. It means laughing aloud on the situation and ourselves. During this process, it helps in renewing faith in oneself and in the ability to persevere.

Besides, humor helps to enhance physical and emotional strength too. This has already been established through medical science.